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I've been asking a lot of questions lately and have received an amazing amount of help and I do have to thank the community for that. This will likely be my last request for a good while, so bare with me!

I was wondering if there were any DYN plugins or patches that allowed for something similar to Char Expand Patch for rm2k3 and not just rm2k. I've searched for hours and can't find anything.

EDIT: NEVER MIND, I found another lovely hidden patch by bugmenot that provides the same kind of functionality as 2kCharExpand patch for rm2k3.
Hmmm? Where. Because I've had serious trouble with that patch since it seems to only work with 2k9. I got weird choppy graphics with 2k3 because I misunderstood something about the measurements.
I can't remember. It was buried in one of the threads on this board. Try using the search engine.

The patch in question works great. The charasets are mangled when you view them through the preview window in the event editors, but render just fine in game.

The format for proper rendering was naming them as such


Where % was just literally '%', presumably to alert the patch to handle this spritesheet differently, xx and yy were representative of a single animated frame divided by 4, and the name was more than 6 characters. If the name portion is less than 6 characters, it crashes the executable for some reason. Also important to note that if, after division, you end up with a single digit, you have to add a 0 in front of that single digit due to formatting issues.



...would be a 28 x 60 charaset of what we might safely assume, or hope, would be a triceratops. The actual size of the spritesheet would have to be 84 x 240 (3 columns, 4 rows) in order to render correctly.

Well this sounds like how the CharExpandPatch would normally be working.
I didn't realize bugmenot has ported it to 2k3! Can't find it either, though!
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Guys, If bugmenot posted it, go to his profile then click posts in the right hand menu, at the top of the posts is a search function, use that to find what you are looking for...though is it this one?

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