Got any Dexreth amulets?
Wow, that's a lot of progress I'm seeing here. Good work, you all!

I still think you did a good job, even though it wasn't your complete goal. I really hope you're not going to just leave it at this, though. There's more than enough time for more goals to get finished. It would be great to have you with us here for the rest of the event as well.

You already finished your new goal on the same day as you announced it? That's pretty impressive, yet it also makes me think you should probably plan the scope of your goals better to more closely match the intended one-week frames. I'm ready to believe you when you say this was enough work to justify receiving a Success for it. But for the future, please do try to keep in mind that while encouraging productivity is the aim of this event, setting up such small goals that one can just breeze through them is not the intention. That's not intended to be an accusation, but just a reminder.

I added a link to your list of goals to the OP for reference. Good luck with all of this, whichever project you decide to tackle first!
I added a link to your list of goals to the OP for reference. Good luck with all of this, whichever project you decide to tackle first!

Thank you so much! I'll do my best.
I've finished my week 2 goals:


I'll post my next goal on Friday. By then I hope to have chapter 5 completed, but that could be a stretch.
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Doing even more tests and tweaks. As much as I would love a one-line script call, it doesn't look like that's going to happen.


author=script comments
It is highly recommended you set the catagory of items the SuikoShop sells
before making the call to SceneManager. Thus, the script-call would ultimately
look something like...

$shop_mode = mode

...this. The values to replace "mode" with are as follows:
1 - Items only
2 - Weapons only
3 - Items and Weapons
4 - Armor only
5 - Items and Armor
6 - Weapons and Armor

Any other value will make the shop "see" all three categories.

...I am utterly insane for attempting to do this.
Uhhhh.... my question still has not been answered...
Is it to late for me to join?
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
You are allowed to join in any time :P
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@derpeyman: The OP mentions that this thread/event will last for 5-6 weeks, and it started on the 10th of Jund June. That puts us on week 2 of the event. It depends on how much wiggle room there is (which would be up to NeverSilent), but, to qualify for the achievement, you either have to start this week, or next week, and then have (and meet!) a goal each week afterwards.

*Edit: In other news...

...Darigaaz, this shop actually works! May I get an "Aw yeah"?

Awwwwwww yeeeeeaaaaaaah!
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Brilliant! I've marked another goal down for you, Beaker. Nicely done!

Regarding derpeyman, unfortunately I'm afraid it's not possible to sign up for an event if you're banned.

Aw yeah! So, does this mean you've already achieved this goal as well? Or is there still more about it you need to work on? Either way, good job!
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@NeverSilent: I suppose one could all it done? I still want to submit this script to the site, and upload the demo associated with it. That was part of my goal, wasn't it?

The end result I'd be looking for here is something that I would submit as a script (It would be my first one!) plus a downloadable demo-project for the purpose of seeing it in action, and/or general research.

Yes, yes it was. I should get to that, then!

*Edit: There is one detail I want to make sure of, though...
Got any Dexreth amulets?
I finished the flippable lever mechanic for Extinguished. It turns out that actually wasn't too hard. Here's a small snippet from one of the events that control the mechanic:

I'll have to do some more copying, pasting and editing to make all of it fully work in practice later, but the function itself is done and ready for use.

So that means one part of this week's goal is done. Not bad.
Since I've already finished my goal, I'll probably just work on my game. Right now, I'm mostly editing my tilesets and adding some extra fluff to some maps. I've also added some nice things like candles being unlit when it's daytime, windows being closed/covered when it's nighttime.

Little things, but little things that do matter in the end.

A little sneak peak (a bit old, but meh):

I'm thinking about changing the RTP tree with something else.

I'd like to finish a cutscene as well sometime this week, or even tonight, if I can get into the zone.
Ok, I'm finished with the second goal. The third one is to do interiors, 8 characters, do some repairs and upload it as a resource. I won't be using it for my current project as it needs something grimmer.

Well, I got my goals for the week taken care of.

Next Week (22nd - 28th)(Let's Play)
1) Luxaren Allure - Part 12
2) Blue Skies - Part 3
3) Zoids Whisper - Part 1
The TM is for Totally Magical.
GOAL! I will have the next page of Bun-Bo finished by Friday.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I should set a goal, right?

By Tuesday next week, I'll have, uh... functioning fairy/navigator commands that consume the party's resource to do shit. Yeah, that one!

well I did it

It still needs:
  • Help text and possibly flavor text for each of the fairy's commands.
  • Cleanup on the scrolling star graphic in the background (it is still much too fuzzy.)
  • I need to extend the formatting / visual style to the fairy's meter, and to her subsection of the main menu.

Now, somebody bitch at me in Slack when I get home from work so I can set the coming week's goal. It will PROBABLY have something to do with those placeholder icons lol
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Goal 3 complete!

*Edit: I literally have no idea what I should do next!
I'm done with week2 goal: Develop a charge attack

Here is how it works:

When a cavalry or shield unit moves twice in the same direction, it gains momentum to charge the enemy. The yellow arrows show the directions of possible charge attacks. They cause 2 damages instead of 1. If you deselect the unit, it loses momentum. Moves in directions close to each other also gives momentum (for example "up-right" and "down-right").

Here are some screen shots (the cyan arrows have been added on the screen shots to show the unit's last moves):

Now, only the human player(s) benefit(s) from charge attack. As this alters the balance of the game, I made a temporary build in my locker for you to try.

Over next week, I'll adapt the AI to properly use the new charge attack.
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I'm sorry for not having updated the thread yesterday, I just didn't get a chance to work on it properly. But everything should be correct now.
I'm very impressed by all the creative work you guys are showing here. It's great to see productivity rise like that. Keep it up!
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I feel bad because instead of using this to get creative, I'm just getting stuff that needs to be done out of the way. While Bun-bo pages are creative, playtesting just seems kind of meh.