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This page is dedicated to the playable cast of Shantae and Asha. This includes the main cast and guests that have been revealed so far as well as the series they are from.


Asha is a young girl from the village of Estafan; which lies high in the mountains. Her destiny is decided when she hears the pleas of the four spirits that have been taken captive by evil forces. Asha is a skilled weapon user that comes equipped with a variety of sword attacks and shield techniques. She recently took up archery as well.

Asha is now the leader of the knights due to her leadership and valiant efforts to defeat evil once and for all...at least... for now.


A species of monster that can utilize its ears to fly around. With this creature, Asha can glide over long distances and use it to double jump. It can also be used for several other purposes. They are completely immune to magical attacks and most projectiles don't hurt them. Due to their extreme magical prowess, they were once heavily hunted at one point in Monster World's history.

Queen Sheila Purapril XIII

The descendant of the Purapril family that began centuries ago. She is a kind hearted queen that only desires the best for her people. At one point in time she let her heart be consumed by evil and fought Asha as a result. During her speech, it was evident she may have had some jealousy towards the heroine of Monster World. Regardless, she recovered from the evil aura thanks to Asha and Pepe's help.


Shantae is a spunky, half-genie that can utilize dance moves to transform into various forms. She is able to use magic and her signature hair whip to defeat foes. Shantae's heart is pure and will give up anything for her friends and family. She is a loyal friend and trustworthy ally that cares deeply about others.

Popful Mail

Popful Mail is a bounty hunter; someone who takes on jobs that deal with criminals or wanted figures for money. Mail is a tall, strong warrior that has a lot of combat experience. Despite her smart aleck demeanor, she is a good person at heart and does what is right regardless of the circumstances.


Tatt is a magician in Popful Mail that is the apprentice of the renowned magician; Mutton Head. Tatt is able to switch between 5 magical canes by pressing the skill button. Each cane has a different magical attribute or ability and can be aimed by holding up or down while it is on screen. He is also able to block projectiles and attacks with his magical cloak.


Gaw is a flying bat-like creature that lives in the cavern region of Popful Mail. While he does have wings, they are only used to make him jump high. Gaw has the highest jump out of all the guests, but he is only able to jump once. He is also able to block attacks by hiding in a curling stance. In terms of attacks, Gaw is capable of using his claw attack, tail attack, and breathing fire continuously until his attack meter is depleted.


Princess is a child who is capable of high magical potential and has a seemingly endless supply of energy. She set out on a quest to retrieve the magical gem from the demon lord that attacked her kingdom. While she is confident in her abilities, she is only a child, and has doubts and fears about how other children see her; especially Milon.

Amy Rose

Amy is a cheerful pink hedgehog who is the self-proclaimed girlfriend of Sonic the hedgehog. She is a gentle soul with a big heart, but also can come with a bit of a temper. Amy fights using a Piko-Piko hammer and boxing gloves.

Miles Prower(Tails)

Tails is a fox cub with a surprisingly high IQ for his age. At a couple points in time, he went on his own adventures separate from Sonic and the others. He is perfectly capable of holding his own and has a pure, heart of gold.


Goemon is the protagonist of the Mystical Ninja series(aka Ganbare Goemon). He uses a golden smoking pipe as his primary weapon and is able to toss money as a projectile. Unlike other characters in this game, he attacks in an arc; which gives him the ability to hit enemies above and in front of him.


Ebisumaru is Goemon's friend and is the only character that can throw projectiles in all four cardinal directions. You can also attack continuously by holding the attack button. This will rapidly twirl his ribbon. While it is weak, it is capable of doing a lot of combos.


No, it's not the Sasuke you're all thinking about XD. This is a small, quick robot ninja in the Goemon series. Sasuke has terribly short attack range, but can throw kunai and bombs from a distance. Due to his shortcomings, he is able to reflect projectiles with his second sword swipe, jump three times, dodge roll, quick drop, and has incredibly high combo potential. He also is the fastest character in the game when running.


Yae is a Kunoichi(a female ninja) who works for a secret organization in the land of Edo. Her fighting style consists using a Katana as well as a Bazooka. She has also learned new abilities that require chakra in order to use. Yae is an extremely versatile character and is highly recommended for newcomers and advanced players alike.


Ellie is from the 2011 Nintendo DS gem; Monster Tale. I have been keeping tabs on this game for a very long time and recently had the pleasure of finishing it. Due to the fact that Ellie has so many similarities with Asha, goes to place called "Monster World", and the graphic style was exactly what I was looking for, adding Ellie in was a perfect choice. Ellie's move set is extremely versatile and highly reminiscent of Mega Man X, but with some changes such as not being able to shoot while sliding down a wall.

She is able to wall jump, roll, shoot, and attack in a wide variety of ways that make her one of the craziest characters in the entire game if used correctly. She also has a pet along with her named Chomp that attacks the nearest foe when you press the attack button at close range. With this, it is possible to send him off to fight another enemy while you either fight another one, run, or do something else.


Milon is a young boy who is on a mission to restore music to his hometown. To do so, he must find the instruments that have been stolen by the evil wizard; Amon. He uses bubbles as his primary weapon. He is a tough kid and protects those who are in need from harm.

Mega Man

Mega Man is a fighting robot designed by Dr.Light. He is armed with a mega buster and his trusty sidekick; Rush. His main goal is to stop the evil Dr.Wily's evil schemes and restore peace. He has a strong sense of justice and believes in doing what's right no matter the cost.

Mega Man X

X is a new generation robot designed by Dr. Thomas Light. He is a robot so advanced, that he can act on his own and make decisions as if he were human. After being discovered by Dr. Cain, robots were modeled after his design and were given the name "Reploids".


Zero is a Special Class Maverick Hunter and Dr.Wily's final creation. He specializes in melee combat. He is highly recommended for close-range specialists and those who are accustomed to action games.


A distant traveler who has a hidden destiny. He is an individual with pure motives and has rescued the state of dreams before. But, what lies ahead of him is a dream journey that cannot be won alone.


Sparkter is a knight who is able to shoot off in any direction with his jetpack. He carries a sword that can blend with the element of fire. When in rocket mode, he is able to ricochet off of walls and is completely invincible during this state. He is honorable and loyal and will do whatever it takes to protect those he cares about, even if it costs him his life.

Cress Albane

Cress Albane is the very first swordsman from the Tales of franchise. He is a highly-skilled fighter that has various sword and shield techniques that aren't available anywhere else in the game. Cress is a headstrong warrior that traveled back in time to gather the means necessary to defeat Dhaos.


Hamel is a fighter that uses an oversized violin as his primary weapon. He is somewhat shy and plays the violin usually when he is alone or something is bothering him. However, he has started to break out of his shell a little due to the events that take place in the game. He is accompanied by a partner by the name of Flute, but she is only a summon.


A young man who once went on an adventure to rid the world of monsters in the past. He is a legendary hero with a strong resolve and sense of justice. With the legendary equipment at his side and 5 magical spells, he is said to be a truly powerful well-versed and powerful ally.