I think I've posted this before, but here goes:

This game hit the ground running with an incredible plot twist that leaves the player bewildered at its brilliance; you have no idea what's going to happen next!

Due to the complex geopolitical realities of the world, some areas at the beginning of the game are inaccessible at first.

Explore fascinating towns ...

.. and meet entertaining and deep NPCs.

Complex dungeons and challenging bosses await!

Yes, you will have to climb this tower which goes up past the clouds to Kami's sanctuary so ... wait, this sounds familiar somehow ...

This was my first game in Rm2k, which I made in about 2 weeks and released to a few friends. An interesting point which says a lot about the community: A couple of years later, as an experiment, Dreaded released this game as his own game which he called "Dragon Saga", and marketed it as "a RTP adventure focusing on characterization". The result? People actually thought it was GOOD. Because Dreaded put his name on it. Says a lot, doesn't it?

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What we did horribly, eh? Well, on my first game, I did absolutely horrible. I used RTP Battle Chars, Chipsets, Bad mapping, bad switches, took charsets without permission, and a very badly cliche storyline.

Gladly, I've improved a lot, but I'm still kind of noob since now I'm using RMXP. Don't worry, legal version. Though, I like RM2k3 since how I was used to it and handled friendly user at least to me. Now, I'm just rabbling so I'm gonna stop...
the main character was Alex with a red shirt.

the main villain was a big floating cloud of evil energy.

With my first RPG Maker game, back on Super Dante RPG Maker 2 (or whatever), the biggest problems I had are basically the same ones all newbies seem to do. I worked without an outline, using a hackneyed plot, and was making a fan-sequel of a much more popular game that really had nothing to do with the original game when it comes right down to it. I later altered it a bit and cut out the earlier ties, but it was still pretty obvious amateurism. I also don't think I ever bothered coming up with a Big Bad. Basically, the only reason for the player to keep playing was that it was a game. I had not considered the concept of stopping playing a game you had started at the time, I think. All the while, I was completely convinced that I was an amazing writer, and that I was telling a story everyone would want to hear.

Now my first game IN GENERAL....I can't remember exactly. That was like fourteen years ago. I think it was a text adventure in QBasic that I sort of threw together after hacking around in Legend of the Red Dragon. I know that I made quite a few programming mistakes, like using raw random numbers as "AI" for baddies, instead of any sort of actual preference for one attack or another, and I didn't do any prep work or really have any goal in mind. I do remember my friends being impressed that I had made a game at all when I was only eleven, regardless of lack of graphics or sense or professionalism, though. That little sliver of approval is probably why I still keep coming back to game making.

Ah, nostalgia.
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Man, Iish. That is such an awesome game.
My first game, The Adventures of Two Guys, was... not impressive. It was repetitive, short, and glitched. I was one heckava n00b at any RPG Maker, and I didn't get how you just had a Database and Events. Eventually I figured it out, though I made lots of near-identical map duplicates because I didn't know how to use switches (I thought that "Switch Operations" ment changing what the game was doing at that moment). Everything except for the battle music was from the RTP, yet despite all these faults, I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I was done. I remember slumping back in my computer chair. "I'm done."

Of course, I realized that I wasn't really done. I took a few CD's with my game on them to a class in using GameMaker (it sucked, but more on that another time). I remember at least 5 people trying it out. One guy, after copying it to his flash drive, went online to play flash games. But when he looked over my moniter (he sat in front of me, and I was playing my game), he said something like, "Dude, that's so sweet! I'm playing your RPG game!" My game didn't really have a name at the time -- it was just "my RPG game." Players at the class found a ton of glitches that I fixed later on, but still, I was glad to share my game. That was about half a year ago, during the summer between 7th and 8th grade for me. Ah, good times....

Anyone who's willing can try my game with the above link. Please review it, I want one so bad. I don't care if it sucks, just write one....

Oh yeah, and I should've named it "The Awakening of the Five Dragons." Oh well....
The very first one... I think it was about a dragon, and you lived in this kingdom of elves that had a silk/ore trade going on with the humans from the continent to the east. The humans, or dwarves, or whatever they were, cut off the trade... I think just be be jerks. I remember that all you did to fix that was just walk into the mines and kill the dwarf leader. Yeah, that's dragon diplomacy for you.

I don't think I ever made the ending. It had a lot of things messed up about switches, too.... you kept having that same stupid conversation with the elf king way too many times.

It was basically living proof that good writing is very important in video games. Meaning it sucked, because it had basically none. :3
The first game I remember making was an LoTR fan-game for RM95. Not knowing how to use switches made for a lot of useless dummy maps x_x my god it was terrible.
My first game was a random do-the-story-as-you-make-the-game thing and it's still on my HD. It never lasted to the end due to a terrible story plot but I felt it was a good accomplishment of what I knew back then with RPGmaker 2k. I wish I could say I know a lot more now but I'll struggle. I reckon people's first games are really just a testing ground for implementing all those neat systems and stuff.
Yeah, especially since i used to always use the crappy old RTP sets.
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Yeah, especially since i used to always use the crappy old RTP sets.
RTP can be a beautiful tool if you know what your doing.

Ahh my first game.. :D man that was bad, it was about a journey to restore the worlds weed supply(Was addicted to the stuff back then, just gave it up at the end of 06), you were some kid who was having urges to smoke some more weed. when you started to get real bad withdrawals (Not a gameplay feature, just as you progressed) I changed to some really weird and colorful looking tiles to make it seem like a hallucination. I had heaps of cameos of from my favorite games back then, like Sonic, Cloud, and shit like that.

It was about 1-2hrs worth of gameplay, the worst writing you could imagine, and my first custom system thing(Tutorials ;)) which was an Orbcraft rip off.(Got into Rpgmaker through Legion Saga III)

Overall it was ok, hadn't gotten into the forums until like a few months later.
Ohhh...ho ho ho. My first game...

God...what was it again? I can't even remember WHAT my first game WAS anymore. I had like...10 or so projects floating around back then. Also, I've started and given up more than one can shake a stick at. But...I THINK it was a game where you had to go and kill an evil king. Yeah, that is about all I can remember from it other than it was ALL RTP and, well...stunk.
Here it is! The original HR. Filled with bugs. I made the game in RM2k but then ported it to RM2k3... I think because RM2k3 had classes.


World map (I love em!):

Wow. Soo...Hero's Realm was your first game? I wouldn't have figured that. It looked better than what my first game looked like. :P
i guess i could say what i did horribly was never finish the game lol.that and i think i made the storyline too complicated and it was hard to follow.
You're story was too complicated? Eee. I can't really say the same :-X I was ust in an eager rush to actually make SOMETHING...so I didn't really plan anything out. Even now, most of my plot's are not complicated.
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Wow. Soo...Hero's Realm was your first game? I wouldn't have figured that. It looked better than what my first game looked like. :P
A Hero's Realm was my first game.

The one that I'm working on currently just stole the name from my first project. I liked it.
E-Gads! Self-plagerism! >:(

Oh! Yes...and now remember the name of my first game: King's Quest.

Best. Title. Ever. C'mon, you HAVE to agree with me! 8)
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Here it is! The original HR. Filled with bugs. I made the game in RM2k but then ported it to RM2k3... I think because RM2k3 had classes.


World map (I love em!):

Christ. Hero's realm was your first game. I might place this as it would be interesting to see how far you've come since back then.
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