I actually have mine still with me, and every time I play it I say, "What was i thinking creating such a thing?" A hot air balloon inside of a house, hehe...priceless..
My very first game ever was on RPG Maker for PSX... That went as well as you might expect.

As for my first PC RPG maker game with 2k3, I actually had a few interesting ideas in regards to character growth, but the plot went crazily fast(a major character died within the first two hours, I think). I also had no idea how to effectively use 2k3's battle system, so battles weren't at all interesting. And mapping... ugh.

I quit halfway through after realizing the game wasn't going anywhere. That's when I switched to 2k3's sister maker, RPG Maker 2k, and made Secrets of the Light. It certainly has it's fair share of problems as well, such as balancing issues and a very underwhelming story(and it has bad mapping).

Now that I have VX(and perhaps Ace in the future,) I'll never consider going back to 2k or 2k3. The new ideas that I have gained over the years would all work great in theory, of course. Whether I'll be able to implement them or not, however, I have no idea. That is, if I actually get started on something!
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year

no seriously

after learning about all this new stuff from jumping forums and getting critique

quite literally


btw my first completed game was DS:R. So yeah.

first game had everything wrong too...
I made huge spacious maps. Everything was really spacious and you could go everywhere. I also decided to make large cities and villages, and mapped almost every single interior.
I did the same thing in my first game. My maps were very spacious. It didn't help that my maps were huge, too.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I'm looking at my RM95 game now and laughing. There are buff spells that affect attack, defense, and speed. But the speed buff I apparently designed wrong, and so it doesn't wear off. Ever. It's a permanent increase to speed every time you cast it. And you can cast it outside of battle, from the menu, for a low MP cost. Over and over. And give your party 999 speed after about 10 minutes of casting it repeatedly.

And I mean okay the game is turn-based so speed isn't crazy-useful like it is in RM2003, but still, hahahaha, holy shit that's such a bad bug.
Giant and simetric outdoor maps xP
Ah I remember the days of a beginner in RPG Maker 2003... where I didn't know how to make encounters properly, so I made them events which the player stepped on to initiate battle.

I also remember the time I couldn't use switches so I had to make the player constantly teleport forward and try and make them bypass the "Touched By Hero" event squares.

And who could forget those maps that looked like this? good times..

I made every game have ten or so characters, most of them having no reason to be there/no backstory. Everything was incredibly lifeless. Story Progression was vague and unhelpful, to the point where you wouldn't know where to go even if I explained what the people were saying.
My projects weren't projects, but a file with a bunch of scripts thrown into it because I thought they were cool. There was no reasoning behind them at all, nor did they even minimally add to the gameplay. Maps were either too big and undetailed, or too small and cluttered. NPCs never said anything that would be of any assistance. Items were given when it made no sense for them to give it to the player. Battles were either too hard or too easy.

Overall, nothing made sense! I kept using Autorun and spazzed out angrily when everything froze and didn't respond. It's a good thing I was so stupid I infected every computer I touched with a virus, because I lost all of those horrible projects. :P
Tried to do too many things in one game. Everything I thought of had to be custom. And because of that...well, you know. Beginner's mistake...
Tried to do too many things in one game. Everything I thought of had to be custom. And because of that...well, you know. Beginner's mistake...

I totally loved reading that while after reading your username.