This is kind of a reverse request, but it's the reason I REGISTERED in the first place. I have a game called Ghosts of Aliens, and I really, really don't want it to die, but every time I've hunted through old forums for requests of it, the links to it are always dead. I'd been searching for YEARS for this until I found it... inexplicably three folders deep into my Linkin Park music collection. I'm slightly ashamed, but if this inexplicable game was going to inexplicably exist in some inexplicable location, that's where it'd inexplicably be.

And the copy of Ghosts of Aliens I have is... broken. It's called, 'Ghosts of Aliens lvfix,' but what it essentially does is completely ruin the scaling of the game. I'm... not entirely sure why. The game is basically a shitpost before the word shitpost was invented, but it's a beautiful shitpost, so I dunno.

Either way, I dunno if anyone might know the authors or anything, but I do have a copy backed up on a USB drive and on cloud storage right now, but I'm wondering if anyone has an unbroken version of Ghost of Aliens that they might be able to share instead.

Had this lying around somewhere, haven't looked at it but it should work. Yeah I always remember it being a pesky game to recover.

Ghosts of Aliens v2
Aha! Thanks much. I appreciate this. I'm gonna compare this with my copy. You are a saint!
So basically I realize a lot of the games on the list barely have any coverage or descriptions. I started a project to address that, the goal is to give every game on the archive list some screenshots, a written impression and a 10-30ish minute youtube video. I've made this a fairly automated process, but I still need to make it a regular habit.



It's all condensed in a wordpress blog mainly, but the main goal is to document as much as I can so that they become more permanent to google and general web crawlers. We'll see how it goes.

This is amazing and deserves more recognition (aka a spotlight on the homepage next month) but this is the kind of nostalgia injection I love. Good luck, as it is a huge undertaking.

Sharing this community, and these old games gives me a lot of joy. Can't really explain it, but I feel some sort of weird kinship with people here just from sharing this RPG Maker culture together.
I know Darken has already mentioned this but, I just want to chime in here - everyone should be checking out RMHistoria.

Like, the problem with the masterlist or when you're looking for old games on webarchive/emulator site in generally is that, they're just a list of old games. When you download them, without any context, they're just good or a bad rpgmaker games.

But these blurbs Darken writes, they're so informative and provide historical context - it's like these rpgmaker games were released just yesterday. Reading these is like reading hardcoregaming101, but for rpgmaker games, they're so good!

But yeah, please keep doing these Darken, I love reading them.
You're really pumping these out. Holy shit.
Thanks people!

One thing that I discovered after The Rose Chronicle write up was that there's actually a 3.3 version somewhere. The 1.1 version on Queen's Court is only an early demo with one chapter.

Ciel might still have it as he's a huge Legacy001 fanboy.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgQVemcYWuk This youtube video shows a much newer version (different title screen and text boxes) and linked to a dead rapidshare link labeled 3.2

Azn might have it though his list doesn't mention the version.

Edit: Nvm found it thanks to hedge1. (Latest is just a 3.2, not 3.3.)

The Rose Chronicles v3.2
I don't know if this is the best place to ask this, but people here generally are concerned with RM history, so I am hoping maybe someone can help.

Years ago user "RPG" posted a joke thread on the Gaming World forums parodying all of the ridiculous game threads that were going on at the time. Inside were a plethora of low quality images, walls of text outlining the entire plot of the game, and a large list of numbers and stats advertising the game's many pretend features. The game itself never existed, but I decided that it should and set off to make it myself.

Here's the request:
The name of the pretend game was "Crystals: Legend of the Sword." At the time, I only saved a copy of the plot. Everything else from the thread was lost. I would very much love to get a full copy of what used to be there. How many hours did the game advertise? What systems was it purported to have?

I have found evidence of the thread on the Wayback Machine, but sadly the thread itself was not recorded.

As a way of preemptive repayment to any who try to help me in my plight (and as a general thanks to all those who have already worked to preserve RPG Maker history), I wrote a utility to identify RPG Maker games on computers. This utility will search any folder and its sub-folders for the existence of games from RPG Maker 2000 to RPG Maker VX Ace. It will also attempt the find the game's actual title, the application used to make the game, a title image, the number of maps, and some last modified dates to help with identifying the latest version of a particular game.

Download RPG Maker Games List Utility


It also provides some "sharing" options to allow people to post their game lists, if desired.

Example of a fixed-width list (you can't hide code for some reason):
#     Game Title                                Folder Name                     Application     Maps  Data Modified  .ini Modified
0000 Final tear 2 Final Tear E2 RTP compiled RM 2000/2003 356 6/9/2005 6/9/2005
0001 Final tear 2 Final Tear E2 RM 2000/2003 356 6/9/2005 6/9/2005
0002 Final Tear 3 made by Stevie v.d. Laar V Final Tear 3 RM 2000/2003 1176 11/1/2009 11/1/2009
0003 !mario !mario RM 2000/2003 7 3/15/2004 2/5/2010
0004 .:{The Legend of the Silver Crescent}:. NewPirates RM 2000/2003 14 8/3/2008 8/1/2008
0005 .hack//Refresh Hackrefresh RM 2000/2003 22 8/22/2006 10/7/2006
0006 [~ABS(Breach Edition)] [~ABS(Breach Edition)] RM 2000/2003 22 3/19/2007 3/19/2007
0007 1-8-7? 187 RM XP 0 1/1/0001 11/14/2005
0008 42 Mechs at Daybreak 42 Mechs at Daybreak RM 2000/2003 16 6/16/2006 6/16/2006
0009 A Black Tear A Black Tear Battle Demo RM 2000/2003 8 4/5/2008 4/5/2008
0010 A Blurred Line ABL21 RM 2000/2003 328 2/2/2003 9/10/2005

Full list without details (which can be hidden):
Final tear 2 (Final Tear E2 RTP compiled)
Final tear 2 (Final Tear E2)
Final Tear 3 made by Stevie v.d. Laar V 1.5 (Final Tear 3)
!mario (!mario)
.:{The Legend of the Silver Crescent}:. (NewPirates)
.hack//Refresh (Hackrefresh)
~ABS(Breach Edition) (~ABS(Breach Edition))
1-8-7? (187)
42 Mechs at Daybreak (42 Mechs at Daybreak)
A Black Tear (A Black Tear Battle Demo)
A Blurred Line (ABL21)
A Blurred Line (blurline)
A Boss Battle (A Boss Battle)
A Gate into Eternity is opening.... (A Gate into Eternity)
A Home Far Away (A Home Far Away)
ABS Project (ABS Project v0.6)
Ace of Spades (Ace Of Spades)
Action Battle System (ABS (old))
Akari's Curse (Japan Land - Akari's Curse)
Aktion-KS (Secret of Mana ABS)
ALEX (Alex)
Alex and his Dreams (Alex Dreams)
ALEX III : A 3 Days Collaborative Game (ALEX 3)
ALEX IS : A Two Days Collaborative Game (ALEXIS)
AlexofCawdor Map Contest Entry (AlexofCawdor Map Contest Entry)
Along The Way (AlongtheWay)
Along The Way (Moments)
Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis (Alter Aila Genesis)
Alter Aila (Alter Aila)
Alter Aila Variant (Alter Aila Variant)
Anastasia (Anastasia)
Anastasia 2: AIPWaW (Anastasia 2)
Angelic Awakening - Chapter 1 (Angelic Awakening)
Angels of Exodus (Angels of Exodus)
Another one rides the Airship. (Another one rides the Airship 1-3)
Ara Fell: Episode One (Ara Fell)
Arcane Mist (ArcaneMist_demo1)
ArenaBattle2.0 (ArenaBattle2.0 BREACH (Master of None))
Aura Stones (AuraStones)
Aurora Wing (Aurora Wing)
Aurora Wing (Aurora Wing)
Aurora's Tear (Aurora's Tear)
Axis Saga - The Angelic Demon (Axis Saga - The Angelic Demon)
Backstage (Backstage)
Backstage II (Backstage II Demo2)
Backstage II (Backstage II Trailer)
Balmung Chronicle (Balmung Chronicle(Code-Off))
Balmung Chronicle (Balmung Chronicle)
Balmung Cycle Part I: The Messenger and the Heretic (Balmung Cycle)
Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden (Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden)
Battle City RPG Maker 2000 (Battle City Rm2k)
Beloved Rapture (Beloved Rapture Demo)
Beloved Rapture (Beloved Rapture)
Beloved Rapture (Beloved Rapture)
BERSERK (Berserk)
Between Two Worlds (Between)
Beyond Dreams (Beyond Dreams )
Billy's our hero! (dday)
Blackmoon Prophecy (Blackmoon Prophecy)
Blackmoon Prophecy (Blackmoon Prophecy)
Blue Moon (Duel)
Bluegaia (Bluegaia)
Bob's Big Adventure (bob_complete)
Boss Battle Design Contest- The Scorpion (The Scorpion)
Boss Fight (Boss Fight)
Boss Game (Boss Project)
Brave Story (Brave Story)
Carius (ABS - Carius' Code-Off Task)
Cast Aside (Cast Aside - Episode 2)
Castle Quest (Castle Quest)
Cave (cave)
Cell Chamber: Chicane (Cell Chamber v1.2.1 Demo with rtp)
C'est Lavie! (Lavie)
Chain of Retribution (ChainOfRetribution)
Channel Changer (Channel Changer)
Chocobo Panic Space (Chocobo Panic Space)
Chocobo Panic X-MAS (Chocobo Panic X-MAS)
Chocobo Run Test (Chocobo Run Sample)
Chrono Crisis (ChronoCrisisDemo)
Code Off DBS entry (Skie's DBS)
Code-off (Yoshi's Code-off Adventure)
Contest (Project Unreal)
ContestMap (Blindman ContestMap)
CR-Battle Demo (CR-Battle Demo)
Crossbone (Crossbone)
Crossed Realmz 4 (Crossed Realmz 4)
Cry of Destiny (DestinyCry)
Crystals : Legend of the Sword (Crystals_LotS 2)
Crystals : Legend of the Sword (Crystals_LotS 3)
Crystals : Legend of the Sword (Crystals_LotS 4)
Crystals : Legend of the Sword (Crystals_LotS Demo2)
Crystals : Legend of the Sword (Crystals_LotS Demo3)
Crystals : Legend of the Sword (Crystals_LotS Demo4)
Crystals : Legend of the Sword (Crystals_LotS Demo5 - RTP)
Crystals : Legend of the Sword (Crystals_LotS Demo5)
Crystals : Legend of the Sword (Crystals_LotS)
Crystals : Legend of the Sword (Stuff)
Cyruss Entry (Forest Map)
Dan Star (DS)
DANcing STARs (DANcing STARs)
Dark Eternal: Dissolution (Dark Eternal)
Dark Soul (DarkSoul_Demo)
Darkest Knight (Darkest Knight Demo v0.1)
Darkness Within: Chocobo's Dungeon (Chocobo Dungeon Halloween)
Delete Me Now!! (Kill Me Project)
Demon Dreams (DemonDreams)
Demon Legacy (Demon Legacy)
Demon Legacy Perfect (Demon Legacy Perfect)
DemonTower (DemonTower)
Desert Island (Desert Island )
Destiny's Blades (data)
Destiny's Blades (data)
Deus Cards (DeusCard)
Devil Hunter: Seeker of Power (DHSOP2)
Dhux's Scar (Dhux_Scar)
Dimension of Evil (FirstGame)
D'n K minigame (PartitaCalcio5)
Donkey Kong Deluxe (DKdx)
Don's Adventures (SAMPLE GAME)
Don't Go Out (Don'tGoOut)
Dragon Blade 4 Intro and BS demo (DB4-BS-English)
Dragon Destiny by Rast (x_rast_x@hotmail.com : http://www.rastblackwing.com) (Dragon Destiny)
Dragon Fantasy REMAKE (Dragon_Fantasy_REMAKE)
Dragon Heart | Chapter Two (DHch2)
Dragon Heart | Part 2: Death (DHpt2demo5)
Dragon Kingdoms- Birth of a Legend (Dragon Kingdoms- Birth of a Legend)
Dragon Kingdoms Collection (DKToL)
Dragon Kingdoms V (Dragon Kingdom V)
Drifter (Caves-Xeno)
Drifter (Gondu' Forest)
Drifter (WD1)
Drifter (Winter Death God)
Dungeon Romp Big Cave Demo (RS!) (Dungeon Romp Big Cave Demo for Release Something)
Earthbound 2 (Earth Bound 2)
Eckle and Toast: Jam Panda Jam (eckleAndToast)
Eldritch (Eldritch)
Eldritch (Eldritch)
Elegy's Eve (Elegy's Eve)
Empathie (Empathie)
Empathie (Horror Contest Entry)
Enchanting Saga (DBS Contest - hedge entry)
Engine Demo (BRC)
Epic Monster Dungeon Explore 2 (EMDE2)
Epic: The Genesis Project (Epic - The Genesis Project RSE)
Ever Blue (Ever Blue)
Everlong (Everlong)
Everlong (Everlong_v3.04)
Everlong (Everlong_v3.25)
Everlong (Everlong_v3.26)
Everything Ends (Boss Battle Contest - Everything Ends)
Exit Fate (Exit Fate)
extrenia english ver (Extrenia)
Fable of Heroes (Fable of Heroes)
Fallenwood (Fallenwood)
Fantasy Battle (FB2)
Far Mech (~GM~ ABS Squared)
File of Mankind (File of Mankind )
Final Fallacy (Fallacy)
Final Fantasy - Chaos Emerald (FFCE)
Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy 1 Remake)
Final Fantasy (Hunter's Joy)
Final Fantasy (Hunter's Joy)
Final Fantasy 0 (final 0)
Final Fantasy Crimson Tears (FFCT)
Final Fantasy Empires(Demo) (FFEv02)
Final Fantasy- Endless Nova (FF_Endless Nova)
Final Fantasy I-2 (FFI-2)
Final Fantasy Untold Story (Final Fantasy - The Untold Story)
Final Fantasy VII :: Omega Vangelis (OmegaVangelisDemo)
Final Fantasy VII: Ancestral Vengeance (ff7 ancestral vengeance)
Final Fantasy: Chaos Shadows (FF Chaos)
Final Fantasy: Crystal Wings (ffcw2-7)
Final Fantasy: Time and Again (Time and again lite)
Finding Forever Eden - Intro (Finding Forever Eden - Intro)
Finding Forever Eden (Finding Forever Eden - Ver. 4.0)
Finding Forever Eden (Finding Forever Eden - Ver. 9.0)
Finding Forever Eden (Finding Forever Eden)
FO-By Dis(Sagginthepimpclown@yahoo.com) (DBS Contest - Dis' Entry)
FO-By Disillusionist (FO-By Disillusionist)
Forest Haze Map (KoG's Map)
Forest Map (RockmanNeo - Forest Map)
Forest of the Espers (Forest Midgets)
Forever Across Dreams (FOREVER ACROSS DREAMS)
Forever's End (Forever's End)
Forever's End (Forever's End)
Forget-me-Nots (FMN_Complete)
Forgotten For An Eternity (FFAE)
Forgotten Majesty (Forgotten Majesty)
Fox (Myfirstgame)
From the Mind of Felix Noctourne (FTMOI)
Funny Fantasy (FF)
future (black sheep)
Game (Platform Contest 2)
Game Addon By Zeriab (Gamos Mini Game)
Gates of Evocation (Most Recent)
Generica (Generica)
Genesis ZERO (Fragments of a Dream)
Grave Spirit (Grave Spirit)
GubiD's Tactical Battle System v1.5 (GTBS v1.5)
Gunslingers (Gunslingers)
GW Map Competition entry by JPC (JPCmapentry)
GW5 Contest (GW5 Contest)
Hacking Laxius (Laxius Power 3 Hack)
Heart Of Evil (Heart of Evil)
Heat (Heat-OfficalRelease)
Hedge's DBS entry 2 (Romancing Saga)
Heinsen Hill (Heinsen Hill)
Hellion (hellion)
Hero Rescuer! (hero_rescue)
Hero: Chronicles of Rose (CoR)
Hero's Realm (HerosRealm CH 2)
Hero's Realm (HerosRealm(3))
Hero's Realm (HerosRealm)
Hero's Realm (HerosRealm4)
Hero's Realm (HerosRealm5)
Hero's Realm (HerosRealmRTP v1.4)
Hero's Realm (HerosRealmRTP v1.5)
Holds Graphics and Music (Dummy Game)
Horror Game (Horror Game)
I'm Lovin It - The Arcade Game (imlovinit)
Imna (Imna Chapter 1)
innocent nail (innocent nail)
Insignia (Insignia Demo)
Iron Gaia (Iron Gaia - Where Angels Fear To Tread)
Iron Gaia (Iron Gaia - Where Angels Fear To Tread)
Iron Gaia Part II: Mana From Heaven (Iron Gaia Part II Trailer)
Iron Gaia Part II: Mana From Heaven (Iron Gaia Part II)
Iron Gaia- Virus (IG- Virus)
Island sky (Island sky)
JPC Forest Map (JPCUmbriel)
Karma (Karma)
KC Puzzle Test (Kinetic Cipher Puzzle Test)
Kills a Dragon with Green Arrow (Kills a Dragon with Green Arrow)
Kindred Saga (Kindred Saga Ch1)
Kinetic Cipher (Again) (KCA#2)
Kinetic Cipher (Again) (KCA#3)
Kinetic Cipher (Again) (KCA#3)
Kinetic Cipher (Again) (KCA45)
Kinetic Cipher (Again) (uKC(A)#3)
Kingdom Hearts HikariYami (Kingdom Hearts Hikari Yami English Demo)
KNight-Blade Howling of Kerberos (KN_E)
Knights of Eden (Knights of Eden)
Komour Legend (Komour Legend)
Last Blade RM2K3(Demo-Day Teaser) (Last Blade RM2K3(Demo-Day Teaser))
Last Guardian (The Last Guardian)
Laxius Power ~ Random Story (Laxius Power)
Laxius Power ~ Random Story Act I Scene 2 (by DZK - laxiuspower@fr.st -, Site : laxiuspower.fr.st) (Laixus Power 2)
Laxius Power III ~ The Final Terror (by Indinera - laxp3@yahoo.fr -, Site : www.laxiuspower.com) (Laxius Power 3)
Laxius Power III ~ The Final Terror (by Indinera - laxp3@yahoo.fr -, Site : www.laxiuspower.com) (Laxius Power 3)
Le Solstice - DBS (SOLSTICE)
Legacies of Dondoran (_LOD Original)
Legacies of Dondoran (_LOD v1.0)
Legacies of Dondoran (_LOD)
Legacies of Dondoran (Copy of _LOD)
Legacies of Dondoran 2 (LOD2 Release Something! Alpha 0.1)
Legend (Legend)
Legend of Rirue{demo 2) (Legend of Rirue)
Legend Quest (Noble Quest)
Legion Saga (Legion Saga)
Legion Saga II (Legion Saga II)
Legion Saga III (Legion Saga III)
Legion Saga R (Legion Saga R)
Lego RPG (Hedge's CBS contest entry)
Lego RPG (Hedge's CBS contest entry)
Lego RPG (LRPG Half MIDI Lite)
Lightprism (Lightprism)
Loremaster: Rise of Kalibur (LMRemake)
LSATOTW (Legacy Saga - A Tale of Two Worlds (no rtp))
Lufia - The cult of Daos (Lufia)
Lufia Clone (Lufia Enemy Test)
Lunatic Dream (boss contest) (Lunatic Dream)
Lycanthrope (Lycanthrope1-BattleDemo)
Lycanthrope1(Abandoned) (Lycanthrope1(Abandoned Version))
Lynette's Quest (_Lynette)
Make It Work! (MakeItWork)
Malice Wind: The Withering Demo 1 (Malice Wind Demo)
MAP (Liberty Map)
Map Teleport Test (Edge of Map teleports)
Meed Thii Sib-Sam The Legend Beta1.0 (Meed Thii Sib-Sam The Legend Beta1.0 E)
MegaManRevengOfCats (MegaManTeaser)
Memories (DON GAME)
Menutest (Fotboll)
Mercy trailer (Trailer)
Metal Tears (Final Demo Of Metal Tears)
Mindflare v0.2 (Mindflare v0.2)
Mine Sweepers (MineSweepers)
Mini-Tactics (DOGLORD)
Miser Cliffs (~GM~ Miser Cliffs)
Moby Housekeeper (Moby)
Mog's Great Adventure Complete (The New Moogle Project)
Monsters World Great: The Sequel of Monsters World Return (Monsters World Great)
Mystic Legends (Mystic Legends BETA)
Mystic Legends (Mystic Legends)
Mystic Legends (Mytsic Legends)
Mystic Legends Classic (Mystic Legends - Classic(Old))
Nackster's Contest ( Space Fish)
Naufragar (Copy of Naufragar)
Naufragar (Copy of Naufragar)
Naufragar (Naufragar)
Naufragar (NaufragarEX)
Nayru Chronicles - Enslavers (Nayru)
Neophyte's Map Entry (Neophyte's Map Entry)
Neues Kampfsystem (Neues-KS)
New Game (Ninji's New Skool Adventure)
���N�g�[���ƍ����q�̖�́E�̌��� (blacklion_trial)
NigSek: A Monster's Tail (Nigsek)
Onyx (Onyx)
ONYX 2: Clinging Soul (ONYX 2 Clinging Soul)
P4 (Phantasia 4)
Pac Man (PacMan Christmas Edition)
Pac Man (PacMan)
Pacman (chocobo_panic)
PANDA FIGHTER (~Panda Fighter)
Paper Mario Party (Paper Mario Eggstreme)
Paradise Blue (Paradise Blue 1)
Paradise Blue (Paradise Blue 1.1)
Paradise Blue (ParadiseBlueMP3)
Pengui! (Pengui!)
Pengui! (Pengui!Demo)
Perfection by Trujin (Perfection)
Peuteris Grey (PeuterisGrey (German))
Phantasia (Phantasia 1)
Phantasia 2 (Phantasia 2)
Phantasia 3 (Phantasia 3)
Phantasia 4 (Phantasia 4 Demo)
Phantasia Remake (Phantasia Remake)
Phantasia Remake (Phantasia)
Phantasy Star III 2k (PS32KFirstGen)
Phantom Legacy (Phantom Legacy)
Phoenix Wright - Hidden Traces (Phoenix Wright - Hidden Traces v0.52)
Phylo2 (Phylo2)
Phylo2 (Phylomortis 2)
Pillar Town (Pillar Town)
Pirate Attack (Pirate Attack)
Pirate Cove (Map Contest - Maxy)
Pirates (__Pirates)
Pirates (Pirates)
Platform Engine (Platform Test Engine)
Platformer (Platformer)
Pokemon (Pokemon)
Power Patch Demo (Demoprojekt)
PPP (Demo)
Prey & Predator (Code-Off) (Prey)
Prey & Predator (Prey and Pret)
Project 'RPG' (Tales of Urodora)
Project1 (Copy of Project1)
ProjectDarklight (Darklight)
Prophecy of Aries (Prophecy of Aries)
Psychopolitical Drama Phylomortis: Avant-Garde (phylo-ag)
Psychopolitical Drama Phylomortis: Avant-Garde (phylo-ag)
Psychopolitical Drama Phylomortis: Avant-Garde (Phylomortis AG)
Purgatory (Copy of Purgatory)
Purple Princess Random (hazedazecuriousness)
Push! (Push!)
Quick Something (Worms - A 4 day project)
Quintessence - The Blighted Venom (Quintessence_C1-6)
Rainbow Nightmare Music Video! (Rainbow Nightmare Music Video!)
RainbowNightmare.Prologue (RainbowNightmarePrologue)
Realms of Arcanum: Generations (Realms of Arcanum - Generations)
Release something (Release something)
Reminisce (Reminisce)
Reminiscence (Blue)
resident evil (OriginEvil)
Retsu Arashi : Psychic Storm (Retsu Arashi Psychic Storm)
Rise of the Third Power (Rise of the Third Power)
rm2k Battle System (rm2k clone)
RM2kLibrary Game (Rm2kLibrary - A Final Hope)
Rm2k�Mon - Gotta catch'em all! (Rm2kemon)
RMXPCBS Version 5 (RMXPCBS_Version5)
Romancing Saga (DBS Contest - hedge)
Romancing Walker (Romancing Walker (rw100))
Rumors of a Lost Religious Site (roalrs)
Rusty - Side View (Side View CBS)
Rusty's Battle System (Rusty's Battle System)
Rwanda (Rwanda)
ryuukishi2 (Ryuukishi no Me 2)
Sacred Earth - Bonds Final (Sacred Earth - Bonds Final)
Sacred Earth - Boss Contest (Sacred Earth - Boss Contest)
Sagawind Ep I: Dicin Barronen (Sagawind I)
Sandfall (Sandfall)
Searching (P2K)
Secret Of Mana Style Battle System (Example)
Seven Brothers (7 Brothers)
Shades (Shades)
Shadow War (ABS Shadow War (Abandoned))
Shadows of Evil 2: The Wings of Time (shadowsofevil)
Shadows of Evil 2: The Wings of Time (WoT3.8)
Shattered Realms 2 (Shattered Realms)
Shattered Samurai (Shattered Samurai)
SHGP (Trailer)
Shining War (Shining War)
Side Scroller Tech Demo (Side Scroller System)
Silence (ANR)
Silver Heart (Silver Heart)
SinMap (SinMap)
Sky Tower Arena (ArenaSky)
Sonic (Foxtrot - 2)
Sonic (Foxtrot - 3)
Sonic (Foxtrot - Chapter 1)
Sonitus Atroxabl (Sonitus Atroxabl)
Starlancer Six (Starlancer Six)
Starless Umbra (Starless Umbra)
Stick Shootout (~GM~ SS)
Sunset over Imdahl (Imdahl)
Super RTP Adventure (Super RTP Adventure v2.3)
SuperSecretProject (GuitarHero)
Surge (RM2k3Breach)
Sweet Dreamer (Sweet Dreamer)
T2C (Blobagotchi)
Tactical Battle System (Tactical Battle System)
Tactical Battle Sytem (Dajisktra TBS)
Take Down : Lambs of Destiny (3HR_TakeDownLoD)
Take Down the Panda of Truth (TD_PoT)
Tales of Falonia (Tales of Falonia)
Tales Of Worlds 1.4 (Tales_Of_Worlds)
Taret Blade (Tactical Battle)
Tarion Star: Call of the Blade (Tarion Star)
Technomancy (Technomancy)
Techskript (Suzi_Demo_1)
TEIN (The End is Near)
Ten Thousand Bullets (Ten Thousand Bullets)
Test Game (Test Game)
The Adrastean Shadow (Adrastean Shadow)
The Adrastean Shadow (hedge's first game)
The Adrastean Shadow (TAS)
The Amazing Race (G&D Competition- The Amazing Race)
The Arcade to Heaven (CMCArcade)
The Blue Contestant (The Blue Contestant)
The Book of Three (bookofthree)
The Burning Grail (The Burning Grail)
The Chain Game 2 (CG2)
The Chain Game 3 (Chain Game 3)
The Chaos Continues (Jurrassic Park)
The Chaos Prophecy (The Chaos Prophecy Official Demo)
The Chaos Prophecy (TheChaosProphecyTrailer)
The Chronicles of Haledos (The_Chronicles_of_Haledos)
The Frozen World (The Frozen World)
The Great Turtle Adventure (Code-Off Entry)
The Legend of Erthia Tactics (The Legend of Erthia Tactics Demo 2.0)
The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone (The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone Part I)
The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone (The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone v1.0)
The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone (The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone v2.0)
The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone (The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone)
The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone (The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone)
The Maze (The Maze)
The Omega Seal (The Omega Seal v.2)
The Really Tough Part (ReallyToughPart)
The Rebirth of Evil (FimbulWinter08)
The Rose Chronicles (Rose Chronicles v1.1)
The Rose Chronicles (Rose Chronicles V3.2)
The School for Thick Absolutely Retarded Delinquents (Code-off Wonder)
The Sword and the Fish (SatF)
The Tower (The Tower (Original Version))
The Village (The Village)
The Virtual Pet (Blobagotchi Advanced)
The Way (Episode1)
The Way (Episode2)
The Way (Episode3)
The Way (Episode4)
The Way (Episode5)
The Way (Episode6)
The Wonder (The Wonder)
The Wonder (The Wonder)
theend (BLK VR7)
TheHappyFunGame (THFG_Complete)
TheHappyFunGame (THFGDemo)
Three the Hard Way (TTHWC)
Till We Meet Again (Till We Meet Again)
To Hell Without a Car (thwacgame)
Tourney Fighter (Tourney Fighter)
Trap and Search (Trap and Search)
Tundra (Tundra)
U.S.G. ~A New Beginning~ (USG ~A New Beginning~)
Underext (standalone)
Underext (Under Complete)
Unknown Destiny (UD)
Until The End (UTE-Demo)
Untitled (Caterpillar)
Untitled (City2.0)
Untitled (Dungeon)
Untitled (Harry)
Untitled (Hillside)
Untitled (Penga Demo)
Untitled (Project1)
Untitled (TeoSomething)
Untitled Demo Day IV release (Untitled Demo Day IV release)
Untitled so far (ABS Demo)
Uridicy's Tear (Lockes_Trial)
Utopian Chaos (Utopian Chaos XP ver.3.1)
Utopian chaos (Utopian Chaos)
Utopian Chaos 2: rise of Chaos (Utopian Chaos 2 Demo 2)
Utopian Chaos 2: rise of Chaos (Utopian Chaos 2 Demo)
V A N I T Y: Satans Wish (- V A N I T Y - Satans Wish)
Vampires (Spells using HP)
Velsarbor (Velsarbor)
Virtualis (DHM-CodeOff-Round1)
Virtualis (DHM-CodeOff-Round1)
VX��REFMAP�f�ރT���v���}�b�v�W (vx_sample game (with graphics))
Wanderlust (Wanderlust)
War Against n00bs 2 (WAN 2)
War of Two Worlds (War of Two Worlds)
War of Two Worlds (War of Two Worlds_old)
Wardge Tail (WardgeTail_Demo1)
Wayward (Wayward)
Welcome to the Family (Boss Battle)
west (West Multiplayer)
Where Virus Fears To Spread (Gion Higher)
White Reflections v1.0 (Eternal Newb2)
White Reflections v1.0 (White Reflections v2.0)
Wilfred, the Hero (Wilfred, the Hero)
Wilfred, the Hero (wth)
Wings of Origin - A New Beginning (WoO)
Wings of Origin - A New Beginning (WoO)
Wings of Origin (__WoO)
Worlds Of Gamingw Project (Gaming Worlds)
Worldsong (WorldsongChap1)
www.masquerpg.com (KOE Demo 2)
Wyesse (Wyesse)
Wyesse(2) (Wyesse(2))
X Title (Mapping Comp+) (Elephant Memorial-Final-KoG)
Yggdrassil (Yggdrassil v2)
Zebbulo (Zebby)
Zelda A Link to the Present (Zelda Demo 5)
Zelda Tech Demo V0.1 (ThePenguin(Zelda)Low-Fix)
Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven (Zephyrus)
Zero Base (Zero Base)

And here are downloads to the full lists with details, for those interested.
Download hedge1's games list in text format
Download hedge1's games list as a CSV

Again, if anyone can find a copy of the original forum post for Crystals, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!
I spent a large chunk of today, combing through saltw.net's archive thread,
cause I'm also looking for old rpgmaker threads that started on gamingw, such as krin's origin and name73 by cynon:
(if you remember your old password, from gamingw, you can still login and take a look)

Unfortunately, I double checked and tried to search other game threads on the list from 2006,
stuff like "White Reflections v1.2", "Cyber Factor Demo 1" and "Everlong: Complete Rm2k game, 2112 maps" and I can't find anything yet.
However, I added this to the request list. I'll keep you posted!
Is that "Everlong" you mentioned an early version of this Everlong? If so, the developer is still active here on RMN; you could ask him if he's still in possession of earlier versions.
For the Crystals thing, you could contact RPG himself. Though I doubt he archives his joke topics, you might be able to jog his memory. Here's his contact info.
Salt World argues my user name doesn't exist, but I did email RPG so we'll see if I'm lucky and he has the old information. I doubt it, but it's the best lead I have. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
There's only one old rm2k3 game I've been looking for, I don't know the name of it, but the only thing the game that stood out was one of the party members was a dragon who always used the catchphrase "Cheers!". And I believe RTP Alex was the leader.
Does anybody remember an RPG Maker 2000 horror game called something like 'Dark House'? It was about a bunch of criminals who hideout in a haunted mansion. I think it had a shooting system. It may have been translated to English from German. I can't remember the site I found it on, but it wasn't GW.
Just wanted to mention I already found Tabernacle, so you can cross that request out.

Wondering if anyone has Chain Game 1... or any context about it. I found a GW wiki archive here and maybe some scant forums about it, but just digging for some lore about community games in general. I feel like for the historia it's worth it to grab some background info on it instead of just playing the games as is. Alex games are pretty well documented in this regard.
Just wanted to mention I already found Tabernacle, so you can cross that request out.

Wondering if anyone has Chain Game 1... or any context about it. I found a GW wiki archive here and maybe some scant forums about it, but just digging for some lore about community games in general. I feel like for the historia it's worth it to grab some background info on it instead of just playing the games as is. Alex games are pretty well documented in this regard.

Thanks Darken! ♥

Yeah, Erave uploaded them awhile back, Stuff has sort of moved around, so I don't know if I wrote everything down somewhere, but I think this was everything Erave posted, in the original mediafire link - but it has all 4 chain games, as well as the original alex games (pre-rpgmaker-steam-version):


big word of word of caution, I'm not as fast as I use to be, when grabbing this stuff, cause of the IRL stuff that's going on right now - so if someone comes in on RMN and uploads a whole bunch of games, please grab them. cause I'm not always going to be there to get them unfortunately - but I'll try to be.

But yeah, I wanna thank you again, for linking me to SilbinaryWolf's upload on itch.io otherwise I never would've caught it.

EDIT: before I forget, I wanted to mention I really loved your write up on Huey the Kid, lol! - like they're all good. But I liked this one in particular because it focused on this one game, among the thousands that were released back in 2003; kind of like that one movie Bruce Willis was in, Mercury Rising, where he has to protect a 9-year old kid who accidentally deciphers a secret code from the NSA. Completely forgettable movie, but that's what it was like back in 1998, and that's why I also liked this article. Cuz it was just the one of those million that came out during that time.

But yeah everyone, please check out RM historia if you haven't already, spread it around if you can, it's spectacular. I don't want to oversell it, but I just really love reading this stuff. XD
Additionally here's a broad request. But can anyone point out which old (pre-RMN) RM games were made by women? The only prominent one I can remember is Wishmoo, and obviously there's a lot of baggage that comes with that. There were definitely a lot of female contributors to the community, and I can probably find a lot of art/in progress games, but I'm blanking on just the games specifically that were released. It's just hard to figure out based on usernames or game titles alone, and I think I need to rely on peoples memories on this. I'm curious to address the aspect of the early internet being a boy's club and wondering if there were any outlier games.

The only leads I have are:

Tabernacle by Wishmoo
RPGoddess and a potentially lost RM95 game
SaGa Wind by trance2
Maia (of Legend of Maia I think?)
Jenna had posted Lands of Lunori, the really cool action rpg, on GamingW I think too, but I'm not clear on the dates.

EDIT:I'll continue to update this post if I remember anymore, but ya double check the dates to be sure.

EDIT2 - stumbled upon Mateui's post: https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/14215/?post=495972#post495972
Females I remember from way back:
- Celera (I don't remember her releasing anything though. I think she was working on a project called Dark Vortex.)
- 4DSheep (I also don't recall any of her projects)
- OwlStorm (Or hers either)
- |3lue
- RPGoddess

If I had to put any money on it I'd say it was by one of the last two on the list. It wasn't something made by BlueRose was it (In the Name of the Rose)? But he's a guy.
I apologize for not touching on this sooner. Normally, I'd only report back once I had something, but the moment I got this news, I had to go deal with something - but I wanted to give an update on hedge1's request:

I went to saltw.net and got in touch with dada. Long story, but the short version of it is, a lot of the post from before 2005, might be lost to the server move that happened in 2007, but he also thinks it's weird how he can't seem find this Crystal: Legends of the Sword thread. Eitherway he's working on it and he's already found two signature images RPG used for Crystal:Legends of the Sword. But yeah, he's working hard on making more of those old archive threads available to us.

You can read more about the specifics here

(hedge1, I also found your old profile on saltw, through the ALEXIS game,
if you're still having trouble logging in, let me know and I'll see if I can ask dada about it)
But yeah, I'll try and post more info on this as it becomes available and I'm incredibly thankful that dada's doing this.

Because hedge1, this program, holy shit, this is amazing dude! Thank You!♥
Two years ago when I recreated this thread - progress has been admittedly slow - but I never would've imagined the progress that we'd all make...I can't quite put it into words but I'm just mesmerized at all the stuff you guys are all doing now in terms of rpgmaker preservation and I just want to really thank all you guys for that - Thank You!♥. Rpgmaker preservation matters, I'm doing all this crazy stuff now, because of old rpgmaker games.

hedge1, like the rest of the request made here, I'm not gonna rest until I find this thread.

...Darken, if you ever make a phoenix wright/rpgmaker archive detective game, let me know, I want in on this - I could be your watson.. or your gumshoe lol.
Yeah hedge1's program is pretty sick actually, forgot to mention that. I think esp just wanting to check the date modified really quickly is really handy.

I'm also starting to wondering if I should just un-RTPfy and zip every download I come across. One question, is there any reason we use RARs? I sent out a rar for my games in sites like itch and gamejolt, but a lot of people get miffed and prefer zips (I think even mac users dont like it either). It just seems to be a hassle and another tiny barrier to just downloading a game for those unfamiliar with RM. Even if it is a hassle for us to organize and re-upload it ourselves. Just wondering if its a task I might as well do.
I'm also starting to wondering if I should just un-RTPfy and zip every download I come across. One question, is there any reason we use RARs? I sent out a rar for my games in sites like itch and gamejolt, but a lot of people get miffed and prefer zips (I think even mac users dont like it either). It just seems to be a hassle and another tiny barrier to just downloading a game for those unfamiliar with RM. Even if it is a hassle for us to organize and re-upload it ourselves. Just wondering if its a task I might as well do.

I'll have to look into this a bit more to remember why - so don't quote me on this. But back when I was uploading the games to the masterlist, I ran into a lot of problems with zip files, where certain games like Vanit's FF7 tech demo would be detected as a virus and would refuse to upload, because it was a zip file that contained a molebox.exe - but if you uploaded it as a .rar, it was okay.

The same thing happened with all the old rpgmaker games we found from the Brazil Magazines like "bob's adventure" etc. These games were originally downloads tied to the Magazine TopsEspecial. So if you uploaded them as their original zip files, they'd immediately be taken down, due to copyright infringement - yes, copyright infringement for a magazine/company that no longer exists, for rpgmaker games they didn't actually make, like Badluck's Tarion Star: Call of the Blade. So the only way I was able to get these games uploaded was to unzip them and upload them as .rars (however, I may be wrong about this)

So yeah, sticking to .rars is mostly just the easiest way to either negate false DMCAs or false virus detections on popular upload sites like mediafire, until we can find proper hosting. So yeah, please don't switch to zips yet! like people will groan and complain about preferred file compression methods. But as a poor guy, who can't afford web hosting and went to a lot of trouble figuring out how to reupload a lot these old games after they were taking down, please stick to using .rars for now, just because it might be safer at this point.

However, I'm open to change. RMArchiv.tk converted a lot of rpgmaker games to zips and Isozone while it was up, swore by 7-zip. If you can find a way where we won't run into these issues in the future, I'm opening to switching to a different file type. But for now .rar was the easiest and safest way I could upload anomalies like, Vanit's FF7 demo as it was originally preserved, as well as a handful of other rpgmaker games onto mediafire, very quickly and without any issues.