Plz make my games for me.

Frankly, a Christmas note is enough. I don't really need another review for any of my games or anything specific at all, so a random creative thing (writing, drawing, music or something else) would be nice. And keep it small!
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Count me in! I'm never confident of how much time I can devote to Secret Santa. Yet, I always manage something!

The idea of taking a script request as a gift one would present interests me. Not 100% sure how that would work, though. I suppose it could be a question potential Santas can relay through Liberty if the recipient would like such, what game/engine it's for, what the object of the script is, and what the intended end result is supposed to be?

I suppose my "RMN wishlist" includes a review and Misao nomination of Baclyae Revolution. I won't say no to fan-art, fan-fics, or whatever else one can think of.
I won the RMN 2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Pool. Now I will never stop bragging about it.

I'll sign up.
I can write a review or do a let's play.
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Send me in, coach!

I'm cool with any gift, it's the thought that counts.

Edit: If you're still having trouble coming up with what to gift me a review for Two Strangers Sat in a Garden or RMN Chrismas Card 2017, better yet, a let's play with commentary would be pretty awesome. If you wanna draw something I'd love a drawing of any one of these characters, if not feel free to just pick a game from my profile and draw any character of your choice. Alternatively something I can use in gammak would be pretty nice. I plan to begin strictly using 2k3 REFMAP graphics from now on so maybe a few little tiles or sprites in that style would be awesome, otherwise I wouldn't mind a short song (just remember that I make horror games so the spookier the better!)

If you're still having trouble with what to get me just make a 2 minute long shitpost game to make me laugh and I'll be more than happy. Just don't go crazy and do what fomar did last year and do everything in this post at once. I'll feel bad.
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I´m in!

I want fanarts or artistic stuff of any kind. Stocking Anarchy especially, love her! Also articles or wisdom for game reviewing.

Thanks for putting the effort Liberty!
I'm in!

As for what I'd like to get, anything, really. Something you'd like to give me. :)
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I would like to join! Have done this every year since 2015 and this year is no exception. Some good ideas for me.

-A let's play of one of my games from Crypt Challenge DX and beyond.
-Steam codes for various 2D action platformers. I can't get enough of those.
-A review for any one of my games, especially if the game doesn't have a review yet.
-Most of all, custom music for my game. Looking for a good climatic final boss theme against a giant foe as well as a true final boss theme fighting a demonic eldritch force that is also your long lost friend corrupted. Other themes like a desert theme, epic battle theme for normal encounters, a grasslands theme, a swamp theme, a tundra theme, a wastelands theme, a volcanic theme, a boss battle theme similar to the ones in Xenoblade 2, a "superboss theme" similar to the ones in the Xenoblade games, and a "end of the world" like theme for the final dungeon.

Thank you!
The combination of my abject failure last year (HOLY SHIT DID THAT YEAR GO BY FAST AMIRITE?)to be a good santa and how AMAZING and objectively better than I deserve what I got from my santa last year was make me extremely hesitant to sign up for this.

(Coelocanth (link's to your theme song) I have intended to replay Phantom Queen every day since I first got it last Christmas and immediately devoured it, but haven't found the time and now am astonished that secret santa time has rolled around again. Anyway I liked it so much I even have vague plans to expand it into a full game--albeit perhaps a short one--if thats okay w/ you.

On the other hand opposite my hesitation, this year I'm not travelling cross country to see my family for Christmas--can't afford it--so should have a lot more free time in December. Well, cut-off isn't until the 9th so we'll see.
Actually, making me a cameo in your project would be a great (not so secret) gift for me.
You could just send me a screenshot of the cameo.
Sounds fun so I'll sign up.
I can write one of my infamous review or do a fanart (or I can make a special review with an added fanart about that game!).

Since I have no games (a shame but, they'd be awful)... well any kind of art, fanart, writing is appreciated, probably something that I can use here as a new profile picture would be great (I will display it for at least one year!). Even if it's just a special edited charset.

Or also this
Actually, making me a cameo in your project would be a great (not so secret) gift for me. You could just send me a screenshot of the cameo.

but I'm asking too much, I know! It's your choice, sooooo the thought will be appreciated! Thanks!

over and out!
someone make sure to get the above poster a new profile picture as a secret santa gift it is clear that the need is great. (no offense TheRpgmakerAddict but that is one seriously ratchet avatar)
A reminder that some people who defaulted last year and the year before will not be allowed to take part. Storm, since you defaulted last year, this is your last chance - if you default this year you'll be banned from future events, so make sure that you meet the goals on time, okay?

Xurxerth and Healy are the other two on thin ice this year.

Usually I wouldn't call out, but I need to keep a track of this and warn ya'll.
(no offense TheRpgmakerAddict but that is one seriously ratchet avatar)

Daaaaamn I am lazy and I had worse options, ok? At least this will be an easy task to the person who will get this awesome opportunity.
Sign me up!

I'd love fanart of my characters or any form of fan content. If your in the mood to make a game, I'm really into psychology, crime thrillers, & political dramas. I also live anything that has strong aesthetics or atmosphere.

My game is currently in the process of submition, but you can also find it here:

Thanks in advance & happy gifting~

I'll enter.

Favorite game of my own is Favorite genres are horror, vn, mystery. Favorite RTP character is that robed blue-haired emo guy.
Sound or writing or LPs silly stuff or or anything is fine. It's the thought that counts. Play to your strengths.
Sign me up Liberty.
Surprise me.
You can also put me as a cameo in one of your games.
My new Avatar is what I look like just so you all know for use in your game as a cameo.
I'm in

Uhh suprise me lol I'm down for anything I like a lot of the rpg horror games so you can do an avatar for that or just anything else tbh!
Add me in! I love doing these :)

Stuff I like: Art, writing, silly games, music. Share your special version of creativity with me!
I would like to sign up please! I'll be happy with whatever I get. ^.^

Some ideas, if you're having trouble:
let's play of a game I've made, a review, an avatar/fan art of any of the characters from Mechanima/Razed/Hollow Project would be cool, a poem would be fun, advice if you have an experience you think I could learn from, a card, I could use a script that adds an extra resource (like mp) to battle (can give more info if my santa happens to be into that). My favorite animal is pigs - specifically the ones that live in the Bahamas. Video game likes include FE3H (I would die for Dedue), Paper Mario (Vivian is the best character, hands down), Final Fantasy (Vivi is life but X-2 Yuna is also a favorite), Sonic (Tails is an absolute lad), Danganronpa(N A G I T O K M A E D A), Ace Attorney

If you do anything with my games, just like, don't do Bound XD

Anything would be good literally lmao! It doesn't even have to be these things. Some kind words would make my Christmas better, even~
Please remember to add stuff you'd like to get to your posts!

Hexatona, psy, I'm lookin at you two