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They're interesting! They can be fantastic idea fodder. Why not? If you've never tried keeping any kind of dream diary, it might be something to neat to attempt. The more you practice writing them down, the easier they are to remember, though I always feel like I'm never capturing a dream's "feel" accurately. Some things are just hard to translate!

I had completed my first project, and was very happy. The only part I remember about the project was the ending, which took place in a shrine on some generic tropical island. There were these three ladies who were totally rip-offs of Farore, Din, and Naryu, and they were drowning god in some unfathomably deep pool. They just kinda dropped god in there and the weight of her clothes sunk her; I was seeing it from god's POV, who didn't seem to mind the whole drowning business.

It was very dreamy...? Hard to explain the feeling, but it wasn't a lucid dream! I felt like I was half-asleep and moving through some kind of thick syrup. I couldn't taste anything, but it felt very sweet. I was just sinking down for aaaaages and eventually reached the bottom, where there were all these Lovecraftian monsters in the deep. It was a shame I woke up when I did, since what a cliffhanger!

I was working on a game with calunio. I don't really remember the game's plot except that periodically the main character would enter "corpse mode", where they fell apart into a pile of fly-infested gore and the world around them entered a similar state of weirdness! It was very surreal, but the MC had a really interesting walk animation I might make sometime. I could even hear the squelching whenever they moved! Despite the surreal visuals, everyone acted totally normal as if the MC wasn't a pile of twitching body parts, and when it wore off they didn't comment on it, either.

It kinda looked like this!I have never even talked to calunio.

(Since this dream I have actually talked to calunio! So I guess that makes it slightly less odd.)

I got my girlfriend and I a room at a love hotel... and it was incredibly unsexy and boring. We just sat in seperate beds and read books, and were both wearing floral print nightgowns that reminded me of grandmothers.

Those are a few notable ones I've saved, but I am much more curious about the kinds of things you dream about! Yes, you. The one looking at this.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
OK! A dream I had last week. Super vivid, though that's true of basically all my dreams.

I was on this spaceship, as a member of the crew. It was some kind of official expedition from Earth. People on the spaceship kept mysteriously disappearing. Eventually there were only two of us left, and we'd figured out that this symbol on the ground was somehow teleporting people off the ship. The other guy kneeled down on it and tried to take it apart, then there was a green zap and he was gone. I was really shaken since I was all alone now and tried to turn the ship around to head back to Earth or something, but on my way between the navigation consoles I accidentally stepped on it and there was a bright flash.

Then I opened my eyes and I was in a torture chamber on an alien ship. They were asking me some kind of questions that I don't remember. They had some kind of taser weapon and several of my crewmen were lying on the ground dazed or unconscious. The aliens started talking to me in a foreign language, then they started muttering to each-other, then they came back to me and started talking in electronic voices saying sentences that sounded like they came from Google Translator. They wanted to know why I was trying to destroy the sun. I was pretty sure I wasn't trying to destroy the sun and told them so, and they believed me. They took me to their bridge and showed me videos of myself in a fighter ship attacking them. Then their scanner located me outside in my fighter ship right now, launching some kind of black hole device at the sun. Somehow I immediately came to the conclusion that this must be myself from the future, who had travelled back in time to destroy the galaxy for some reason. I was now dead set on stopping myself, even if I had to kill myself, and the aliens were willing to give me their full support. It was too late to stop the black hole, but it wasn't too late to steal the time travel device that my future self must surely have, and use it to go back in time a few hours and stop him.

Of course at this point I woke up. Then I went back to sleep and had another dream, wherein a squirrel was blasting a firehose-powered stream of piss at my face for like twenty solid minutes. I spent pretty much the whole dream trying to hold up my hand to block the spray from my face. Extremely unpleasant.
One almost sort of kinda recurring dream is

the flying dreams. They tend to happen fairly rarely (or I remember them rarely) but they are mostly awesome. The common theme in them all is trying to keep the height. Often I have to really stretch myself to get above the treetops, often floating downwards dodging trees before getting enough momentum to go up again (much like the cape in Super Mario World, you have to go down before you can go up). They vary in how to start flying but usually I have to either run to get a start or jump from a height. (often balconies) Occasionally (especially indoors) the flying can happen spontaneously.

The most recent flying dream that I remember was some time last year. I believe I was flying a broomstick but can't be sure, I might have been floating without any equipment. I started out jumping from the second floor balcony in a building in town (though it also had features of other buildings, you know how dreams are). I remember taking speed by hurling myself from power poles along a road. I might have been chasing a car or similar. Sometimes I also went into a light forest. It was fall so there were no leaves on the trees. The ground was also covered in a light coat of snow.

There were some people present too but I don't remember who they were. I just remember that we were two jumping off the balcony. (which might have been the beginning but it also may have happened halfway through)

A favourite dream from my childhood is actually a multipart story, though I'm sure most of the "narrative" in it has been constructed afterwards by me.

An early version involves a friend of mine and some girls. Of course as a young 'un girls are contagious so it was all about escaping the clutches of these monsters. Running around in an apartment, locking doors and trying to get away. Eventually we are caught but we just start talking about stuff. This is the first version and I do not know exactly what happens then.

Another version has these same people in a similar situation. But there's also an adventure involved. My grandparents had a double bed and in this dream the bed was the shore of an ocean and the head area led into another world. In this other world was a whale that needed saving. Or maybe the whale saved us. This whale would feature in at least one other related dream at some point. Most of this dream was probably Narnia-inspired since I think it happened around the point when I had been read the Narnia books.

The ending was a tear-filled goodbye of the whale as it swam away into the sunset while we were standing by the foot of the bed waving it away.

The final version of this dream involved more of a love story with one of the girls that had been chasing us all those years ago. It was a pretty strange thing but I cannot remember how it ended.

There's a dream I tend to tell which is kinda about my approach to life (though not really), but it's a great example of a certain kind of philosophy.
It's basically a nightmare. Or this is as nightmarish as my dreams get. It's a chase. I'm in a castle filled with vampires who are hunting me (and others) down. Turning people into vampires with a bite. (I believe there was a daytime television show about vampires at this point on TV though I cannot for the life of me remember anything about it except that it had some scenes of people walking by mirrors and not having reflections) Friends are turned left and right and I don't know who to trust anymore. A close friend is suddenly a vampire and I'm surrounded by these hungry monsters.

That is when I say "No please, I don't want to do this anymore" and the vampires comply. They lead me out to the gardein (which, incidentally, is almost exactly like the garden of our summer cottage) and offer me some orange juice while me and a couple of the vampires sit there and chit-chat. In the castle I still can hear the screams of people running away. But this has turned from a nightmare chase into something not that bad. Because after all. The vampires weren't such bad people after all.

And then a recent dream that probably came after playing too much Left 4 Dead 2.

Zombies obviously. It starts out where I live now, we fight some zombies, jump in a car, try to get it to work (we probably have to run and get some gas for it at some point, just like in L4D2) then we drive away and kill some zombs. We end up in the neighbouring town fighting right next to the train station before going to the place where there is a bridge in real life. In the dream there is no bridge, only water, but there is an underground base and a staircase. There's loads of people I know involved and some get turned. The most uncomfortable part of the dream is when I kill people I'm friends with with a shotgun (because they are zombs). The climactic battle comes in the underground station as I (and others) try to hold off the zombie horde when they break down a door. Try to hold them off enough so that the living people can get into the next room. Somewhere in the dream there's also a weapon selection screen that is hotkeyed to the numbers 1-4 and on the upper left side of the dream I can pick between weapons. It's a weird combination of video game strangeness and dream logic. It makes perfect sense that there'd be weapon selection in the upper left of the dream though I cannot make sense of it when I wake up. Was it in the upper left of my vision or was it somewhere else?

The car drive to the neighouring town was also strange with staggering zombies walking in the forest and the full moon lighting up an otherwise deserted road. I also think the road to the neighbouring town took longer than it does in real life. But... Dreams.

A semi-interesting (for me, not for anyone else, just like all these dreams) point is that the missing bridge has been missing fairly often in my dreams. Sometimes replaced by something else (like a makeshift tiny bridge or a ferry) and sometimes nothing at all. It's also always that bridge that I almost fall off of in dreams where it features. Because you know. In dreams the only reason for bridges is to fall off them.

There's also a ski-jumping dream involving Transformers that I wrote about in an essay in third grade.

Dreams are such fleeting things those. They are more about feeling than coherence. It's only afterwards that I try to make sense of moments that probably weren't connected or probably not even in the order my mind puts them together later. I liked what was said in one of the Sandman volumes. Something about dreams not having a narrative. Not ever. That's just a construction afterwards.
My most recurring dreams are about places and buildings I wander into, exploring a whole world within the dream, just to discover stuff and meet people.
I do take long walks during daytime and enjoy getting to know the cities I live/lived in so I guess that explains why I dream of that so often.

I also have lots of action dreams where I mindlessly blast or shred a way through hordes of enemies, zombies, dark knights, mutants, ghosts, etc. Fun fact is I always can do whatever I want, never feel scared or trapped... I just plow through the dream as if it were a game.

My dreams sometimes give me inspiration for game features and locations but not that much.
Warning: My dreams lack a sense of common logic but seem to seem to always resemble something in my life be it an obnoxious old lady at a store, or my fears of spiders and skyscrapers.
I was chased by a crap load of spiders with some of my best friends. We ran everywhere INSIDE town but outside town was nothing but darknes and kept spewing out spiders. Ugly nasty giant ones that ate all my friends and trtured me by ripping ut my guts and showing them to me as they chomped down. After they ate my guts they looked just like me and then I found my self falling. My new mission was to stop falling. I woke up right when I hit the bottom and found my self on my bedroom floor.

Another reccuring dream is where I'm in a sky scraper and it keeps bending threatening to drop me onto the ground. I hold on with all my might and then fall onto the ground. I wak up before hitting the ground.

Those were nightmares, though. One of my reoccuring dreams is where I'm a completely naked detective and nobody ever comments on it while I laugh like an idiot. Then, an old lady at a diner mentions it and I say "How woooooddd!!!" and bash her skull in with the stool she's sitting on. Then, I continue my investigation. I find that apparently the old lady was important to my case, so I quit my job to go move on a dairy farm filled with cows and pigs. I have no idea why my farm has pigs on it so I eat them all in my favorite food: Roast.

I have a few more, but I'll save them for later.
Your mom is a hero

Okay, so there was this watery area that needed to be protected from some evil force and the world depended on them. There were 5(?) guardians/people of this waterway fighting this evil being/force and they were rather regular joes. (the waterery area was a network of streams and sloughs, some grassy areas, a dirt road cutting through the area, and a largish basin (with a dam I think). It didn't cover a very large area (maybe the size of a couple of football fields?), but it was closed in. Like, nothing existed outside its boundaries (or at least it seemed that way to these guardians). These guardians (me?) could zoom around the channels and tubes and the basin with ease. But they were normal people, playing board games, hanging out or whatever. But in their final battle I guess they lost? Or it ended in a stalemate. The guardians were frozen on the edge of one of the waterways and the one guy got up as if he just woke up from a nap, and then the rest of them woke up slowly. And it was 3 millenia in the future. Somehow the world survived but it was rough/dystopian/not prosperous like it was. The waterway area thawed too. The guardians were worshiped as warrior/gods during that time, for saving them from ultimate destruction I think. The mannerisms of the one guy (me?) from the past were adopted and were now the main way people interacted. It was jarring to see these glib off-the-cuff mannerisms and sayings to be taken as routine and common I can't remember what these mannerisms were, unfortunately (but think of it as something like "Smell ya later" as replacing "goodbye" and you can get the sense of what it was like). They (we) would flow through the waterways again, and in the basin the evil force was there and the one guy had to make a difficult choice to sacrifice himself and his kid (he had a kid all of the sudden) and turn themselves into plants to trap the evil force in the bottom of the basin. This plant grew around the evil force trapping it underwater. Everybody was saved and people were sad but moved by the sacrifice.

I have strange dreams.
You all have some disturbing dreams.
I want to hear some of tpasmall's dreams now.
Honestly, most of my dreams are me shooting\brutallymurdering people who made me mad a thousand times. Dreams are just a way to cope with life in my opinion.
Time to look in the dream journal section of my journal:

Here's one I want to share:
I was in the middle of a big city, with people wearing white suits standing around me. Apparently they were psychic, and could use telekinesis. They could also fly. One of them, apparently a blonde-haired boy, took me above the clouds, and after him almost suffocating, he dropped me to my doom.

One that isn't in my journal is a bit stranger, and this dream was around the time I was in daycare:
I was looking at pictures of all my classmates when I looked up into my bathroom, to see a monster, he said hi to me, I ran away and jumped over my brother to the other side of his bed, though it was a bunk bed and I would of hit the top bunk. My brother was a skeleton. By the time I got to the other side, everything went black, and all I could see was a Mail symbol(not male as in the gender, but mail, like the symbol some people use to get for their email.)

There are DEFINETLY more, but those are the ones I felt like sharing at the moment. Maybe I'll tell you more, later.
I don't always remember my dreams, but when I do, I choose Dos Equis. Or they're usually sex related. Or about being back in high school. Aside from that I don't have many other dreams.
...okay so I was about to come in here and be like "pfft who would make such a weird topic title I bet this will be hilarious and I can link it to Penta and we can laugh about it"

and then I saw you made it

and now it's awkward

(BUT ACTUALLY THIS IS A COOL TOPIC WITH THINGS I LIKE? I know I have some weird ass dreams, so I will be sure to come in and share at some point! I think I mentioned the one where I was hunting for statues of Greek deities and had to do tasks for them and there was also swimming in the ocean with dolphins and giant creatures including squid? And then there was this really bizarre observatory thing in that same dream and it was just... man it was weird and totally a JRPG. OTL

But yes I will have coherent dream reports for you later! @w@7)

I don't always remember my dreams, but when I do...they're usually sex related.
I am so infinitely jealous of you, you have no idea
/surprisingly has never had a sexy dream in her life
Dreams. Oh joy. I have fantastic dreams, usually fantasy-esque and fairly memorable. Some revolve around the town in which I live. Most of these are in a futuristic or apocalyptic setting.
One such has the main highway between the local towns overgrown and broken to pieces, some parts in the air, others below, with lots of water and jungle type foliage. A group of us are trying to travel to the next town and have to make our way through the jungle. (Note that while there is some bushland along the way to both towns, most of it's farmland.)

In my town there's a railway track that passes straight through and at one area there's a kind of dip in the land that follows the track. In a few of these future dreams that dip is a full blown river where barges and boats sail down.
The three story school I went to becomes an abandonned building, the mall is now a giant building complex with underground walkways and lots of blue lighting (the future apparently has a lot of blue lighting), the second main street is basically untouched, though in one dream there were vampire-like creatures that hated light and some of my friends and I were running from streetlight to streetlight, hoping to make it past the police station, where it was safe.
There was a few tornadoes, though the area is inland and rather mountainous, including a memorable fire tornado and a volcano - again no volcanic activity ever in the area.
Then there was the gaping mine holes. We at least have a mine under the town that would explain that dream. ^.^;
There's a few dreams where my family move to different areas up in the mountains and end up having to walk our way back to the safety of the town, being picked off by dinosaur-like creatures (that was a sad one, watching my family getting killed off like that.) :'(
And that's just the tip of those kind of dreams. >.<;

Then there are the fantasy ones.

One where I'm a (male!!! >.<; ) samurai guarding a princess and though in that one I died defeating the man who wanted to kill her (who turned out to be the man she loved) at least she survived.
Then the one where I'm leading an exploration team on some island with junglesque foliage and awesome waterfalls. We end up stumbling across a band of cannibals and they chase us for miles while a TV camera crew tapes it all. I was the only survivor that time. >.<;

Then the one (and this ones's a bit convoluted so try to keep up, okay?) where we moved house and my brother and I found a hidden passage behind a wardrobe. This is in modern day.
We go through it into a cellar type hallway that leads out into an underground laboratory of some type (I've dreamt other dreams of this place, like one where a group of people with wings are trying to escape or another where I'm being chased by sounds down endless hallways). Making or way through we stumble upon an underground railway and walk for a while before finding a tunnel that branches off and leads up and out.
When we reach outside we come across some Neanderthal men and women and a giant bear. (We automatically know that this is the past, btw.) The Neanderthals are trying to kill the bear and it attacks us so we try to help, but it ends up killing them. We run back underground with it chasing us and end up finding an underground petrol station. There we try to fight against the bear by climbing the fence and turning on the electricity which apparently electrifies the fence. The bear finally goes down and we think we've killed it when some giant dog-like creatures appear.
You know how you just know something in a dream? Yeah. These creatures were twin beings of destruction and worked for evil. They attack and my brother is killed by them. I try to get away but they're too fast. Suddenly the bear is there, injured but fighting and somehow I know that it wants me to carry on.
I run through the door, into the service station, only to find that it's now a series of small rooms, connected by short corridors, making a maze. Cloths and veils hang from the ceiling and I have to push through them to get free.
I carry on, knowing the bear has died and that the dog creatures are chasing me, when I come across a dead end with a pot. Picking up the pot I find a small medallion inside and as soon as I touch it, the beasts can no longer tell where I am or sense me at all.
There's a telepathic link with some girl who asks that I find the rest of the medallions and bring them back, but I woke up just after that.

There are plenty of others in that vein, but they tend to get rather long and convoluted, so unless anyone wants to hear about them, I won't post any more. You get the idea though.

Then there's the bad dreams. These centre around fire, usually bushfires or house fires. There was one that actually may have saved my life once.
I had a dream that the house had caught on fire and my mum and sister burned to death because it began in their room, by a lamp that mum had recently bought.
The next day I was so worried about it and it kept nagging at me. Keep in mind that we have had many house fires before - from chimney fires, room fires and caravan fires to one where we lost everything. You might start to understand why I'm a bit paranoid about them, and living in a bushfire prone area doesn't help at all.
So I decided to check out this stupid lamp while mum was away. Imagine my shock and horror when I found that the new lamp's plug had melted to fuse with the 6pack it had been plugged in to. Needless to say, I was glad I'd paid attention.

Alos, freaking spider dreams. >.<;

But my worst nightmare is one that I had not too long ago. We had rented a holiday house in the mountainous area - a prime spot and we've been out there a few times - and had the family over. I just knew that there were rumours about monstrous beasts out there, in my dream, and that night I decided to lock everything up. Strangely enough, we were supposed to be looking after some sheep and had brought our dog with us as well. (She's a bull mastiff cross somethingorather - rather big and, while gentle, not one to keep quiet.)
So it was night and I'd made sure all the windows were shut, doors locked, when I felt this feeling. I didn't want to wake anyone, so I peeked out a window. What I saw was some sheep, guiding some people down the road. Curiosity peaked, I tried to see more, when one of the 'sheep' turned it's head to look at the house we were in.
It was made of bones, with glowing eyes and rotting fleece hanging from it's body. For some reason it terrified me and I got an impression of wolf-dog-evil-notrightness from it. Then the snuffling began at the doors and windows. There were knocks and bangs, like they were trying to get in, and my sister woke up, asking what it was. Bronty, our dog, was a quivering heap and I remember feeling so scared that there were tears in my eyes and shaking.
The sound kept going for what seemed like hours, but thankfully I had locked up really well and they were unable to get in. I peeked back out the window when the sound stopped and watched in silence as the other people were led away by that herd of 'sheep', knowing they'd never be seen nor heard of again.
When I woke up I had tears of terror and relief in my eyes. That was the most terrifying dream I ever had - worse than the ones where I die or am trapped in a bushfire/burning house.

And yes, I tend to remember my dreams really well. I also write them out in a dream diary so I can remember them. God knows the only other thing I'll use my memory for is song lyrics and video games. :P
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
Last night i dreamed about having sex with my hot 7th grade math teacher. she had such nice boobs.

Aaaand thats about it folks.
I am so infinitely jealous of you, you have no idea
/surprisingly has never had a sexy dream in her life

Honestly, I never really had them until I was married. I can remember having maybe 2 or 3 in my pre-marriage/engagement life. And most of them are actually about her too. I'm either the luckiest or the most naive person in the world, either way I'm happy, haha.
@Liberty: ...oh my god, fuck spider dreams. I still vividly remember spider dreams from my childhood.

I was 6 years old and grocery shopping with my mother at the store where we usually went at the time; she was pushing me around in the cart, and I was hanging out in the child seat thing. For some reason the aisles were all extra big and had these massive webs spun between them with what I can only describe as diverse communities of spiders living within them. OTL Like, there where five or six massive, small-dog sized spiders per web, some with big bodies, other with long legs; they all seemed to be mixtures of brown, orange and yellow, too, which is the recurring spider colours in my nightmares.
Anyway, this obviously scared me silly (because pfffft there is nothing scarier than spiders don't even lie; they are plotting to kill me right now I just know it), so I tried to tell my mum that I wanted to leave. Instead, she pushed the cart at full force towards one of the big spider webs and then let go, so I was flying towards it. I woke up in tears and didn't talk to my mother the next day.

Another spider dream I had involved my little sister getting a pet spider-thing. I call it a "spider thing" because, on top of being massive, brown/orange striped and really, REALLY hairy, it also had a MASSIVE TAIL WITH A STINGER ON THE END and my little sister loved it I guess?? Which is weird, because she's probably more arachnophobic than I am. Anyway, it decided to chase me around the house, little sister thought it was cute and charming, eventually the thing caught me and stung my foot as I tried to jump over it, which promptly swelled up and fell off. OTL

Yeah I have really weird nightmares. ...which I guess
okay this one is kinda weird and happened the other night.

It started out as some sort of... idk Star Wars comic promo thing? They were gonna release four unrelated stories about stuff that happened in the Star Wars prequel timeline, and somehow I was both in it and aware that it was just a story and and and dream physics. OTL
Anyway, there were all these Naboo soldier folks going on this mission with Padme, and they ended up in the pyramid that ended up covered in lava but they lived some how??? And then the dream changed, and it was Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Peach and Yoshi in a new, side scroller game kinda like Super Paper Mario, except they were all on the run from something, and for some reason the player character was this little Bob-omb that was totally annoying. OTL
They were in an underwater level, and for some reason Mario and the Bob-omb had to go back to the beginning of the level before they could progress (I was probably thinking of Creepy Steeple ffffffff IB)? Anyways, they get there, and suddenly, this giant serpent guy busts outta nowhere and starts trying to attack. There's rocks falling everywhere, and they manage to dodge their way back to the bottom of the level where the rest of the gang was waiting by a car. Luigi figured out that the serpent was there because he was in love with Peach, so he threw her in the trunk and said "PRETEND TO BE LUGGAGE; HE WON'T NOTICE YOU THAT WAY". Then Daisy tried to distract the serpent while the others tried to figure out what to do, when suddenly Peach appeared dressed like a prostitute?? LIKE SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SEX WORKER, FOR SOME REASON. She talked to the serpent and explained she wasn't interested, then they hugged it out and he left, but had taken a shine to Daisy, so the gang still had to run for it.
AND THEN THE DREAM CHANGED -AGAIN- and suddenly I was in the script writing class, but I decided I'd rather take general writing rather than specializing in one thing. Unfortunately, the general writing class was the most boring thing ever and the teacher literally stood at the front of the class and said one sentence every 30 minutes or so. I ended up leaving in the middle of class because I couldn't handle it, and really regretted not taking the script writing class.

FOR SOME REASON, after I woke up from these dreams, I was super panicked and scared. I mean, I know that sounds really stupid when you read the dreams, BUT I WAS LEGIT DISCONCERTED AND ANXIOUS WHEN I WOKE UP. OTL

...right and also attached to this dream chain (but from earlier on in the night, I think?) was the image of a young woman who was apparently an addict; her skin was wrinkled and dry, she was super pale, her hair was bone white, stringy, tangled and long, she was missing a bunch of teeth, and she had red, splotchy circles around her eyes. She also was holding her baby that was... hrm, how to describe it. It was brown, slimy, and looked like a large foetus. It was very clearly dead, too, but she insisted that she had to look after it and that she loved it. It was a really interesting, horrifying image, but mostly I remember thinking she was really interesting.

EDIT: a-also only just noticing you chose to tell the sexytimes dream story OTL PFFFT TELLING EVERYONE THAT EMMYCH GOT LAID~
but hey they don't call me the Vaginal Valkyrie for nothing

...they don't actually call me any of those things
I'm just really bad at pillow talk okay OTL
I thank you all for such interesting contributions! Not that I plan on doing anything in particular with your thoughts of well-endowed 7th grade math teachers (curious here...were you still in 7th grade in this dream? or was this big kid Despite?) or RPG plotlines. But they are interesting all the same!

And yes how could I not share my prophetic powers of the perverse persuasion? I think I could make a fortune if I honed this talent of psychically knowing when people were bumping uglies.
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
If it were big kid despite i'd have given her a big surprise.

And by that i mean my big penis- just to clarify.

@tpasmall: I-I wasn't going to answer, since I'm usually hesitant to discuss the state of my sex life, but it was already brought up by the powers of prophecy, and who am I to defy fate?
I thought I didn't get sexy dreams because I was a huge virgin for such a long time, and thus did not know THE POWER OF ANOTHER PERSON'S TOUCH UPON MY QUIVERING, SWOLLEN PEARL~ but nope even after I popped in my v-card I still can't get sexy dreams, even though I can think of a lot of people that I would love to have sexy dreams about.

...cuuuurse yooou braaaaaain. IB

(also I need to stop linking youtube clips, no matter how relevant I find them to be in the moment. OTL)
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Wish I had dreams like you guys. Mine usually involve my fear of failure or simply talking to the girl I like...;\
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
The peaches dream:

I was back in my old house living with my parents and brother, like in high school. Dinner was cooking and I was impatient so I started eating peaches from this jar of canned peaches. Then maybe I ate too many, or something? They started overflowing and coming back out of my mouth. They were all stuck in the back of my throat and stuff and I was pulling them out. They were choking and gagging me and stuff but every time I pulled one out there was another peach right behind it, they were coming out in full slices as if I hadn't even chewed them, I had to go outside and was tossing them on the lawn and stuff. This continued for like thirty minutes, and eventually I decided there was no way I had eaten this many peaches and what was coming out of my mouth by this point must actually be my internal organs. So then I was like trying to push the ones in my mouth back down my throat but I couldn't breathe or swallow and it was extremely distressful. Then our cat started eating some of the ones off the ground that I'd pulled out of my mouth and tossed down; this was not only extremely worrisome but also super gross. I was trying to shoo the cat away from them because some of them might be my lungs or spleen or something and I might need them back but it wouldn't leave them alone.

The arctic ship dream:

This one was about a month or two ago and I don't remember much of it any more; I'm sure it kept going beyond where I end the story, but this is all I've got for you. I was on a ship out in the middle of the arctic ocean, with my mother for some reason. It wasn't a yacht or a speedboat, it was like a giant rusty steel unpainted cruise liner, or maybe a battleship. And we were navigating around icebergs and harpooning whales and stuff. We were extremely secluded and self-sufficient and had no contact with the outside world, just the two of us, I wonder if maybe it was some kind of post-apocalyptic scenario? And then a navy helicopter flew up over our ship and a rope ladder dropped down and my dad climbed down the ladder and boarded our ship. And then immediately he dumped about six months worth of laundry on the ground and told us to do it for him, and then he took his pants off and started eating all our ice cream while sitting around in his underwear. And I was super mad at him for being so inconsiderate and obnoxious and not even saying hi to us. And we got in a huge argument. Sometimes I have really hard-to-interpret dreams that don't seem to have any allegory to feelings or events in my real life, and them sometimes I have dreams like this.
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