Goal 3 Completed.

Hardest goal for me yet. I was a bit afraid that I would fail it.


I apologize if this is too vague. I really do not know how to show how I finished a dungeon, let alone a far one. So I am going to show a mostly censored picture:

At the end of certain dungeons you will receive a rose. That's the best way I can show it. Especially without spoiling.

Goal 4 Complete half of the next dungeon. Killing myself with these goals, haha.
Actually, that was a terrible video I put as proof. Let me do that again...

There, now in first-person mode rather than model-view mode (note the mouse is captured). Back on the heightmap cell (although on the other corner as when I showed it loaded), with the test triangle behind us (also using the ground texture, because...I guess why not?).
I've made some more progress since the last goal was completed. Looking good so far:

Week 3 goal: Finish Chapter 6 bios, and write three new music tracks. If my weekend ends up not being as busy as I think it'll be, I'll try to start and finish the chapter 7 summaries.
Okay so update.

My tasks were:
- Make start on dungeon planning.
- Find a good script for menu and start editing.
- Start mapping dungeon.

I have done:
- Most of the base maps for the dungeon.
- Found a script and started editing it to fit my game.
- Mapped out the plan for the dungeon.
- Started adding in puzzles for the dungeon.


Dungeon Plan

One of the many maps I've started on for the dungeon. Most are empty, but they'll get there.

The menu still needs some editing, especially when it comes to the window, but it fits the resolution which is great!


3rd Week Goals
- Try to finish Floor 1 of the tower. At least make a big chunk of it.
- Edit some graphics as needed.
- Get a different window style working.
- Finish fixing the item script to work properly (mainly graphical issues, but there's one small thing I'd like to add/change to it - try to make the Item choice jump straight to window instead of having to press on the category first).
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Alright now I'm pissed. That's another week thoroughly wasted. This past week was overtaken by burps and other sexual distractions (those who've been following me know that I'm freaky like that), so that's how I spent my summer vacation. My depression (see, I have a clinical and diagnosed excuse for my not doing shit. what's yours?) is sapping all of my strength (sleeping a full 10 hours every night instead of the usual 6-8 and just not feeling up to doing shit during the day) and I haven't gotten around to getting my prescription refilled so I'm running on empty and there's no way out. So new plan!

My next three goals (because I swear to God I'm getting this cute turtle achievement) are all to play games and write reviews for them to bump myself back up to over 5,000 makerscore.

Goal 2: Play a game, write a review
Goal 3: Same as 2
Goal 4: Ditto

As long as I get these three done just whenever the hell I can, I'll consider this a success.

Overall anti-procrastination goal: 5,014 makerscore.

You wanna see what gam mak I got done this week (actually earlier this morning because I put it off til the last possible second)?

There's gonna be water coming out of the tower and it's gonna be super cool because it'll look like it's running over the walkway and pouring off the side.

Also this to use for a scene where the cat girl has a nightmarish hallucination that she's eating everything (and everyone, but this has to do with her role as a princess and being the wielder of fate and appreciation for so many citizens and the fear of misused power) and winds up trapped inside of a mountain of belly fat. She's saved by her dragon love interest who rescues her in her moment of despair and loneliness by reminding her of the caring soul that she truly is.

I'm going to bed. See you at dinner.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Awesome, that's a huge amount of completed goals yet again. You're doing great, people! I should finally get on with my own goal!
Everything should be up to date in the OP again now. Let me know if I missed something.

That's fine, I believe you. I've marked it as successfully done for now. Just post a link or something as soon as you've got confirmation.

Sure, welcome! I hope participating in this event can help you get motivated again. Don't forget to tell us what you are going to work on. Good luck!

I see. Next time, maybe let me know in advance if you've already completed your goal but can't produce the evidence yet. But I've marked it down as a success for you either way. That booklet looks pretty good!

Hey, I remember you! Welcome back to RMN! I've added you to the list of participants. Best of luck with your goals!

I'm very sorry to hear you're feeling down. I really hope things will start to get better for you again very soon. I've put your new goals into the OP. Good luck, and sleep well!
Guardian of the Description Thread
Screw it.
Goal for June 24 - July 1
Complete the events surrounding the Temple of the Mind. Which might, just might, entail finishing Oracle of Askigaga!
Got any Dexreth amulets?
That's the spirit!

But don't overexert yourself either, okay? Good.
Guardian of the Description Thread
That's the spirit!

But don't overexert yourself either, okay? Good.

For my next goal, I'm thinking I'd like to let's play a game (and upload it to this site, of course.) No idea which game, yet!

Edit: I've decided that what I'll do is replay a game (with commentary) that I previously reviewed, and add the video as a supplement to what I've written. Hurray!
Guardian of the Description Thread
Doing a playtest of Oracle has revealed a few things. One is that I had an incorrect passibility setting on a tile. WELP. Another is that evolutions seems to have too-high requirements. Now, it's more possible, if still a bit on the grindy side, that the party's skills maxed out by the time one reaches the boss of the Temple of the Spirit.

Now, about the Temple of the Mind itself. I haven't quite gotten to it yet, but, my testplay is, more or less, in position for it.
I made my charas. But now that I think of it, maybe I should come up with my own characters. So I kinda wasted my time. Oh well...

Next goal: Draw at least 2 dungeon backgrounds.

Edit: Thanks, zDS! I agree. =)

If you have the talent to make characters from scratch, I say always do your own. With that said, it's never a waste of time to do other characters, for it is practice.
Goal for June 24 - July 1

Get multiple cells loading. This will be visually apparent because more than one heightmap will exist, in the correct positions next to each other.

Although the cell loading isn't hardcoded right now, there are a lot of things (mostly related to positioning) that need doing for the cell system.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Doing a bit of writing for Castle Askigaga that could be considered part of the setup for the Temple of the Mind, and a bit double-checking in regards to what lines the Oracle has in general.

I also did a bit of mapping. I happy enough with the "puzzle room" and the boss room. The room leading up to the puzzle room... eh.
Goal #1 COMPLETE : Write one complete set of support conversations for VE
Issued : 06/12/2016. Completed : 06/18/2016
Goal #2 COMPLETE : Try and start-to-finish this complicated defense chapter by the end of the week. Keyword is Try :3
Issued : 06/18/2016. Completed : 06/24/2016

I got the mapping done, enemy placement and accompanying AI behavior notes made, and all the dialogue written. Just need to do the implementation and playtesting. Time and real life just didn't permit this week.

Goal #3 : Finish this defense chapter.
I think I finished my goal for this week. Each monster, there are 8 and I'll go over them, work the way they are supposed to and have some role in battle that makes them special. All the troops are set up for the level and after testing I mixed the enemies around after noticing some compatibility problems between enemies, which I'll get to.

I should mention that the goal of this battle gameplay is inspired by Final Fantasy 10, it uses CTB and will eventually be tough enough to where you need to switch out party members mid-battle, but for now you're just learning the new characters bit by bit in act 1. My goal for the battle gameplay is to invoke the feel I get from FF10, where I found that strategy came from assigning certain characters to certain monsters. A battle would come in that game with three monsters, let's say a wolf thing, blob thing, and flying thing. Immediately upon looking at the enemy, I brought out Tidus, Lulu, and Wakka. Tidus is fast, can hit and kill those fast wolf things in one hit. Lulu use the opposite magic of the blob thing, dead. Wakka can reach flying things best, dead. Was there a heavy defense enemy? Use Auron. Don't want to use wakka for the flying thing? Use Lulu. See that robot? Steal with Rikku, dead. That's kind of how I'm setting this game up, but not necessarily ending battles in 1 turn.

First, to go over what the party was like for level 1, for comparison(you don't have to read this part if not interested of course):

Seamus: (The Tidus inspired role)
In the previous level, he was your "Slash" weapon guy and is also fast. He can affect the CTB and boost his own attack power. You would send him at "Fera", these wolf-like enemies are weak to slash. Slash weapons have a specific bonus: they cause bleed, have a good chance of it. This makes Seamus useful for "High-Damage" enemies, so if he's not attacking the fast Fera, he's attacking the Ursus. Ursus has high-hp and damage, so the goal with that enemy is to try and bleed him, kill him first and fast.(It's a team effort, this would go alongside slowing the Ursus with Adam, lowering defense with Davien).

Davien: (Piercing Weapons)
In the first level, he was the one who uses piercing weapons, which can ignore the "Heavy" status. That means you send him after Ericius, the enemies that naturally had the "Heavy" status, which makes blunt and slash do very little damage. If there are more than one, have Davien use armor break. He can also heal and piercing weapons have something similar to slash's bleed effect: piercing has the chance of lowering defense.

Adam: (Blunt and Wind)
His role is to slow the enemies in their turn order with "injure", bonk them in the head with his blunt weaponry, which has a chance to lower their agility. He also knows wind magic, so he's the guy for taking down "Bombicis", flying enemies with a "fly" status, similar to heavy but instead of weak to piercing, they're weak to ranged. Also wind apparently, so use Adam for now. Those guys mostly just try to slow the party.

Emela: Ranged, Healer
Finally, she was introduced for the boss. She can remove the "fly" status, heal, and do great damage to the boss and bombicis.

So right now, level 1 is fully balanced, we have been done with it, I'm very happy with it and just want the next levels to be equal or better, and that's where I'm getting a lot of procrastination. I still don't know if level 2 is as balanced as level 1. We're also constantly thinking of level 3 and 4, and I'm also worried about the writing, I have not really fleshed out the narrative in level 2 like I have in level 1, but even that I'm itching to revise. So I've been stuck for weeks. Hopefully this goal helped me get level 2 to a good point so we can focus on the other two act 1 levels, I think once all four are done, it'll be easier for me to just go in and test from beginning to end and configure the battles, EXP and equipment upgrades accordingly, and be satisfied enough to focus on the narrative.

Anyway, back to the ACTUAL GOAL. Here's the level 2 party set-up.( I should mention that each level is set-up or going to be set-up so that you level 5 times each. So by end of level 2, you should be level 10, 5 for level 1, 15 for level 3. And that's two learned skills per level, but this is just the plan for act 1 of the game.)

Seamus: Same as level 1 except he can now learn a simple "double" attack to help with the new enemies and late in the level(level 9) he can learn a move to boost everyone's magic damage, more useful for just Davien and Adam on a basic level for now, not sure how I feel about this skill. It also speeds them up, which is classic Seamus. Oh, classic Seamus.

Adam: Now he can boost the defense of one ally, not sure how I feel about this one. His second skill for this level is Crush, which is his real physical damage dealer and slows the enemy. That one is a definite I think.

Davien: He will get his first magic attack skill at level 9, and at level 6 he will already have a powered up version of armor break, which will deal some really good damage. This is different in that he's making it so others can attack the enemy, AND they'll most likely just need one or two more hits. I'm a lot more confident about his development.

Emela: She returns to the party towards the end of the level and now can revive a party member for 30% of their HP and can remove any physical-related status, including good ones. I think that'll be good for the main healer of the game for now. Maybe we should give her a good ranged attack skill next.

Eve: She's the new member you start the level with, replacing Emela before she returns to the party. She's part healer, can also use slash weapons and can regain MP through her Vim Slash and give MP to others with "Wink".

SO! With this set-up, these enemies are currently the level 2 ones. Brand new, no returning enemies.

Vorum: An ant creature that replaces the Lepus as normal creature anyone can hurt, but works with poison-inflicting enemies by targeting those that they poison.

Zzrier: A bee that can poison, and has "fly" status...

Bleetle: A high-Damage enemy that will go heavy, but it's slow so at the start of the battle you can get normal damage in before it "withdraws".

Punchroom: Works as groups, weak damage but uses double, triple, quadruple, sextuple attacks...

Arac: Spiders that work similar to Punchroom but have less frequent attacks, are meant to be bigger groups and are faster, but die faster.

Avivabarks: The healers of the enemy troops

Mustle: A skunk that inflicts status effects, combats the bleed status with some healing, but is otherwise a normal enemy. Also a support in that it can "hound" it's allies to move faster.

Slib: A slime that can only poison, does no damage. Also strong physical resistance.

So yeah, that's what I have gone over and tested this week! I can't really screenshot it so I hope describing the current state of battles, while a long wall of text, will prove the work. I'd say I'm less scatterbrained now because of it. I still have a bad, unsatisfied feeling that it's not as tested and balanced as level 1, and it's worse that I just can't focus on the narrative while working on battles at the same time. So for now, "Day 2" is thin with scenes, and once you get to the boss battle you can't move on to day 3 and level 3 so... I guess that's next before even worrying about the boss narrative scene.

So I finished Goal 2 today, the 24th. So by July 1st I want this done:
Goal 3: Add shop, optional content, and battle details to levels 3 and 4.
(This will coincide with Seiromem's goal, which has been to work on the enemies for level 3)

Looking ahead, I'm hoping Goal 4 will be: Finish first draft/run of narrative scenes for days/levels 2 through 4, maybe revise day 1 a bit. Then, goal 5 would be fully test and play through act 1, making sure it's all on par with it's first level.
Ok, so it's done and I'm uploading a new demo that has all the proposed improvements. Now I've got to hurry and catch up with schoolwork, because I did not schedule my week well. (I can provide specific proof if required.

Anyways, week 1 done.

eh... week 2: Revel quest completed, new city opened and it's quest completed.
(EDIT: Postpone me starting week 2 until the 26th, I can't start tomorrow.)
Goal 3 is complete, but I don't have a video right now. Tomorrow I should have more free time to make one.

Will be announcing Goal 4 then, too.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
GOAL 3: Finish my sewer level for the current game I'm working on. This is hopefully going to give me all I need to create a demo game for my FF fangame. I would still like to get the story as far as the hospital for the demo. Maybe that'll be a goal down the road. This, I WILL be able to show with screen shots! YAY!

(Also, for goal 2, NS, I sent you the page I needed to complete via PM. In case you missed it.)