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It's Valentine's Day and there's a lot of lonely hearts out there. Time to pair up!

This is a Pixel Quilt with a bit of a twist! Instead of one large quilt, this time we have small half-hearts for people to pick!

- Pick one half of the below pairs of hearts.
- If you're the first to pick that half, pixel the part you chose (either left or right) and post it in this topic.
- If you're the second to pick a half in a pair, wait until the first half is posted, then fill in the missing half!
- Use the heart half provided as a base and pixel your art there!
- Picture should match along the middle as well as possible.
- Recommend a theme of cute/love/romance/etc but you can pixel whatever, really~
- There is a set number for a reason! You'll see when we finish them all~ This is the reason they're a bit on the small side. ;p

We'll start out with allowing one choice per person, but will allow for more than one later on if needed.

Here's the bases to pick from:

Left Heart Piece

Right Heart Piece


Heart A

{??? & Muffle)

Heart B

(Illy & esby)

Heart C

(??? & Tar-sama)

Heart D

(Amysaurus & Dyluck)

Heart E (left) -
Heart E (right) -

Heart F

(AtiyaTheSeeker & pianotm)

Heart G

(RPGMakerAddict & Delsin7)

Heart H (left) -
Heart H (right) -

Heart I (left) -
Heart I (right) -

Heart J (left) -
Heart J (right) -

Heart K

(Zorga & ceolocanth)

Heart L

(Liberty & JustAShyDoge)

Heart M (left) -
Heart M (right) -

Heart N (left) -
Heart N (right) -

Heart O (left) -
Heart O (right) -

Heart P (left) -
Heart P (right) -

Heart Q

(el_Waka & Sooz)

Heart R

(Zero-vx & NikkyoConsortium)

Heart S (left) -
Heart S (right) -
So as an example I've done the left half of Heart L. It then has been added to the list for someone to pick up and finish to create a full heart!

Base size:

400% (just cos)

The left side of the K heart please~
I'll take G right. Random number generator ahoy.
I'll take B Left!


Bonus points if you guess the reference.
(There are no bonus points.)
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Goodness, those are some itty hearts. Interesting. I think I'll do left of F?
Can I choose G left? Can I?
time to ruin someone else's work, lol!
Q left please! This looks so fun
Ok, since G RIGHT was a the first half was already posted, time to deliver...


Aaaaaand keeping with the theme!

You will look up and shout "SAVE US!"...and I'll look down and whisper "OK."
Eeeee! I love this idea!

I'll take Q right
Still a dumb and shy doggo
I have unannouncedly, forcefully taken Heart L Right.

Decided to give it a try on Heart L's right side. I hope it's good enough...

In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
Left of F is complete. Seems someone has a secret admirer...


And at 4x Size:
How could I haven't seen this fun event! Not gonna miss it.
C Right please. (ˆ▿ˆc)

extreme disappointment
i'm taking b right
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