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I am still working on my first project. :(

What Super Mario RPG 2?
Technically I started BR long before I dicked around with my several dozen shit-fest fangames. >=[

...But it was an RTP game with a different name, so I can understand the mistake!


First game? Yeah hold on.

The game was called Frontier, and the main character was me. My allies were my brothers, and together we set off on some journey. The game starts off in an RTP forest that was on tile wide, where we fought a slime. Then we returned to town and talked to the elder about something, and left on a journey. The game was originally on RPG Maker for the SNES, but I moved it over. I actually think the one on the SNES version was better.

The project I'm working on now is only my second project. =/
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Necropost for the purpose of reving a really interesting topic!

As for an actual post, I can't really remember how shitty my actual project was... oh wait, yes I can.
Haha, I see you took advantage of my concession right away. =P

C'est la vie.
I cant recall my very first game, I know it was on RM PSX but my first full scale game The Academy for RM2k3. Basically an ambitious project that never saw the light of day. Back in the day I praised it but now....I just think it looks like shit, the resources clashed, the HUD was ugly, I just wish I could get the systems I created back.

The Academy inspired one of my games! (Which actually in turn, inspired the creation of another game. I think that lead to more games too...)

I'll actually give a list of some of my games here...

1. Hmmm. My first ever game was made in Games Factory. It was a Monkey Island fangame. There was a beach and uh... pixel hunting. (I had actually been messing around with Multimedia Fusion before, but I never made anything.) I was in 4th grade, I think.
2. After that, I made a sort of arcade shooter in Games Factory.

3. Then, I found RPGMaker!
My first RTP RM game, called "Journey to the Past", involved a magical well that your king was thrown into by a demon. He was sent back in time and you, a loyal soldier (named Mike, complete with RTP Alex graphic) had to travel the world in order to find a way to open up the portal to the past to save your king. I actually used switches which I learned rather quickly (right away I think), although pictures variables took me quite a while to get. The dungeons were very short and battles required little leveling. Some dungeons were on the world map for some reason... (Like they weren't their own individual map.) This game had heavy Chrono Trigger influence.

4. My second RM game was called "The Dark Emperor." It was pretty standard stuff (RTP), no variables yet either. It used a few pictures and had an actual intro, unlike my first which just showed a kill being pushed into a well. The plot was generic: evil emperor rises up, you must defeat him.

5. Then, I played ABL and worlds opened up. I learned to manipulate graphics and not use just RTP. I also figured out making an ABS, but I scrapped it and used a heavily modified DBS. My third game was called Apocalypse. The first version of this game took place in the future, and used the ABS and a fishing minigame. I completely restarted and set it to a more medieval time, with a DBS. (Same plot though, basically.) It had a scrolling world map intro. I never got past the first dungeon, but by now I had learned how to use variables and pictures.

6. I then used my knowledge of ABS to create a game called Pirate Attack. It was a pretty interesting little game where you could choose to be a pirate or a villager and you would play through an attack from their point of view. (I still have this and I released it to some people in the community.)

7. My next game was called Time Chapter, and it was inspired by Kinetic Cipher.

Then, I got RPGMaker 2003.

8. My 6th RM game was called Chronomancer(RM 2003). It was inspired by FF:CW and The Way. My first attempt at a CBS. It worked to a point, but I moved on.

9. Then came a game which I called Shadow War(RM 2003). It had an ATB battle system, that
never quite worked out right. It had my first CMS, though.

10. That evolved into Chrono Reverse (RM 2003), another CT fangame. I got the ATB system to work and I basically had the game mimic CT, but you played through the time periods in reverse order. This got boring, fast.

11. Shadow War came back to me, and I gave it a brand new ABS. It worked smoothly and pretty well.

12. Ender's Game (RM 2003). Based off of the book. I put tons of time into this, and I got a working TBS/CBS. (Bahumut Lagoon) I lost the system and scrapped the project. I still have the remnants of this game. This is probably my favorite game that I have ever made.

Now came a time when I showed RPGMaker to a friend who decided he wanted to make games with me.

13. We started a project called Demon's Gate (RM 2000). It was an FF Clone (I had only ever played FF4 and 6, and he was creating it as a fan of the 3D ones.) I never really did anything for this.

14. Arnold's Atrocious Appetite (RM 2000). It was a supposed "sequel" to Bob's Big Adventure. It had some interesting puzzles but I got tired of coming up with ideas.

15. Lycanthrope (RM 2003). Tales style battle system. I did quite a lot of work on the battles. I still have this and some have played it. Also had CMS.

16. Infinite Legend (RM 2003). Second attempt at a futuristic game. Some sort of evil robot. Might be the only time I used Rudra graphics.

17. Then I made a game that was more of a movie-type thing for a friend. He used it as a school project and got 100% on it. It was about the cotton gin and black slaves. I think.

18. Endless Illusion (RM 2000) - a remake of Demon's Gate except it was more written out, more under my control, less FF. It basically utilized a ton of weird dream sequences.

(everything from here is RM2003, except for 1 RMXP game)

19. Milkweed. Movie game based on the book. First time I made a custom title-type thing.

20. Tangled Intricacy - Maze game, really hard. First usage of 2k3 DBS.

21. Special Project - Terranigma graphics, The Academy inspired. Non-linear with a karma system and a working CBS. Amazing, atmospherically. (Or so I have been told.) Made in a week for a Ghostlight Demo Day.

(timeline might be off from here on, should be relatively correct)

22. Akira RM. Based off of the manga/film. Never really got anywhere, except a cool menu.

23. Terranigma 2 - Only RMXP project I ever tried. It had pixel movement and ABS. I disliked RMXP, so I dropped it quick.

24. Last Blade RM2K3 - Fighting game in RPGMaker. I lacked graphics for this. Made for a Ghostlight Demo Day.

25. ABS Project - Quite an interesting ABS I made for a Ghostlight Demo Day. Legion wanted to write the plot for this, actually.

26. Ghostlight Chain Game - Don't ask.

27. Mindflare. My current project! The demo was made in 3 hours for a Ghostlight Demo Day. (I have never had progress like I did at Ghostlight.)

28. Somewhere around here I started A Swan's Song with YDS. It turned into Night Shift Noble. (If I ever want to finish anything, it'll be this.)

29. Desert Nightmare English Translation - I'll get around to finishing this. Sometime.

30. - Game for RPGMaker Breach. Apparently it was a pretty solid ABS, but it didn't win. (No pixel movement or SimCity whatever.) Complete game!

31. Azn's Horror Game. - Neat little game for a one week game contest. Incomplete, but I still really like it. Nice music and atmosphere, and an ABS. (no enemies, though...)

32. Linear Motion Battle System - A tech demo really. By now, all I ever made was tech demos. This is just one of many I made. A working Tales battle system, complete with pixel movement. It runs smoothly (well for everyone except Nessiah.)

33. Survival Kids RM. This was fun, but it was too much.

34. Vanilla Villain. Uh. Contest game. It was almost done, but Nessiah flaked. (Team was me, YDS, Nessiah, and NEO_Prime.)

35. Nightmare in Flames. This was me coming back to RPGMaker after several months, pulling off a release for this place. It was a very surreal, kinda creepy little preview. I might do more if I get the time.

36. Le Cadeau Du Temps. It's a secret. ;)

This is only a few of the games I have worked on. I don't want to talk about the rest. (too many to list here anyways)

This is the longest fucking post I have ever made. (*gasp* not a one-liner post)

I still have most of these too.
My first game was on the PSX RPG Maker, and since my current project is basically a remake of that, I went back and played it the other day. Compared to what I have even right now, the storyline in teh original is less diverse, with fewer possibilities. It wasn't bad for a PSX RM game, but still, it's horrible compared to now lol
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Holy fuck, Azn, that's a long list of projects!

12. Ender's Game (RM 2003). Based off of the book. I put tons of time into this, and I got a working TBS/CBS. (Bahumut Lagoon) I lost the system and scrapped the project. I still have the remnants of this game. This is probably my favorite game that I have ever made.

I <3 Ender's Game! Make this your first priority!

22. Akira RM. Based off of the manga/film. Never really got anywhere, except a cool menu.

Scratch that, this is like my DREAM project, make this your priority. Dude, you scrapped/ditched more awesome project ideas than most people even come up with.

Anyway, I'm seeing a LOT of nostalgia for Ghostlight in that post, surprisingly enough.

I made a complete Cyberpunk RPG on the PSX Rpg Maker before even TOUCHING rm2k. It was called Fires of Freedom and it had a lot of patriotic themes. It was largely about the future of America, in a world where America was more like a company, with a board of directors of its wealthiest citizens. The main character was a former bodyguard/elite mercenary for the President, who he and his group of rebels were now fighting against...once he broke out of prison. The final battle took place between the hero and main villain ON THE FACE OF A GIANT BIG-BEN STYLE CLOCK, BALANCED ON THE HANDS OF THE CLOCK, which I think is pretty epic, although really, I only did it because that was one of the default "special" maps available with the PSX RPG Maker.

Anyway, it is probably FAR, FAR WORSE than I remember it being, and I don't remember it being all that good, although I thought it was a masterpiece at the time. It is now lost to the far reaches of time, space, and playstation 1 memory cards.

One of my first four or five failed RM2k projects I never released was a failed sequel to it similarly titled Fires of Freedom. I was (technically, still am) writing a novel (technically still in progress) of the same name. They all have different iterations of the same plot. So as you can see, I've tried to express this idea in a lot of ways, never really with all that much success.

Oh, uh, possibly before RM2k but after PSX RPG Maker, at some point I made a couple of "wildly successful" Text Adventure games with the Quest engine. Well, at least, they were wildly successful by the standards of the Quest engine. Pretty impressive since i was probably like 13 at the time.

although pictures variables took me quite a while to get.

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22. Akira RM. Based off of the manga/film. Never really got anywhere, except a cool menu.

Now, this is a game i'd like to see made. haha, that is a long list.
My game was all RTP, and honestly, I don't think it was that bad. It didn't really have a plot, but it was...okay, I guess. I don't really remember it because I have crashed twice since then, so I no longer have it.
I never attempted to actually release a game when I first started using RPG maker. I just liked making maps mostly xD I had fun attempting to actualize my random ideas. It was only last year that I decided to buckle down and complete something and now I'm way past that noobish phase.

I would say that all my old projects were barbarically designed compared to what I have now.
My first game was packed full with default battles and really bad story line. Throughout the whole game, you were trying to save a princess, but you kept accidentily teleporting to different parts of the world where you fought all the default RPGXP battles. It was a tragically epic fail...
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my game was just

a project of maps
No story direction whatsoever. It was just really random. There was like zero pre-development. I just went into it without thinking...
My first game: Tranquil Nights. Search it on the game DB

But before that, I only attempted to start one map projects just to test the various ways of rm2k, like using custom chips, or setting apart other people's scripts. I did this for about a year?
My first game (which I never finished and don't intend to) was called F.U.N. (I don't remember what it stands for... but it spells fun!)

It was just a stupid delivery quest with no plot at all and random party encounters. It was just to learn how RPG Maker works. This was when XP was the new thing.
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What did I do horribly on my first game? Simple...

I tried to actually make a game before even trying to learn the program I was using to make it (Rm2k). Granted, I finished it; it just wasn't very long or impressive. It was more the epitome of "Icanmaekgaemlol!" with its numbers carved into the walls of the dungeon to display the order of them (a big rock "1" in the middle of the first dungeon). Playing as a dragon, you were going out to save the world. That is, if the storyline even took it that far, and wasn't just going from place to place before fighting a wolf at the end.

It's hard to say, but I don't really think I made any sort of improvement before joining a community and showing others my work. I was always under the impression that these were what games were supposed to be and that I was doing it fairly well.
Actually one of the first games I made was a weird platformer ish action ish game which was the result of me trying to make a sprite-based RPG in a 3D environment.

The game actually had some fun to it but the biggest problem is I wasn't exactly a software engineer back then and the controls were god awful. The jumping was almost as bad as it is in Action 52 games- no joke. The only thing that makes the jumping in that game better than Action 52 was that you didn't die in midair for unexplained reasons... Most of the time.

Oh and you could choose between Bomberman, Inuyasha and some third character that someone else originally created that I knew in person (I wanted to see if I could put her character in the game and she thought it was cool, even though it fit in as well as the first two). They battled through robots and stuff out of a fortress half buried in a volcano on their way to a train that went over a winter wasteland.

Now that I reflect on it. What the fuck?
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I tried to make an FMA fangame with a random island broken tiles and rabbits that ran into corners.

Though, I did actually manage to figure out switches, and I had side-view battle. =w=)b

I tried making my own graphics. DID NOT GO WELL.