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Everlong is a FREE amateur fantasy game designed to capture the charm and cliche of the classic SNES JRPG. You are a Blackguard, a knight sworn to serve the Cirigoth Empire and trained in the dark arts, yet hunted by your imperial masters after turning renegade. Only through enlisting the aid of friends and allies can you escape pursuit and defeat the oppressive Cirigoth regime. Journey across the world's continents to forge a confederacy and fight for freedom in global war. Yet a more insidious plot looms in the shadows. A fallen god seeks to exploit civilization's folly and reclaim the dreams and nightmares of humanity.

The linear story of Everlong is accompanied by numerous side-quests. It also focuses heavily on puzzles, dialog, and battle strategy.

Feature List:
  • 80+ hours of gameplay
  • Nearly 1500 maps to explore; each full of puzzles, monsters, and treasures
  • Story Mode option allows players to experience the game without spending time fighting random monster encounters; also includes ability to skip mandatory boss fights and automatically adjust hero levels so that the player can turn off Story Mode at any time
  • Skill Shard system allows player to unlock and choose hero skills with unlimited reconfiguration
  • Over 150 skills to learn with custom animations, including secret skill scrolls to obtain; skills increase in power and gain new effects with custom magic and strength dependent algorithms
  • Choose between three difficulty levels, customize monster attributes, or allow the game to automatically balance enemies
  • Hero rebirth mechanism allows gaining additional levels beyond maximum; once reborn, switch heroes between single and dual weapon wield, which also alters available equipment
  • DynRPG plugins: vastly improved battle speed; enemy HP, AP, and turn bars; game clock; AP and statistics changes visible in battle; switch between window and gauge battle layout; extended damage cap limit
  • Quick hero info: single button press displays portraits, name, HP/MaxHP, AP/MaxAP in regular mode; expanded mode includes level/true level, skill shards/total shards, EXP to next level, STR, DEF, MAG, SPD, weapons, equipment, and accessory; portraits and text altered when hero afflicted with condition, low HP, or zero AP
  • Journal logs primary quest progress and discovered side quests
  • Puzzle Bonus system where players can choose to skip difficult puzzles
    or instead earn a reward for completion
  • Help Totems that aid the player in solving puzzles with hints or instructions
  • Realm of Purgatory where fallen heroes are resurrected after perishing in battle; allows the player to restart exactly where they left off with all experience, money, and items earned instead of having to reload their last save
  • Worldmap mini-map with trackers for hero and vehicle positions
  • Detailed navigation map with three modes: continent listing, waypoint
    listing, and continent zoom; shows next area to visit to forward the plot as well as location names; locations uncovered as you progress through the game
  • Finder Display pop-up reveals type and availability of secrets in player's current location
  • Forge System with 49 powerful and rare weapons, equipment, and items to create
  • Collector System where monster drops and boss tokens can be traded for various types and quantities of items at special merchants
  • Battle Arena with 38 challenges consisting of four consecutive battles each, 22 handicaps inflicted between battles to survive, and many rare prizes to earn
  • Boss Rush tests your endurance in consecutive battles against the game's boss monsters for ultimate treasure
  • Hunting mini-game with dynamic spawns, action based use of projectile and melee weapons for each hero, 10 hunting grounds, multiple random weather types, and 64 different prey and predators that both flee and attack; mini-map displays targets and items; item spawns adjust to player need
  • 6 optional bonus dungeons (one utilizing a double party system)
  • 14 recruitable NPCs that will offer useful services
  • NewGame+ and Continue+ option upon completing the game
  • Custom menu system for quick and easy access to both default commands and special game systems
  • Party Members chosen and player determined romance influence game dialogue, events, and ending scenes
  • Custom character battle sprites, animations, and weapon graphics for all 12 heroes and 187 weapons
  • Over 500 monsters to fight arranged in over 1400 battle formations
  • Over 800 items, medicine, weapons, armor, and accessories to acquire
  • Vehicle mini-Games that can be completed for special treasures and then replayed at the Battle Arena for prizes
  • Book mini-quest to reveal game secrets; 48 books in all to find and read
  • 7 Dragon Trials with puzzles and battles
  • 13 magical stones and summons to acquire
  • Blackjack and Single Draw card mini-games
  • Banking System to store your money and convert currency; earn interest on stored funds
  • Clue based Pirate Treasure Hunting mini-game
  • Jukebox with all music tracks for listening pleasure
  • 62 menu graphics to unlock and choose from
  • Statistics tracking and viewing system
  • GUI based party formation system
  • Memory Beacon Hunting that allows access to rare shops
  • 4 vehicles; two act as moving bases; one with upgradeable shops
  • Ship and Airship docking at port towns and to access remote locations
  • Custom glyphs detail weapon, equipment, item, and skill types
  • Battle encounter rates and experience rewards adjust to your team's average level; menu toggle to disable
  • Encounter rate indicator; colors communicate frequency of monster battles in current area
  • Hint arrows and dungeon maps as guides in certain confusing areas
  • GUI-based Options menu to set game preferences
  • Erect statues of your heroes and key story characters throughout the world
  • Utilization of the David/Goliath Patch allows for super enemies that break the normal engine limits
  • Scripted boss attacks that push the RM2k3 engine to new limits
  • Counter attack script where monsters retaliate against specific actions, amounts of damage received, or elemental type; rate manually adjustable and scales with difficulty level
  • Automatic experience adjustment keeps all characters at a similar level of combat ability
  • Autosave function preserves progress and protects against rare crash bugs

Latest Blog

Beta Patch F

After receiving some player feedback, I've implemented some requested features and recommended changes. Get the latest beta patch here!

To provide players another method for mitigating damage from special monster skills, the item Scarab Amulet has been introduced. Depending on the attack, this accessory provides immunity or reduces damage to the wearer or party. The effect amplifies as more heroes equip these amulets. One can be found in a chest in Nemus Aevum on the path to Aquaron. More can be acquired by trading with the Skull Knight, via bonus chests, or the Treasure Hunter accessory with normal treasures.

Reversal also behaves differently. Unless in Hard Mode, heroes can no longer be instantly killed, but are instead reduced to a single hit point.

Several tough monsters were reduced in difficulty, either by lowering the number of counter attack hits or their HP.

To make caster damage competitive with dual wield physical attacks in the end game, the final spell tier now has Spell Penetration and additional damage from the caster's MAGIC. With Spell Penetration, the enemy target no longer reduces damage received with its MAGIC value. Several spells also have new effects on their final tier to diversify Vetu's capabilities.

To encourage use of auto monster balance mode, revisiting training locations such as Monster Hunter Island, and add some excitement to fighting powerful enemies, some monsters now drop multiple items when fought solo. In many cases, these new drops are only available when the player selects auto monster balance and has achieved reborn heroes. Plot progress also has an effect. Note that drops were only modified for battles against single opponents, or when the monsters are all the same type, due to a limitation with the hack. Mostly powerful foes already encountered alone received new drops. Zones on the world map and several dungeons were modified to create more opportunities for such fights. Hunting is another method to find tough monsters solo.

To make Captain Jack treasure hunts more relevant once reaching the end game and having less use for money, rewards now include both items and GP. Chests also adjust to player need similar to hunting ground items. Bonus Chests from puzzles received the same item update as Jack's treasures, scaling with end game completions.

Peregrin's Memory Beacon hunts received a similar upgrade, with rare shops becoming more likely at end game, and the offerings much improved.

Everlong v3.30f (2017.06.12):

  • Scarab Amulet accessory provides immunity or damage reduction to special attacks, including Backfire and Reversal; found in Nemus Aevum along path to Guardian Aquaron; accessory effect scales with number worn and difficulty level; protects wearer or entire party depending on skill
  • Reversal only Fatal to heroes with full health in Hard Mode; in Easy and Default difficulty levels, targets at maximum HP reduce to single hit point
  • Additional final tier magic skill effects: Comet (Fragile), Fission (Atrophy), Quasar (Migraine), Meteor (Fragile)
  • Final tier of magic and summon skills possess Spell Penetration (ignores damage reduction from target MAGIC); higher caster MAGIC influence; better compete with physical attack output
  • Azrael, Sammy, Drakeor final tier healing skills MAGIC influence increased
  • Items dropped by tough solo monsters now vary and scale; plot progress and heroes reborn combined with automatic monster balancing determine new drops and their likelihood
  • Captain Jack treasure hunts include both the possibility of monetary and item rewards; adjusts to player need similar to hunting items
  • Improved final tiers of bonus chest rewards
  • Improved Ultra Rare tier Memory Beacon shop; increased likelihood of rare shops after clearing game and defeating optional super bosses
  • Expanded Dragon's Horn region on world map northwest of Dragonoir; new area only reached via airship populated with more types of dragon monsters
  • Auto Balance Mode no longer reduces regular monsters below Default difficulty values
  • Reduced auto balance values for Monster Hunter Island; previous excessive enemy HP
  • Last room of Phoenix Cave has special encounters
  • Blink replaces Dispel Slash for Keen's second skill scroll slot; already possessed skill (Prismatic Eye) that caused dispel; Devastate line skill Catastrophe cost reduced to 34000 shards to accommodate
  • Final boss casts Chaos earlier and more frequently if heroes reborn; Chaos now causes 50% Hit Rate reduction
  • The Blob and Liquid Flame now only hit twice with Backfire; Aegir now only hits twice with Retaliate
  • Lowered Aegir and Liquid Flame maximum HP
  • Lowered Beherit cost for Adamant equipment from Skull Knight collector; replaced Soul Seal trade with Scarab Amulet
  • ToKM collector now trades Osafune Insignia for Scarab Amulet instead of Image potions
  • Ray and Natalie letters quest now rewards a Soul Seal instead of Lunar Harp
    Meredith and Julia Skill Shards correctly reset upon equipment removal triggered overage
  • Golem Gear correctly prevents Terror condition
  • Corrected Sammy's reference to his master in dialog after Cascade Caverns
  • Attempted to address Nemus Aevum second Stone Knight Story Mode level adjust error
  • Script changes to scenes with Flidais and aftermath of Auctus
  • Completed
  • DJC
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Action Puzzle RPG
  • 11/10/2011 07:48 PM
  • 07/20/2017 11:32 PM
  • 11/12/2004
  • 168092
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I remember playing this awhile back. For anyone who hasn't played everlong, I personally consider it a must play. Games of this quality are pretty scarce!
Unallocated Skill Points
I love this game and have been fascinated by it since I came across it around late 2007 when it was version 3.00. It was definitely a well put together project and I had fun until getting stomped by Ull. Since then I've beaten the game, mainly due to the introduction of the Story Mode, and it has become part of my staple games list, which means it's right up there with games like Hero's Realm. Good luck within the community, DJC.
I have played this in the past and remember enjoying it quite a bit; I'm replaying it now and hope to review it after completion (I'm a bit busy so it might take a while lol) but I have high hopes for it. Just got past water cavern as of now.
I beat this game this afternoon. So short.
I could not play this game... said that it did not support a function
I could not play this game... said that it did not support a function

I'm guessing you received the "Interface Not Supported" error when the game tried to load the logo movie file. You can either choose to skip the prelude to avoid this, or install the codec necessary to play the file. The easiest way to do the latter is to simply play the file in Windows Media Player, and upon failure it will attempt to download on its own. It is a standard Microsoft codec and any Windows based system should already have it installed. The file is located in the Everlong/Movie directory.
I beat this game this afternoon. So short.

you're kidding right? this is probably one of the longest rpg maker games out there.
I've got a question - what's about the hunting areas. Can't beat the fiends, pressing "shift" doesn't work - do I have the wrong weapons ?
Please excuse my terrible English....

Sorry, now it works - maybe I haven't been strong enough.

Great game .....
Wow great that you found your way here DJC. I've played this game and I've liked it but went halfway then kinda quit it 'cause of some frustrations and such (it's just me though). Hoping to get back into this game some time soon.
You the practice of self-promotion
DJC, I just noted that that the Download button redirects to a 404 - Page Not Found:


Also, in the webpage for your game it still shows the SOPA Blackout:


Probably want to fix those two issues ...
Just downloaded this. Will try it in a bit.
DJC, I just noted that that the Download button redirects to a 404 - Page Not Found:

Also, in the webpage for your game it still shows the SOPA Blackout:

Probably want to fix those two issues ...

Yeah, I blacked out to observe the SOPA protest on January 18th. I didn't restore the website until midday PST on the 19th because I was slept in late. It should all be back online now, and the actual download was always accessible. I appreciate the heads-up, though! Sometimes things go down and I don't notice immediately.
I heard this game is indee ever long!
Too bad the graphics are so mediocre... :-(
I loved playing this game, lol it really lives up to its name. :)
I beat this game this afternoon. So short.

hes kidding my friends this game is one hell of a LONG game
Easily one of the best RPG maker games out there
This game is probably one of the best 2k3 games one can find...
This game is probably one of the best 2k3 games one can find...
Agreed, Lol aside from a few grammatical errors here and there(which are in basically every game so no big deal..) this game truly is a masterpiece for rm2k3 alongside Hero's Realm, the Alter Aila series, Forever's End, and many others. ^o^

As difficult as it is sometimes, I enjoyed all of the time that I spent playing through it, seriously DLC you created something truly great. :)
My mind is full of fuck.
This is a such a classic gem!