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Battle Mechanic Updates And More!

  • XBuster
  • 05/21/2019 09:29 PM
Hello everyone! I came with an update regarding the Battle System of Shantae and Asha as well as a few other things.

Heroic Guest

Guest members are now able to save the day if Asha and Shantae are KO’d. Originally, if Shantae and Asha were defeated, it would be an instant game over. While the original code for that is still in the project, the new system has replaced it. I thought this was the best choice because I love it when you are able to use your party to their fullest potential. This is also extremely helpful because some boss fights are built to be able to handle multiple party members.

Active Swap System

An “Active-Swap” system has also been created! No longer do you have to go to the menu to change characters. You can switch between Asha, Shantae, and your chosen guest by pressing the left and right trigger keys (in this case “A” and “D”). However, you cannot change characters while in invincibility frames. This is to protect you from getting damaged multiple times.

New Bond Skills

A large handful of new, game-changing bond abilities have been implemented as well. Since you are only allowed to equip two bonds at once, this allows for an even greater sense of strategy and play style diversity among players. A few examples include the following…

  • Homing Cast: Allows some magic to automatically target enemies upon launch

  • Haste: Increases your attack speed by a certain amount

  • Auto Charge: Automatically charges Action Points(AP) of certain characters

Guest Characters/Possible Final Demo

Furthermore, a set of new guest characters are on the way soon. It seems there are about 10 that have been planned or are already in development. As far as I can remember, you all have only been able to play as Asha, Shantae, Amy, Sheila Purapril XIII, Princess, Popful Mail, and a couple of Shantae’s forms. A new and final demo may surface sometime soon with a new guest or two for you all to try out.

Closing Words

Finally, I would like to put this out there. If you have time and are heavily interested in testing this game later this year, let me know. I do have a certain demographic I’m aiming at, but this game isn’t just for them; it’s for everyone. I will go into details later this year. Other than that, I believe that is all I have for you today. Until next time!