Got any Dexreth amulets?
You'd still be in the event even if you had failed the first goal, as it is planned to last for more than just 4 weeks total.
But yes, as far as I'm concerned, your suggestion is fine. It doesn't really fit the exact wording of the rules, but since this is an event about encouraging productivity above all else, I'm okay with being pretty lenient here. Maybe next time make a post a little earlier if you find you want to switch goals. But for now, sure, I'll accept it. I'm glad to hear you've been making progress.
Sorry, didn't mean to be too secretive. Forgot to make it clear that it was all the maps for the dungeon I made put together. I can think of a more clear way of showing proof if it's going to cause confusion.
Please add me.
I wish to simply write 3 pieces on SunVox for I game I'm planning: an overworld theme, a battle theme, and a boss theme.
Hooray! My testers really pulled through with a lot of helpful feedback, and I was able to get FF:SW released on time! Check+!
I'm not sure it made sense for me to participate. I have a bunch of the things I normally complete between each release. I have to implement the ability for characters to complete assigned paths (figuring out how to walk, jump, etc. to each waypoint) before I can expand the AI needed to support more enemies. So none of the extra things I assigned myself last week were completed.

I had everything pretty much dialed-in with my current release schedule.

However, its important for there to just be variety in the demo before I can proceed to the next stage. Starting with next week, I'll post how many music tracks, enemy types and POI I've completed. If I had done 1 track 2 POI and 2 enemies by today I would've just declared that I would do more.

That adds up to 5 per week, so at the end of this event, you would take the number of things I've done divided by 5 to equal the amount of "successes".
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Hey! Forgot about this topic, ahh. I'll post my work when I get home!

Here we go. That makes three!
Got any Dexreth amulets?
All right, everybody! The first week of the event is over. Of the 33 goals declared for the time between June 10th and June 17th, at least 17 have been successfully completed. Congratulations to all of you who successfully pulled through and got their planned work done!
If you finished your goal in time, but haven't provided evidence yet, please do so as soon as possible.

And if you haven't been able to meet your deadline, well, that's unfortunate, but don't give up yet! It's far from over! There will still be more than enough time for you to declare new goals and get a load of progress done before the event ends.

All right, welcome! I've added you to the list of participants and put your goal on the first post. Good luck!

I see. If you just want to set a list of different things you want to work on, and get a certain amount of those done until the end of the event, I'm okay with that. The separation into weekly goals is mainly intended to help people organise their working schedules better and make managing this thread easier. But if a more general approach works better for you, I'll accept it. Please do remember to post some evidence and keep us updated on your progress from time to time.
June 18-25

(make schedule this find fuckheadfuckshitfuck

0/213 figure drawings
0/67 heads
0/42 hands
0/13 photostudies
0/2 games
0/1 gif
0/1 still life
This initiation seems perfect for my situation right now...
I'm really going to try to at least fix a tileset for this game I've been wanting to make for abouuuut 2 years now...
Plus I want to start on character sheets of the protagonist and 2 or 3 other characters.
With my goal, I failed to finish mapping the level, but did have it ready to walk through from beginning to end and able to test battles in it, so I guess I was close. Ah well, this time I'll try this goal.

Goal 2: Finish Initial Battle Gameplay Balancing for Level 2
Got any Dexreth amulets?
All right, I updated the OP to include all the newest information. Please let me know if something seems incorrect.

I've added you to the list. Glad to have you here! What you've posted sounds like a reasonable goal for a week, so I wish you good luck with that.

Too bad you weren't able to finish your complete goal in time. But since you did manage to get a lot of work done anyway, you still should feel pretty proud of yourself. And no worries, there's still more than enough time left to complete a ton of new goals. You can do it!

Also, I should probably announce a new goal for myself as well. I want to post another installment of my Master of the Wind playthrough. In addition, I'm going to implement flippable levers in my own project Extinguished.
Depending on how things go, I might have to test at least one game this week as well, so that's going to be a busy time. But I'm sure I can get it all done, especially since announcing it here makes me feel more obliged to do so. At least for me, this event seems to work out pretty well so far.
A video of one scene which has fairly intense music (that you can't hear in this video)

and a snippet of dialogue from the other one~

The demo for Bound is right here: https://rpgmaker.net/games/8163/downloads/8270/
Yo, what's cracking? I just finished my goal of reviewing a game on the site! I just added the review to RMN, so it might take a few days for it to be approved (if it will get approved; my English sucks, I know).

1. Start sharing some of my music and some tracks from my games (I'll probably upload videos on YT and maybe Soundcloud. I'll probably make a topic for my music here at RMN too).
2. Kick back some life into my YT channel. How am I gonna' do that? Well, I'll upload some videos of course (mainly the music I mentioned and some gameplay videos showcasing the games I'm working on).
3. Finishing a certain quest for my current project.
4. Replace/update the iconset for my current project.

5. Give pixel art a shot; I just want to get started by getting something done. It might be a sprite, a tree, or just an icon.
6. Create a thread in the Creative Corner where I showcase some different maps, in hope of inspiring others.
7. If I get time, I'll try to upload a Mapping Concept video to my YT channel where I showcase some random maps.
8. Write a review.

I'm not sure what to do next though...I'll be back!

You can check the spoiler for proof if you don't believe me, yo!
Before I get started, I’d like to point out that English is NOT my native language. Therefore, I’d like to apologize in advance for my English.
The following review will cover the full re-release of the game (the new commercial version).

Story, Characters & Dialogue:
The story, while basically being another “save the world” type of deal, has some interesting touches to it. It revolves heavily around a conflict between humans and vampires, which usually is portrayed with a dark kind of atmosphere and feel. This is not exactly the case for this game. The world is a really bright one, filled with (for the most part) lighthearted characters and dialogue. Even though the end of the world is at hand, things don’t feel that grim and dark. Things do get serious every once in a while though, but not to the point of switching the tone completely. The player has a lot of time to do other things than saving the world, like picking apples, look for teddy bears, destroy cute animals and put snow in a bottle.

The main cast of the game is a pretty likable bunch. Each of them has their own distinct personalities and strengths (which develop through the course of the game). There are some interesting NPCs in the game as well, especially a reoccurring lady that will reveal a couple of secrets later on in the game. I liked this, since it gave some of the more “minor” characters a bigger purpose in the grand scheme of things. The villains are pretty cool as well, mostly because the majority of them are vampires with superpowers!
The overall dialogue of the game has some decent flavor and doesn’t feel that stale or boring as a result. Most of the NPCs’ dialogue changes naturally depending on what’s going on in the world of Ara Fell. I didn’t notice that many errors in terms of grammar and spelling; most of the dialogue had a nice flow to it.

For both the reader’s and my own sake, I will divide this into two sub-categories: Battles and Exploration.

Ara Fell features an Active Battle System. Normally, I’m not a big fan of this type of system since I like to take my time and think before I start mashing buttons (which I usually can’t since this system is fundamentally all about speed-running through menus before the player’s been knocked out by the enemies). This is (thankfully) not a problem in Ara Fell, since you have the option to turn the “wait mechanic” on/off between player turns through the main menu (which is nice, since it gives the player an option).
The battles are overall fairly simple (deal damage, buff party stats, de-buff enemies, heal and repeat). Things start off pretty easy, but get a LOT harder after a certain point. A bit later, things got a lot easier again. Thankfully, the final dungeon was picked with some pretty nice challenges (looking at you, final boss, who could almost knockout my entire party in one hit).

On the more negative side of things, the battles truly felt very repetitive in this game. Most encounters became button-mashing fests (use the strongest attacks that hit all enemies and guard with the healer). I feel that this might partially be a result of how slow the battles are. The stamina/agility bars are moving very slowly, even when my party members have pretty high stats!
Thankfully, the game features visible touch encounters, which lets you skip (most) battles when you feel a bit tired, or simply overpowered. HP and MP (for most party members) are carefully recovered outside of battles, which was a nice touch. I don’t think I ever had to heal my party after a battle because of this and yes; all status effects are removed by the end every battle.

I feel like this is the area where the game manages to shine the most. As advertised, most of the game’s world can be explored from the moment the player leaves Aloria Village, which is the first town in the game. There are lots of things for the player to do right after that point, which includes side quests, bounty hunting, treasure finding and of course; exploring the world of Ara Fell.
You’ll not just find yourself walking, or running around through the maps, but you’ll also swim, crawl, and jump. Heck, you’ll even be able to FLY after a certain point, which is pretty awesome! This is all nice and provides some nice variety to the out-of-combat gameplay. The amount of freedom that the game provides is a very nice touch that will most likely add some replay value to the game.

The game also offers a few puzzles every now and then, which is a pretty nice change of pace from the battles. The puzzles aren’t too brutal either, which should be a sigh of relief for all of you who are more invested in the story and/or battles.

Graphics & Mapping:
Most of the graphics are for the most part either made by REFMAP, or custom. Everything looks good and fits together pretty well. The world of Ara Fell is quite a vibrant and colorful one, which is mainly a result of how the graphics have been used. The level design is very compact and detailed, which is a good treat for the eyes.

It can sometimes be a bit hard to move around in the maps, mainly since some details can’t be walked over, even if they might look like they could be. Some of the details that block the player’s path can be so hard to see that you might actually think that you’ve found an invisible block, or something. It’s also pretty easy to get lost in the game. Thankfully there’s a well-drawn map of basically the entirety of Ara Fell, which can be viewed from the main menu.

Music & Sound:
The music in the game is fitting and helps to set the mood and atmosphere. The music that plays inside most caves was nice, mainly because of some catchy phrases! Unfortunately, since the same theme was used for almost every cave in the game, it got a bit old to listen to after a while. The battle themes in the game have that grand and “epic” feel to them, which probably is the result of the orchestration. I don’t know why, but I really liked the first piece that plays in the prologue (inside the ruins). It was very relaxing and pleasing to listen to. It hit me in the “feels” a little bit, for some reason. Hopefully we’ll see a soundtrack released at some point in the future.

In terms of sound design, I don’t have much to say. The sound effects felt like they fit into the world of Ara Fell. My favorite sound effect has to be the one that plays when birds are pecking on statues.

It is very clear that Ara Fell is a labor of love. Just by the fact that the developer worked on and off on the game for about 10 years is a true testament of dedication. The game manages to mix flavors from both Japanese/Classic and Western RPGs together pretty well. The game isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely a strong start for a small indie development. If you’re a fan of the old and classic JRPGs, then I definitely recommend you to pick this up!
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Goal 2
Done! write up forum posts for the two: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/63723-conditional-branch/

I'm going to add a goal for this week since I finished early, though-- Add more functionalities to the script/plugin, as per people's requests.
Goal #1 COMPLETE : Write one complete set of support conversations for VE
Issued : 06/12/2016. Completed : 06/18/2016

C Support
Shim'Lo : Eckhart, I've a little question for you.
Eckhart : Shoot away.
Shim'Lo : Did you happen to negotiate a better stipend from the Front for us?
Eckhart : Heh. Somewhere along the way, I forgot all about that. Sorry Shim.
(if Route A)
Shim'Lo : We're still being paid the base allowance for guard duty behind walls, then. How about on a per-job basis? What are we getting for our little jaunt into the Elbow Coast?
(if Route B)
Shim'Lo : We're still being paid the base allowance for guard duty behind walls, then. How about on a per-job basis? What are we getting for our little jaunt into Reglay?
Eckhart : You guys need to remind me of these things more. I've kind of lost track of our budgetary concerns. Besides, they're covering our room and board. Everything else is gravy.
Shim'Lo : Sooner or later, we're going to have to part ways, and it'd be nice to have a little more bread to our name. Maybe make this whole excusion into the Kelvan Peninsula worth our while, after all. Especially when you consider the extraordinary work we do for them. None of them can downplay the value we've added to their cause.
Eckhart : And none of them have tried. Lady Birkita, Cleah and Klein, and especially Jareth are all more than happy to laud our skills. In the face of such earnestness, how can I hold my hand out and say "Give us more money"? Don't forget that ELF is a poor organization. Thanks to Olvalia's King lending them a border fortress, they can afford a slightly more luxurious lifestyle. Some of ELF's branches live in sewers and mountain hideouts like bandits.
Shim'Lo : That's why we approached them. They had money.
Eckhart : And they aren't the Dual Empire either. We could make a killing if we didn't mind the occasional wetwork. Assassinations, butchering of innocents, the like. Shim, to answer your question, I haven't asked them for an increased wage and I don't intend to. They don't have it, we don't need it, and men don't work as mercenaries to become wealthy anyway. So here's a question from me. What's your problem with the way things are?
Shim'Lo : Just looking for fair pay for fair value, is all.
Eckhart : And...?
Shim'Lo : They love biting off more than they can chew. Remember Fort Mardon?
Eckhart : Of course. Who will ever forget being part of such an amazing victory?
Shim'Lo : I was as caught up in the heat of the moment as the others, so I resigned myself to the flow. Luckily we won, but who knows when that'll happen again, and we might not survive a second roll of the die.
Eckhart : Case-by-case basis, my friend. These are good folks we're working with, and I don't intend to flee in the night on them. If they consider something rash like that again, trust me to talk them out of it.
Shim'Lo : Just like I'll trust you to keep our pay rate reasonable.
Eckhart : That's right. Aren't I a great negotiator?

Goal #2 : Try and start-to-finish this complicated defense chapter by the end of the week. Keyword is Try :3
Okay, before you say I procrastinated, I just want to say that I was hit with busy schedules over the week, and barely made any progress. The only thing I managed to get complete during the week was setting up a fireworks stand, mowing lawns, and activities that took up my time.

My goal will stay the same as the first, no change. Luckily, this week I have isn't going to be as busy, so I'll have the ability to work on my goal.
I think I'm going to amend my second goal for my system. I've gotten a couple kind words about the system, but I haven't gotten a whole lot of recommendations, so instead I'm just going to move forward with another goal.

Goal 2a: Place all skills into "armor." Player can equip up to four different skills for each class depending on how they want to approach combat. Each class is broken down into rolls, so this is simply a matter of me buckling down, adding in the armor, and creating new skills that play to each character's strength.

Goal 2b: As it is now, my characters' skills are all fixed in their damage. Status-wise, their Attack is all 1, and the skills are Attack + a number that I decided to apply to that skill. This works so far, however, while I don't intend to use items, I do intend to possibly have equipment players can put on which boosts their damage but lowers accuracy, or lowers their agility but boosts health. Things like that. So I'll be re-working all of the Attack attributes of the characters.

Also, Attack and Agility, which will be called Damage and Speed respectively, will be the only two attributes actually used in the combat system. Instead of defense stat, I am using a percentage system through PDR. I don't need any kind of MAT or MDF either, as there is no magic in the game, so for every character their damage will scale off of their Damage stat, plus or minus a percentage depending on the skill being used.

Goal 2c: Change the tooltip for all of the skills. Instead of a high damage attack reading "Attack + 5-7 damage", it will instead read "Dmg: 100%" for a full damage attack, or "Dmg: 80%" for a skill that scales down the damage a bit.

Heals are simply a couple points and cannot be increased (unless I find a way to have the skill "upgrade").
Goal 2: Clean up the demo I have for bound some and get it to the second dungeon of the game.
Alright, after a lot of thinking, I thought of one solution that might work with my semi bipolar tastes. Not sure if it would be allowed, though, so I thought I'd ask.
Is it possible I could come up with, say, 5 different tasks, each revolving around a different interest (task one could be to finish an episode of my radio play I'm working on, task two could be to finish the sprites I've been working on, etc.) and simply try to finish on a week? If that's considered cheating or simply isn't allowed, I totally understand, and will choose one task to work on. However, if it's fine with you, I'd be very grateful.
Thanks for you time!
Sign me up, please!
Goals for June 19th-25th: Syl subquest completed, Waystation 2 opened, alteration to prologue, new battle music. For my game Esoteric.