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Shantae and Asha: Dream Fantasia is an open world 2D Action RPG that blends Platform,Puzzle and Adventure elements into one. It is a brand new adventure being created using the Monster World IV-2 Engine (made in Game Maker). The project serves as both a sequel to Monster World 4 and a crossover featuring Shantae among many others.


When peace is finally restored to Monster World, Asha is assigned to be Rapadagna's Head Knight and is given a vacation. After returning home, she also finds out that her mother has fallen victim to a rare illness that can only be cured with several magical ingredients. Asha embarks on a fetch quest that eventually ends up getting her involved in something much bigger than what she had initially set out for.

Meanwhile, on a distant world known as Sequin Land, Shantae has finally defeated Risky Boots and her crew. However, Risky was far from done. She began to search for clues on the history of Genies to find out a way to defeat Shantae once and for all. During a recent excavation, one of her crew members finds an ominous relic that is emitting a great deal of negative energy. Risky's actions with this powerful new weapon end up being so drastic, they cause a distant world to be affected. It's up to Sequin Land's "Half-Genie Hero" to save the day!


  • A fast-paced 2D action platformer with rpg, adventure, and puzzle elements

  • A mix of new, old, and revamped areas

  • A large, open world scattered across separate,but interconnected zones

  • Enhanced Monster World IV battle system with new twists

  • Play as over 20 characters from various worlds

  • Learn and equip the abilities of people you meet around the world

  • Over 10 Worlds full of things to discover and places to explore

  • Upgrade a vast variety of abilities

  • Over 100 missions with unique objectives

  • Acquire a wealth of game-changing equipment

  • Experience a new story in the magical realm of Monster World

  • Simulated Gambling

  • Cartoon Violence

  • Suggestive Themes

Latest Blog

Main Game Is Done! What Now?

Hi all! I have some great news! Today, the main game has been completed! The ending and epilogue were completed not too long ago and now all that has to be done is some serious polish and touch ups. Extra stuff is also on the list, so we'll be taking a look at what needs to be done and what to expect.


This is what is going on currently and it has been going very well. This phase includes the following...

  • Making sure there are no plot holes via dialogue or visible events

  • Adding any remaining moves to characters

  • Fixing certain level designs to make sure they flow well and are fair

  • Eliminating any old and/or unused code

  • Power balancing

The Ex-Dungeon

There is planned to be one ex-dungeon with ten master Dream Gate challenges. These challenges are for the best of the best and are built for players to prove their mastery of certain characters and other game mechanics.

The Battle Simulator

Within the game, there is an area in which you can fight any boss you have defeated. But, as you defeat certain boss combinations, new challenges become available that are only available there. It is wise that you are powerful enough before attempting the new challenges as they are designed to push the player to their limits in terms of strategy and reflexes. As of now, the battle simulator is complete.

Extra Stages

Since this game is only going to happen once, I want to get as much out of it as I can. So, there are currently a small amount of extra areas in development based on cherry-picked stages.

The Extra Character

There is one, final character I want to add to the game; at least for now. I won't reveal them yet. I also refuse to add them until everything else is finished.

Possible Demo?

There is a possibility of a demo soon. However, I am pushing for the release of the actual game now due to certain reasons.

The Final Call For Testers Is Approaching

Soon, I will be asking for people who would be interested in testing the game. When that announcement is made, that will be the final call for them. Full details will be revealed then.

Gallery Inclusions

One of the final things I want to discuss is that artwork can be submitted to the game to be featured in the game's gallery. A handful of them have been gathered already and there is no deadline for now. The gallery programming is finished, so by all means, if you'd like it to be there, be sure to let me know.

Possible Skit Submissions

The final point I want to talk about is the possible skit submission event. This means that you will be able to write out an extra skit that will be featured in the game. When that time comes, I'll go into full details about how to submit, which characters you can put in them, and what is and isn't allowed in terms of conversations.

Closing Words

I believe that's all I have to discuss this time around. We are close. Scarily close. I look forward to the next blog as that will most likely be an announcement you should definitely look into. Stay tuned until then. See you all at the next update!


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How do you play this in window mode?
How do you play this in window mode?

You can go to the options menu by pressing start while playing and press "Option". Then, go to the option "Resolution". You can toggle this by pressing left and right. F4 also works as a resolution toggle.

Here are some screens below just in case.
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