Won't the mp3 one work as well?
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Opus is just an audio format. It's very similar in most ways to flac and ogg. When I click on an opus file in the locker, I just get a prompt to download it, instead of having it play in the locker or in browser.

For example, I want this:
To work the same as this:
Does that OGG actually work for you? It's using an out of date Java based player...none of my browsers will actually even let it run (which is probably a good thing).

I've added support for HTML5 audio for MP3, OGG, and OPUS. It will be in the next update.

EDIT: It is now live.


Not sure what's the deal, if it is not working. Ankylo recently upgraded it.
Actually, there isn't an ogg bbcode tag. I only updated the players in the locker. I'll update the mp3 bbcode tag one so that it supports mp3/ogg/opus/etc. through the HTML5 audio player.

Also, the current mp3 player should be working again.
Something that people have noticed is that if a comment is made on screenshots for a game that has yet to be accepted, a link to it shows up in the live feed on the community page.

It's probably because the idea behind not being accepted to the site meant no ability to post on the screenshots, but I've been giving feedback on some for how to fix minor mapping issues so that they can get on the site a bit faster. >.<;

Is there any way to make it so that they won't show up if the game is still set to pending? If not, I'll just stop posting on them, but I think it does help out the people out, especially newer devs who have no idea on how to use certain tiles and the like.
You *could* pm them the feedback instead. But I suppose a direct comment to the image(s) in question would make things easier for both ends.

Okay, this is just me being lazy but, I think it's a good idea: How about replacing the 'Add Review' link (which is disabled, anyway) with an 'Add/Manage Blogs' link instead when viewing your own game's profile? OR, in the 'Blogs' page, add an 'Add/Manage Blogs' button somewhere at the bottom?

OR (again) better yet, replace 'Add Review' with a link to the game's /manage_games page.
Make the images gallery like one of these. Loading an entire new page and having to scroll down for each image is so last decade
We had something like that in the works but it's... still a bit lot broken. XD
How do you remove games from playlists? Because the edit button doesn't work, that's for sure. >.<

I have a fix for this, but haven't pushed it to production yet...I should probably do that
You're awesome anky! Thank you~ ^.^)b
Good to know it's on the cards.