Despite the awesome detailed work (like hima's 3D images!), there's not nearly enough 8-bit goodness in here...

From Hellion:

The community can always use more arrow puzzles!

Slide on the ice

Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!
It was fun doing the ice sliding in my mind!
Hima: That character model does indeed look pretty amazing! Reminds me of one of the Gorillaz or something like it.

Feld: I, too, was reminded of Xenosaga by looking at that one screenshot. I agree, it's not like the concept hasn't been used elsewhere before, so I don't think you have to worry about people saying you're re-making Xenosaga. One thing does concern me about you saying that you're a Xeno-freak (this goes for me as well), it's easy to heavily influenced by a work that we love to the point where we have to convince ourselves that the difference is in the details (for example, the size and shape of the artifact found in this case), that we miss the similarities on a larger, more important level.
From Forever's End

Lee traversing Linguardia.
Never really been to keen on the original colors for the rudra world, but aside from that it's looking alright. Not amazing, not horrible though. One complaint is how close water, desert, and trees are, which I don't think makes that much sense.

I've also been doing world map work:

Changed the trees, and most of the on map objects like towns and stuff. By the way, I know the tress and towns have a big size difference. I don't care. You look like godzilla compared to the towns anyways.
i love those colours, i hope they vary depending on where in the world you are.
@NicoB Those water effects look spectacular. I like the edge of the continent on the tile that both you and Lennon are using. CT rip?
i love those colours, i hope they vary depending on where in the world you are.

I'm assuming this was directed at me.

Well, the ground itself is either grass with rock edges, or snow with ice edges depending on how far north you are. Trees are white in the snow, green in the more temperate areas, and brown/red near the deserts/equator.

Although I'm still debating whether or not I want to divide the world map up so I can make entirely different chips for each region.
definitely do that last option. look at how the fire emblem games do it.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
definitely do that last option. look at how the fire emblem games do it.

For being as minimalist/small-scale as the Fire Emblem maps were, I thought they were beautifully thought out and presented. I second this idea.
I shall oblige to Mr.Kentona and also place some 8-bit goodies in here! Though they sadly do not look as visually appealing as Hellion. =/

Running through the "Dark Area" of the fortress. There's no monsters in there, but it's still a scary place to be!

Exploring the Demon Society. You'll find some...interesting people in there! Yes..."interesting."

The final approach...!

Doing battle against the Optional Boss of the game. It'll require quite a bit of luck and a good deal of strategy to defeat this Goddess!
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
I quite like that boss screen. The party layout looks great.
Why do the monster graphics have double the size? It looks awful.
It's the way they were. I didn't really think of editing them when I first found 'em because I didn't (and still don't) think there was anything really wrong with them. But then it's an odd little game, and everything looks, sounds, and feels much better in action. =O
The double sized monsters really do look horrible imo, but everything else is fine. Oh well.
Resident foodmonster
Was that the one you wanted me to redo? I can work on that in a few days if you want, I've just been pretty busy before with other requests.
Neh. That's alright, it doesn't need to be done anymore. Besides, it's coming out the 22nd! I'm starting to apply the finishing touches to the project now before the release date (Release Something! Day).
Is there a black overlay on the map from the menu? because it looks very very dark. I like the menu a lot, anyway. Cool lightning effect from the computer, too.


Here's a new video from my ABS, with some ranged attacks fun: