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So last years categories are worth looking at and seeing if we need to change any. Here's what we have so far:

Best Game Title
The most clever, original, witty, or cool game title of the year.

Best Game Profile
The raddest presentation and marketing of the game.

"Eye Candy" Award
Raddest Graphics & Artwork. An excellent example of art direction and cohesive vision.

Summoner of Sounds
The best soundtrack and creative use of sound.

Excellence in Narrative
The project you think is most effective at telling its story. Think in terms of its presentation, writing, clarity, cutscene direction, or Shyamalan twists.

The "How the Hell Did They Do That?" Award
The game that displays the most technical prowess and feats of ingenuity in gameplay.

"Lawsuit Waiting To Happen" Award
Best Fan Game/Use of rips

The Dark Souls of RMN
The game that delivers the best challenges or coolest puzzles.

Punniest Game Alive
Comedic game of the year. Pick the funniest game you played this year, with the best humour and/or the best/worst puns.

Trippiest Game
The game that was most strange, bizarre, psychedelic, offbeat, and quirky released this year.

The kentona Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence
A game you think needs more recognition for whatever spurious reason

Year of the Owl
Best use of animals/doggos/pets/owls in a game this year.

Best First Game

For a developer's first game ever.

Most Promising Demo
The demo released this year you think has the most potential to be amazing.

Game of the Year
The absolute best game you played from RMN for the current year.

Suggestions, thoughts and ideas? Keep or swap a few out for something else? Do we want a reviewer award or something like that? Maybe best event game award too? IDK
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Best event game actually sounds fun.

I suggest we bring back some older misaos. I know the reason they were removed in the first place is because barely anyone used them but there's a few that were pretty neat.
A category for commercial games this year. Darken mentioned this previously and I think it's a very good idea because a lot of rpgmaker games new and old are going commercial now.

Call it The "Living the Dream" Award? or The "Biggest Sellout" Award if you want to be mean... but I think living the dream sounds better.

But, I really do think there needs to be a category for commercial games this year. I don't know how these games would be voted or nominated, but their accomplishments do need to be acknowledged - rpgmaker games going commercial in general, is a very important thing and we really should be tracking their successes, so others can learn from their struggles as well as their accomplishments.
Biggest Sellout is a great title for an award. It is right in RMN wheelhouse of titles! I likey.
Yeah the key to a commercial games category is to isolate to its own award so that people don't get upset. It also means more winner variety since a free game can't be on there and a commercial game can't be anywhere else. The misaos should just cater to the culture and trends going on in order to promote more participation and interest.

One category I was thinking was Most Substantial Game meaning games with the most content or side quests or hours played. I see a lot of top games that appeal to people who just want a free game to play with tons of content even if the gameplay is a little average. It's a trend I've noticed in RMN a lot that could be adapted to the awards. Shattered Hourglass and Journey to the East both fit that bill.

I think I suggested there'd be more than one nomination allowed per category? I know that's more or less a band-aid solution to having not enough people voting/nominating. But again I think more games should have a chance and there's this weird meta of "Well I'm probably the only one nominating this game so it's kind of wasted" that I feel could be averted if each person could at least nominate 3 games for each category. Just something to put on the table, it could be receded if we don't need it anymore. Voting would still be one per game of course.
I think the issue is that we can't actually jig it to count commercial games. It just might not be possible without a lot of work and I'd like to get these categories up soonish so people can start nominating. XD

I think there might also be an issue with regards to game downloads and how a lot of commercial games don't bother making free demos and thus no demo on rmn.

The idea of multiple nominations might be a good one, actually. Not votes.

I'll ask anky, see what we can do.
The idea of multiple nominations might be a good one, actually. Not votes.

Yeah, in 2017 we had that 3 way tie between, Sideways, Lakria Legends and Umbral Soul for Raddest Setting. Even though it happened by accident and it was really cool, having more than one nomination allowed per category will help diversify the entries. Like, at the end of really good year for the misaos, we should have this really great list of games to play for that year. Tweaking the misaos to allow for more nominations, will help accomplish that.

Most Substiantial Game is cool too! I was gonna say, if people want a more RMN sounding name,
maybe call it The "Most Epic Journey" Award or The "EverLasting Journey" Award? so people know what it is,
but also a slight nod to PepsiOtaku's game and his contribution to dyn plugins? I dunno. XD

i.e. The "Everlasting Journey" Award
The game with the most content, side quests or longest play time.

But yeah, there are a lot of long hour rpgs on RMN, like Hero's Realm and BlackMoon Prophecy - They're quite popular in our community and outside of RMN as well. It'd be cool to have a category to help peeps quickly distinguish what's the best long-hour-rpg for that year.
OrudoPatto, kisama!
I don't know much about the previous awards and all but...
What about a "Best Characters Award"? As in, best Character Design or best Characterization for character in the story (although, these probably falls into both Eye Candy and Excellence in Narrative).

Best Game Design Award?

A Best Event Award sounds like a good addition.
The issue with some of the older awards like best character is that they'll probably just get lumped in with best story/narrative anyway. Game Design is also super subjective and likely just lumped with best game even if we could probably discuss a decent consensus on what that entails. It's just hard to reflect that in the voting process. Good ideas for a Reviewer Committee type thing though, as I think within a discussion between community people is where you can better pinpoint exact qualities in a game.

Misaos as of now is a pretty rigid system where categories have to be very obviously distinguishable (even then odd things will happen where underappreciated will win best game). Best Event game is pretty obvious because hey, it's in the game's description or the context of the games in the list that it's easier for people to single out and nominate. "Lawsuit Waiting to Happen" Award , Best Game Profile, Best First Game, Most Promising Demo, are pretty successful categories in accomplishing that whole aspect.
I want to win a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen award one day.
Best Game Design Award?

Perhaps "Best Game Mechanics"?
For the most fun, interesting or original gameplay.

(which is a bit different from the dark souls and how did they do that awards, and goes with the art / writing / music awards as another aspect of what makes a good game)

"best game made for an event hosted by RMN?"
I do like the idea of an award for event games because they're generally unlikely to have the level of polish for another award (but they get a lot of visibility already)
OrudoPatto, kisama!
Best Game Design Award?
Perhaps "Best Game Mechanics"?
For the most fun, interesting or original gameplay.

Or that, yeah.
Best "Not Dead Yet"
Given to the best old game that was this year.

the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
What about something like The Fast Food of Games or Guilty Pleasure, like a certain game you can't help keep going back to.
In honor of this thread's name, I prorpose The Dark Souls of RMN be renamed The Great Jiggy Wiggy Award

I whisper my posts to a raccoon who found an old compaq presario in a dumpster. The birds sing your responses to me.
I read "re-jigglify" and thought the awards were gonna get sexier :(
I am changing Shooty and the Catfish from Commercial to free just so I can be eligible for the Punniest Game Alive award. Thank me later. <3
I know I was for leaving out genre awards last year, but best horror game is the one category I lacked this year. There's a huge amount of scary rm games coming out every year and Halloween events usually have a solid crop close to the end of year, when I nominate a lot. They're often notable games but not enough for me to vote them in most categories.

Most substantial game sounds like another award for the overall winner. I think that Kentona Award showed that this year. I think people might get more used to KA, if we keep it in. And it's nice to have a category, in which you can nominate a game you want to give a shout-out to.
I think that most substantial game is a good idea in theory, tho. I wouldn't be against trying it out.

Most substantial game to me is weird because just because a games big and full of stuff doesnt always mean its good. A small dense game can be just as big as a large sprawling one. Its a pretty hard category to really pigeonhole.
Most substantial game to me is weird because just because a games big and full of stuff doesnt always mean its good. A small dense game can be just as big as a large sprawling one. Its a pretty hard category to really pigeonhole.

It's an effort award. But you're correct. If the game's good, it can win in other categories. Big games have a better chance to win goty imo. If it sucks, does it really deserve an award for effort? There are other ways to appreciate it like reviews and let's plays.
So, scratch the last two sentences of my previous comment.
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