Playing the Final Fantasy 1 Randomizer with the Archipelago setup. This is probably the most advanced randomizer options wise because the world map can be procedurally generated. The typical Corneria -> Garland progression happened but after killing Garland... I realized Corneria had no castle! So I couldn't get to the princess and the king to claim the rewards. Eventually I found 3 dungeons, one had a dragon in it that goes to the bahamut islands I suppose, another an ogre blocking the path and another was the ice cave.

The dungeon layouts I think are only randomized teleport wise, so going down a hole meant I was still in the ice dungeon but in an unexpected floor. I got a protect ring and a ribbon so basically my Fighter was carrying the whole team. I got a canoe sent from someone playing the Secret of Evermore randomizer but realized none of the river tiles actually go anywhere. I found the bridge in one of the chests which meant I could explore the world map a little more but then someone sent me the Ship so the options really started to open up after clearing the ice cave through a bit of grinding.

As someone who's beaten FF1 twice on remastered and PSP it's weird sitting down and playing the NES version and barely recognizing any of the dungeons. World map knowledge is probably the most useful, but that's useless since it's scrambled here. But I find the NES version the most enjoyable just due to the mechanics mattering a lot more especially with some of the randomizer tweaks and fixes. I find myself grinding a lot but also figuring out how far I can go before having to return to the world map and not letting any of my party members die. Since enemies have their skills scrambled a lot of the strategy is prioritizing the enemies that cause the most disaster for my party. I did mess up in assigning too many black magic to my red mage as I can't use the exit spell and there's no way to forget magic sadly. So either I find a useful item or recruit another red/white mage from the pub.
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I've been experiencing some analog drift with my controller for maybe a month. Which curiously coincides with about how long I've had this laptop! Still, I've been looking into possible solutions for that. Even so, I managed to finally beat Bloodstained - Ritual of the Night. I'm not sure what my completion rate was, but, I'm happy to put it aside for a while. Though, I'm pretty curious what playing as Aurora from Child of Light would be like in the context of this style of game.

For what it's worth, I can probably play Beyond Good and Evil with the keyboard. The only time I would need a proper analog stick is for inputting various passwords, with how the input mechanism is structured like a wheel.
I finally got around to trying Disco Elysium. I'm definitely enjoying it so far, though I feel like I have to change the way I play these kinds of decision tree games.
Normally when I play a game where you're given multiple different choices on how to go about solving a problem or simply doing something, I go with the decisions I'd make if I was in that position IRL, but the situation is so bizarre, that that mode of thinking doesn't really work here.
Beat da FF1 NES randomizer, red wizard didn't make it though. All of the fights are super easy as I was decked out in ribbons + protect rings along with the masamune and xcalibur before activating the 3rd orb. But turns out Kraken had a BANE spell up its sleeve, and Remi was the only one who had LIFE so...

That said FF1 Randomizer is surprisingly fun, more of a treasure hunt. Really the hardest part was knowing how to activate the airship and not knowing where it typically was due to the procedural map. All the dungeons have a very speed walk to the exit or get all the chests dilemma, where at a low level and low items it can be risky to go deep into the volcano and not... make it out, but there's tons of chests with the potentially thing you need so you might have to make multiple trips. Other times there are dungeons that are split into two that you can do in one trip if you have the items. Feel like the Black and Red mages were kind of backseating aside from the occasional AOE clean up. I completely forgot the exit spell was level 1 so I misused my spell slots giving up faster trips.

Little Nemo Dream Master! :) On the NES.
My mind is full of fuck.
Gonna play Dark Blood Chronicles, rpg maker game brought from Steam. Finally.
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October is generally when I play Castlevania - Lords of Shadow. Though, I think, last year I played Darksiders 2 instead. This year might be either Resident Evil 2 (the PS1 version) or Resident Evil 4 (the PS2 version).

*Edit: Welp, forget this idea. My controller is crapping out like there's no tomorrow. Like, I tried throwing down some Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, and it was doing things I wasn't even aware was possible with a controller. Taking sreencaps? Adjusting my system volume? Restoring closed windows? Moving my mouse with the left analog!? What the Futch-and-Bright?
My mind is full of fuck.
Yazuka Like A Dragon. For the very first tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Going pretty hard at Overwatch 2. The new battle pass and shop are both kinda scummy, but I'm largely ignoring them since the core gameplay is still A+.
Gdleen - Grinding outside Edona for gold and levels iirc? This game's plot feels like a first draft, would like to read the book it's trying to adapt and its sequels, but my Japanese isn't that good.
Lagoon SNES - Poverty grinding outside Natela's room. Man the X68k version is gonna be one hell of a whiplash.
Tecmo Secret of the Stars - Leveling up near Bonzley before beating up the creepy circus man. lmao this game
SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Monogatari: Ooinaru Isan - Parked at Sweetwater's inn in Chapter 2.
Lufia II - At Bound Kingdom. Replay.
Final Fantasy V - Leveling up jobs at the Prototype Island in World 1. GBA, previously beat SNES.
Valkyrie Profile - Hard Mode: Nethov Swamp. Trying to build Belenus to yeet him to Asgard or whatever.
Final Fantasy IV - Just outside of the Lair of the Father, got Fusoya. First time on PSP, but I've beat SNES before.
Tengai Makyou Ziria - Almost done with the State of Banmou, got Tsunade, I'm at Shirakawa City.
Arcus Odyssey - At Act 4 as Erin. Picked this one at random, this fucks.
Arc the Lad III - Every Job done until 52 I believe?
VIP & Wall Mix (SMW romhack) - Starting World 5 after finishing the optional World 4 and Mangrove Forest and Cannon Fire levels. Replay.
Tales of Destiny 2 - At the Undeveloped Jungle in the Alternate Timeline, just got out of Elrane's Flying Dragon.

And that's the past month, I guess
Currently replaying through Majora's Mask on the GC port for the 1000th time lol but this time using a HD 4K Texture Pack and oh my god it's sooo damn beautiful and vibey <3