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Shantae and Asha: Dream Fantasia is an open world, 2D action RPG that blends platform, puzzle and adventure elements into one. It is a brand new adventure being created using the Monster World IV-2 Engine (made in Game Maker). The project serves as a sequel to Monster World 4 and a crossover featuring Shantae among many other characters; most notably from the 16-bit era.

The Dream

This project is a "final exam" of nearly every game I have played over the last decade including platformers, action, adventure, and role-playing games. This is one of the main games I wanted to see in my lifetime; a game that celebrates action hybrids with cherry-picked heroes, worlds, and more.


After the defeat of the Incarnation of Fear, peace has finally been restored to Monster World once again. One year has passed since then. However, a threat still lurks deep in the shadows. Asha's mother has fallen ill to a rare illness that can only be cured with seven magical ingredients. What starts out as a simple fetch quest to heal a loved one evolves into an adventure in which the very state of dreams is at stake.


  • A challenging, fast-paced 2D action rpg with platform, adventure, and puzzle elements

  • A mix of new, old, and revamped areas

  • A full-fledged story with over 100 cut scenes

  • A mostly open world that is scattered across separate,but interconnected zones

  • Enhanced Monster World IV battle system with new twists

  • Play as over 20 characters from various worlds

  • Learn and equip the abilities of people you meet around the world

  • Over 30 areas full of things to discover and places to explore

  • Upgrade a vast variety of abilities via the completely open Synth Grid

  • Over 100 missions with unique objectives

  • Over 100 characters from various old-school and modern titles

  • Collect a variety of items scattered throughout the world

  • Acquire a wealth of game-changing equipment and abilities

  • Multiple side quests and events

  • Simulated gambling

  • Cartoon violence

  • Suggestive themes

  • 10+hours of content


What lies before you is a work of fiction for fun only. This is a fan game. That means it is not affiliated with any company whatsoever. All contents such as sprites, music, and characters are property of their respective owners. It is a non-profit experiment that should NOT be sold in any way, shape, or form and should be reported immediately if so.


Arrow Keys:Move
S:Special Attack
A:Active Swap Left
D:Active Swap Right

You Can Resize The Game Window

The game itself keeps its aspect ratio no matter how big or small you make it. You can drag the edges to make the game's window as big or small as you like as well as setting it to full screen!

Game Patch

While you only need to download the base package only once, the game executable itself will update to fix or add certain things. Replace the exe in the game folder with the new one and it'll give updated features. If you are following this, be absolutely sure to check for updates as they will be added over time.

Download(Updated as of 3/23/2020 4:30 PM)

Shantae And Asha Update

The fixes in this exe include the following from 1.0-1.4


Latest Blog

August 2020 Update

Hey, everyone! I am back with another update regarding the project and while there won't be too much to discuss since I'd like to keep a handful of things under wraps, there is enough to get you an idea of where we are and how long it may be before you can all get your hands on the next version of the game. That said, let's get started!

The Guest Grid Arrives!

When development on the game's DLC began, one of the things I wanted to make absolutely sure to do was to give the guest characters a proper grid along with the base game grid. This is designed to make your favorite guest fighters more powerful and to increase their stats to make them more viable in combat.

Never underestimate your guest characters because believe it or not, some of them are the most powerful and useful fighters in the entire game. If you're curious on some guests that are my favorites to play as, I highly recommend Zero, Yae, Cress, and Princess.

Sound Update

Last time, there was an announcement that all characters would be getting all of their authentic sound effects. In order to further differentiate and celebrate each playable character, all of them are being touched upon in one way or another. However, if some characters have silent sounds in their previous title(s), then they will by default use the Monster World 4 sound effects to suit their needs.

The sounds themselves range from jumping to landing and even various attacks such as Shantae's hair whip. A video will be presented below for some examples.

Story Update

Since the 2nd story arc is in development, it made a lot of sense to add a lot of scenes not only in the arc itself, but optional ones that are being scattered throughout the main world map. Some of them are for character development purposes, others are just for fun.

Currently, over 30 new cut scenes have been added and there are still more on the way, so if you believe the new package won't have as much story content, you couldn't be more wrong.

New Musician On Board!

Along with the current 20 or so musicians we have that submitted something to the game, we have added one more who agreed to collaborate with us on the project. I will be revealing them sometime in the near future.

Monster World IV Arranged Soundtrack On YouTube

Previously, we revealed version 1 of the downloadable MWIV arranged soundtrack that was made in collaboration with a good friend of mine who knows his stuff with FL Studio. Since we are aware that not all would likely be able to download the tracks, we are porting them all to YouTube starting with the base soundtrack.

The playlist is already crafted and everything, but we just need to do one last thing before they're available. We hope you enjoy when it is time for its release and a media update will be posted for its link as soon as it's ready.

Faces To The Faceless

One thing that bothered me for a while is that some important figures in the game's world do not have a face card yet. Within this next update, as many important characters as possible will be getting a face card. An example is below of the rich woman.

Loading Image Replacement

There was one thing I kind of regretted and I believe should be done for V2. Since this project is a celebration of primarily action platformers and rpgs, I strongly believe that it should have an image representing that. It's not just about Monster World or Shantae, but a cast of characters that have been cherry picked from games that I've played over the last decade.

The final loading image will look something like the one below, but some characters are missing, so it will have to be remade.

Bonus Category: Monster World Legends

Recently, someone asked about Monster World Legends, which if you are unaware, is this project's "mother". This project would not exist without it since it runs on extremely modified versions of its older code.

If you are curious on when you'll hear more information about it, once V2 of Shantae and Asha is out, we'll be focusing on that game almost entirely. Expect a flood of updates coming in the near future!

Closing Words

That's about all I have for you all right now. In short, the update's progress is going incredibly smooth! It's hard to believe the first version of the game was released 7 months ago. But, the new content itself is enough to essentially feel like a new game in a way.

I'm not sure about a release date as there is still a handful of things to take care of, but I'm certain it will be in the coming months, so keep those eyes peeled! Until next time!


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How do you play this in window mode?
How do you play this in window mode?

You can go to the options menu by pressing start while playing and press "Option". Then, go to the option "Resolution". You can toggle this by pressing left and right. F4 also works as a resolution toggle.

Here are some screens below just in case.
This might be really good. Putting it down on my playlist.
This might be really good. Putting it down on my playlist.

Thank you! :D. I hope you'll enjoy it!
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