I bought myself a new gaming rig, and with it I got a free copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I don't normally play the cod games, they're not my thing. but if it's free I'll give it a bash. and all I can say is if I'd paid full price for it I would have been sorely disappointed. But on the subject of shooters I've been working my way through Crysis again. I forgot A: How good that game is, and B: How it holds up graphically even today. It's still an absolutely gorgeous game to look at.

Now that I've finished Code Vein I'm running out of souls-likes to play, so I decided to give Remnant: From the Ashes another go. I'm enjoying it more so than my first time round. I'm actually finding the combat oddly satisfying. The gun sounds have a good punch to them, even the starting pistol. I'm still not too far I've certainly played worse.

Also on souls-likes. I downloaded the boss rush mod for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and I'm loving it. The combat in Sekiro is so taut and almost to a certain degree elegant and anytime I just feel like fighting my favourite bosses or mini bosses I can.

"My father told me this would happen."
...yes there's more than one.

I got the ending where Ryu covers the entrances at the end. It was really sad and bittersweet! Now that I know there's another ending, yes that's clearly the bad one. But it felt like a proper denouement - everybody else had been sacrificing themselves to defeat this evil left and right and had gone through so much misery, why not Ryu too, y'know?! It just felt like the proper ending despite all that happened.

I didn't have a backup save so I went to look up the good ending and my reactions are as follows.

Like I said in my big post I completely forgot about a lot of the prologue and when I made it down underneath the church basement (SCREW Haburuku by the way) I figured he was the old head of Evrai. Well now I feel even more terrible. I kinda had a clue after he died that it was something bad, and once I got to reliving Valerie’s story in the underground I sorta realized it by then. I tried not to kill him, scout’s honor. He just kinda keeled over...from...a certain AOE skill I wasn’t positive was gonna hit him or not. When my mistake was made I just ran with it.

2) Bleu? Who's Bleu? I didn't meet anybody na-ARE YOU FOR REAL
I CHECKED THAT SCHOOL AGAIN OKAY. After getting Tapeta I wondered "I'll bet the game doesn't expect you to go back to places you've been, right?" because I noticed NPCs rarely had new dialogue for you. So I hopped back to the magic school in Newhaven and talked to the head professor who was still making a fuss about rescuing Nina from Joker's gang. Thus I assumed that yeah, the game expects you to disregard all the older locations unless they specifically send you back there. So she was just sitting in there the whole time?! I really could have used that help in the final dungeon!

3) AHA! That's where GG was I FRICKIN KNEW IT!
I knew that there was some secret character in Guntz because of what one of the elder trees outside the town says. Embarrassing as it is to say, I couldn't really find her. I knew it had to be something simple though and I didn't bother looking it up because I never really messed with Township too much.

So now everything is especially sad because, in my mind, Ryu never regained any of his lost family. Patty was right there the entire time but the two of them were never able to figure it out, since there was no real reunion scene where the two of them could catch up and make the connection. Ryu's dad was killed tragically, his mom sacrificed herself before he could even properly say goodbye. Plus, with what happens in the final dungeon to get Infinity (I guess that's Angi in the official translation? Better name I think) god he has to be a pressure cooker of all kinds of pent up anger & guilt.
In all fairness, bird shrapnel isn't as deadly as wood shrapnel
I can safely say that Wasteland 2 is ten times better trying to save Highpool instead of Ag Center. Also even more fun when I realized I could recruit Angela Deth before ever leaving the Ranger Citadel. Screw the Ag Center, the pod people are no longer my problem; I'm too busy melting Wrecker raiders with my skill monkey's basic energy weapon to give a damn.

By some chance I'm actually stockpiling medical supplies because the majority of enemies don't kamikaze by running into melee and exploding when they die. Whodathunk? I guess it also helps that I actually assigned dump stats to my squad too. It's for the best. I think there's an unspoken rule about CRPGs that you're bound to restart a save file once you learn your basic build for your team could be so much better.

Yeahhhh, there's a ton of stuff hidden in the game, some of it only found a few years back actually.

For example in the small church on the way to Evrai, where Katt sticks to Tiga's side for a while and dresses as a nun, if you stay on the move pad for about 10+ minutes or so it will open another three rooms, one of which has the holy shaman.

There's also the fact that an end-game town-character is a cat that can have kittens.

Most of the hidden stuff my bro and I found out by ourselves. I stumbled over Bleu quite literally. You have to first go to a cave to the south of Thieve's Tomb where some spirits live and talk to them, then go back to Magic School and talk to her on the top floor, far left classroom. She'll just force her way into the party from there.

We also found out about Ganer by accident by going "let's try to not hit the guy this time lol, wonder what happens" and getting the shock of our lives when he actually had story relevance.

Same with GiGi, we had found her in our first playthrough and had no idea why she even bothered coming to our town, but we got her second time around because, well, why not? Then we did the Ganer thing and were like ohhhhh. When the town started flying were were very excited, and then it gave us the alt ending and we were like OMG WTF HOLY SHIT!?!! XD

There's also three hidden spells.
- Dice and Chop Chop, which you can only get one of in the Wild Cat Cafe, if you choose specific things to do in response to their demands (you can refuse, but if you comply you unlock the chance to get one of the spells based on what you answer the chef after he tries to cook you). They're both no-cost, non-elemental spells that cut through monsters like those huge flies on the giant island to the north of Capitan, or those little rolly guys that have 5 HP but you only do 1 damage to.

-Boombada is a spell that is hidden in Namanda temple. The guys playing the bells there will play a tune. Later, after Daisy is taken, you can go back there and one of them will be gone. The other guy asks you to help him play the song and, well, it's fucking hard as shit. It is the hardest minigame I have ever tried to do, even with a rom and the speed turned super down. You have to get the timing exactly right to unlock the spell and it's pretty much impossible. orz

- if you didn't know about the island to the north of Capitan, there are a bunch of super-sized enemies there with super huge HP and who will kill you fast. However, they do have weaknesses, so they can be grinded easily enough as long as you save often.
The giant Gongbirdthings will heal twice if you get them close to half health, and then you get two turns to try to kill them off in because they'll try to heal again but run out of MP.
The giant slimes are weak to Death, the spell.
The giant flies will die to chop chop or dice or any spell that replicates that effect, including non-elemental items you can buy in the fish shops.
The gold slimes you need to use the G. Dragon on and have another spell ready to tip them over the 999 HP mark. They will also cast death on you, but they're super rare and give an incredible amount of exp. Even one by itself is sure to bump someone up a level.

The different carpenters add different things to your town. The tree house one gives you a minigame where you can use the othello coins you find to win weapons and armour that are pretty good til end game. The fancy house one will build a bar where you learn various stats and the town house one will have a kitchen where you can cook up stat-increasing items and various other things. Most people go for the cooking house because it's OP.

...the game just has so much love put into it. XD
Man, I really need to play the BoF games. I might play them next after I finish Lufia 1 and 2.
Competitive Pokémon is taking over my life again.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I have been playing the frick out of Ace Combat 7 on the PS4 the last few days. Getting all the PS4 trophies and ingame medals. Got most of the campaign stuff unlocked and now focusing on curbstomping (or getting curbstomped on) people in the multiplayer.

Overall, a very fun game with a great OST to go with it!
Right now I'm playing slots at libertyslots and this is one of my greatest decisions because it's so much fun! Also I play FIFA and WoT sometimes.
I finally got around to finishing Ghost Trick! I knew the twist and still cried like a baby :)
doom 2016 because people will not shut up about doom eternal, so the next best thing for dealing with FOMO is to play the earlier game everyone already played.

I've only played the first level, I'm surprised at how hard it is to tell anything since the world and enemies are so detailed and well lit there's no contrast on what's walkable and what's not, which one is a zombie and which one is an imp? When you trigger the glory kill enemies will glow very vibrantly as if to say "We really couldn't come up with any better indicator that would fit in the detailed environment" it's very oxymoronic that a game is trying to be so "arcadey" yet also detailed at the same time. Aside from that observation the game is alright so far.
I’m finishing up Persona 5 Royal, then will probably move into FF7r.

And then maybe I can get back to game dev
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
I'm in full remake mode, having just finished FF7R, and now dividing my time between Persona 5 Royal and Trials of Mana.

I have to admit I'm enjoying Trials of Mana more, because despite how much I liked the original P5, I now remember how much of a slog it is at times
I saw a slowdown fix for FFT on PSP so I've started the game again to see it in action. It really works! Just beat chapter 1. Took me longer than I thought it would, as apparently I love to grind.
Right now playing Nova 2 Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
My mind is full of fuck.
The Universim
Just finished Deroit: Become Human and loved it. Right now trying to get back into gwent - it's hard since the latest update changed so many things. Every time I go back to it, it's a like a new game all over.