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Progress Report

July 2020 Update

Hey, everyone! It's been a little while since the last blog as I seemed to have skipped the month of June for one, but we do have some updates for you today regarding the project's next, big update (version 2). Hopefully, this will make up for the information drought. That said, let's get started!

2nd Arc Story Development

As stated in previous blogs, there is a second, but shorter story arc in development that will take place some time before the semi-final cut scene of the ending. For those who have played the game by now, you probably know what I am speaking of.

The arc itself dives into injecting nearly all of the concepts that were scrapped from the original vision. This includes stages, bosses, sounds, music, cut scenes, and much more! And yes, all of your save files will be compatible as every last thing is being carefully crafted so that you will NOT have to start over again when this drops.

World Map Expansions

In addition to all of the new content being developed, there are some expansions here and there to the world map, including some which are areas you've probably been to before. Since the new story arc has a new item to collect, you won't be able to rush directly to the new final boss that is waiting for you at the end of this journey.

Character Sound Effect Authenticity

One of the things that bothered me a little was the fact that some characters have their authentic sound effects while others do not. Characters who didn't have any sound effects online had to use Monster World 4's sound effects by default, which is fine, but also a bummer because other playable characters like Tails, Shantae, and the Mega Man crew have their sounds.

HOWEVER, thanks to some tools, I was finally able to retrieve the authentic sound effects to characters who did not have them before such as Milon, Princess, and the Goemon characters! It might be a shock at first, but I hope you all will get used to the change.

Moveset Expansions

While many of the characters have a decent set of moves, there are indeed some that at least need one or two more to be even more effective in combat. Characters that were overly simplistic such as Tails and Milon are some core examples of ones in desperate need for a new move or two. When you get the next package, be absolutely sure to check your move list! It is there for a reason.

Some characters will also be getting special alterations or expansions. I felt there were a handful that were kind of lackluster, so some of them need to feel more impactful.

New Art Piece

Adding to the media we have now, an artist who submitted to the game has provided another piece that I would love to share with you all! I will also place it in the Media section along with his handles so you can follow him. He's a cool guy and a good friend of mine, so why don't you drop by sometime and say hello? Here it is! It will also be featured in version 2.

New Music Pieces!

Along with the new piece of artwork, I have been working with another friend of mine who is willingly remixing THE ENTIRE Monster World IV soundtrack! He is responsible for some of the tracks the game already has such as the market district and Sheila's victory theme. I will post a handful of the tracks and his handle as well in the Media section so you can follow or subscribe to him if you desire to do so. A sample was supposed to be here, but it seems there's something wrong with the mp3 function...

I've been doing some remastered MW tracks myself to replace a few of the original game chiptunes that are present within the project. Those will also likely be posted.

Discord Server Invite

There was something I totally forgot to do the last time a blog was added and that was to give you all in invite to my discord server. It is not specifically for this game, but it is discussed in it from time to time as well as other things that a handful of individuals are working on too. Many of this project's testers and collaborators are there, so if you're interested and want to be able to keep track of some things in real-time, be sure to drop on by! I will leave the invite open for about a week.


Thank You!

I am very grateful for all of you that have played the game so far (hopefully to completion) and have given not only great feedback and suggestions, but also to those who have stuck by me throughout and beyond its creation.

Every last one of you played a role in keeping both myself and this project going and I'm almost certain the drive to do this update wouldn't be as strong without all of your kind words and overall eagerness to see more of it. Thank you all so much and have a wonderful rest of your week! :D

Progress Report

May 2020 Update

Greetings to everyone! I have come today with an update regarding this project's DLC progress as well as what's in store beyond the completion of version 2. I'll try not to be too long, so without further ado, let's get started!

The Bug Hunt Continues

Before we start, I'd like to show a quick video that was created after a fellow tester brought it to my attention. With so many things to keep track of in the game, it's incredibly difficult for one person to find them all, so I'm very grateful for these guys lol. Hope you like the new air-dancing ability! You can do this in the current version, but it will be patched out in version 2.0. I can't do it now because I'm too far into development and that'll mean you'll get a hold of things too early.

How many areas are left?

Currently, there are 39 total areas in the game. However, in the current version(1.4), there are 32. I wanted to at least have 40 by the time this was over, so we are literally only 1 away from reaching the dream goal. There is one stage that's been on my mind for a while that is completely made of gold or focuses on treasure.

In the Otherworldly Staircase itself, there are currently 5 cameo stages. Only one more is planned for now. While there aren't that many in there, there are 7 cameo stages in total, two of them in which you got to play through in a late-game area.

There are also a handful of areas getting an expansion or edit of some kind to add replay value to them once you get the next update.

Version 2 Length

If you have been wondering about how long version 2 is expected to be, to be honest I'm not certain myself, especially considering that it's still in development. However, I can say that there is quite a bit of content to sink your teeth into as of now. Based on what's put in there right now as we speak...I'd estimate it would be 4-5+ hours.

I say this mostly because not only do you have new stages, scenes and bosses, but also some locations you'll have to explore in the normal world map as well. Since by now you probably have all the characters in 1.4, that means I can make some areas that put certain abilities to the test such as wall jumping and using Pepe.

By the time it is done, it is likely that some of you will have 40+ hours of total playtime!

New Boss Battles

Since there is a bonus saga in development, it wouldn't make much sense to only have stages, right? There are 15 new boss battles in version 2 so far. That is almost as much as the base game itself, which has a total of 20 main bosses! However, do not expect each cameo boss to have a full stage to go with them...

The Superboss

Within this package, there is also a Superboss. You can view the link to learn more about what a Superboss is, but in a nutshell, it's basically a boss that serves as the ultimate challenge in a game and is almost always much harder than the final boss. My first encounter with one was the Emerald Weapon in Final Fantasy VII (which is much more fun without KOTR if you ask me). They are mostly designed for players who master the game's systems and who truly desire a foe that is much stronger than them.

The fight itself is really challenging and it will indeed take a bit of time and nearly all of your resources to defeat. For the fight itself, I highly recommend that...

  • You have most(if not all) skills on the grid activated

  • Gained the elixir and item limit upgrades

  • Have the maximum HP of 16 per character

  • Acquire the master bonds

  • Have all of the Talismans in your possession

  • Mastered or have gotten used to your favorite fighters

Costume System in development

As some of you probably know, there is a stylist in the game that you can speak to whose function is incomplete. The sprites weren't 100% decided back then and it would have only delayed the game even further, so it was destined to be saved for version 2.0. Basically, you will be able to externally edit sprites in folders and load them into the game that will be in effect as long as the game is up.

You can edit them to essentially be what you'd like and even after it releases, there will be extra costume packs added for download over time. Some that I'd like to see are...

  • Knight Asha

  • Origin Yae

  • Origin Shantae

  • Black Zero

  • Popful Mail with Adol Christin's attire

  • Mega Man X2 Armor X

  • Mega Man as Proto Man

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Shantae's elemental particles on magic now match what element it's supposed to be

  • Sparkster's jump release glitch is now fixed

  • New skills have been added to the grid

  • Some characters are getting move set and special updates

  • Active swap system has been updated

Closing Words

I believe that's all I have right now regarding updates. I'm almost certain I'm forgetting something...but if it comes back to me, I'll be sure to update this. Hope you all are staying safe out there and I hope you're looking forward to the next expansion! Until next time!

Progress Report

Version 2.0 Progress

Hi all! Today, I have come with information regarding version 2.0 of this project. I won't be long, so let's get this show on the road!

7 Areas Have Been Added

While the base game has plenty to explore as it is, Some small detours, new areas, and more have made their way back into the game. As of now, a total of 7 locations have been added to the world map. This includes...

  • Dribble Fountain

  • Orb Tower

  • Ancient Ruins

  • To'Ahl City

  • The Tower of Silence(restoration)

  • The Memory Shrine

  • Subterranea

A few more areas are in development also, but the cameo ones are essentially dying down for now simply because I believe the seed has been planted in some players to play some of the games this pays tribute to already. Over time, a good handful of individuals have expressed how this has sparked interest in them to play games such as Tales of Phantasia, Monster Tale, Popful Mail, and much more! Since that was one of this project's primary goals, the fact that it's happening now makes me incredibly happy.

Extra Scenes and Scenario In Development

To add on to the previous note, in honor of adding all of this new stuff to the project, extra scenes, chats, and the Otherworldly Staircase scenario is now in development. Level design is the #1 thing that takes the most time to create due to how many steps go into crafting each and every screen. Once that's done, cut scenes are added to them if they're needed.

Character development and interaction is one of the top things I adore in RPGs and games in general, so this is my second favorite step in the process. While there are over 100 scenes in the game(I think), adding more of them to flesh some things out will be a fun process. So, when this releases, be sure to explore the world map again to find new events!

The Master Gauntlets

In my opinion, a game with this much combat in it would not be complete without some kind of enemy gauntlet. So, there are now two of them. The first one is Subterranea, which is the underground monster fortress in Monster World 4. If you had the chance to view the epilogue before, it was only a single screen, so now, it's a full-blown combat-based dungeon.

The second gauntlet is the game's current ultimate challenge where you will be blasted with over 60 rapid-fire challenges based on a combination of both new and scrapped rooms that have been in the game's database since the very beginning. On average, the challenge can take over 20 minutes and is sometimes filled with merciless missions, so before you enter it, you will indeed need to prepare the best that you can. Those who make it to the very bottom can truly call themselves a master.

New Skill Grid Nodes

If you have been playing for a while, you may have noticed that a majority of your post-game Synth Crystals are gained by fighting at the Colosseum or Combat Simulator. This was designed specifically to train you up as a better fighter and prepare you for what is yet to come. However, once you clear all 103 skills on the grid, there's nothing left to upgrade...or so we thought.

In version 2.0, several new skill grid nodes are being added that will give a grander purpose to things such as combos and full HP status. However, many of them are expensive to activate, so be sure to stock up plenty of Synth Crystals by fighting lots! This means you'll likely be at Lv.200 and up.

Closing Words

That's about all I have for you all this time around. There's more I want to discuss, but I'll save it for next time. This is likely one of the final blogs before 2.0, so we're essentially getting very close to the release. Working on this has been a pure joy and hearing feedback from both veterans and newcomers has been awesome and very helpful! I hope that the 2.0 package will enhance this even more, so stay tuned! Until next time!


Progress Report/MW4 Special

Hi all! As you may know, today is April Fool's Day, which also means it is the 26th anniversary of Monster World 4! Today, we'll be getting into a short chunk of information regarding this project's near future and the inevitable return to the incoming sequel; Monster World Legends. Without further ado, let's get into this!

Image by Hikmori7

Design Document Reveal

I promised a long time ago that I was going to share the game's base design document once the base game was complete. So, today is the day that it is finally being released. Since this is a fan project and is the first one of my projects that got completed, it is obvious that one of the keys to properly finish a game is to plan absolutely everything!

In other words, it is strongly advised that you do NOT keep all of your ideas in your head. The more you think, the more you'll often forget older ideas and will often lead to thinking infinitely without a direction for said project. Write them down somewhere important and take deep care of it. Anyways, here it is. It is severely stripped down however. Enjoy!

Project SADF Design Document

Developer Journals Incoming

Along with the design document, there are some developer journals incoming that will be going in depth with everything about the project. As of now, 4 parts are planned and will likely be added today and later within the week. There's a lot of ground to cover for them, so I'll begin the creation immediately after this blog is posted. Stay tuned!

Why Monster World 4 Is Important

For those who do not know, Monster World 4 is one of the final titles to release for the Sega Genesis and originally was a Japan-only exclusive. It would not receive an official release until nearly 20 years later for PS3, XBox, and the now deceased Virtual Console on the Wii.

It is a wonderful action RPG/platforming masterpiece with colorful worlds, catchy tunes, and a decent narrative in which you must play as Asha, a cute, Arabic-themed girl who sets out on a quest after hearing the pleas of the world's missing spirits.

Originally, this was set to be the finale to the Monster World saga. But, it would not receive an actual sequel until years later with a title known as Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom.

In a nutshell, the very reason I'm here even developing games at all (even if they are fan projects right now) is because of this game in particular. I simply did not want the saga to end. So, without this game, I wouldn't be here nor would my interest for game creation have boosted off like it did.

Shantae and Asha DLC Progress

Futhermore, I'd like to tell you all that the DLC for Shantae and Asha is going rather well so far. New and restored content is making its way in and content that I could not explore before is being experimented with. Since this project will only happen once and this combination of characters will never meet again, I figured it was best to get as much out of its resources that was possible.

This does not mean I'll be injecting anything and everything in it for the sake of doing so. Even I have my limits and I believe there is a time where things have to come to a definitive end.

As for what's in store for the 2.0 package, you'll be getting quite the amount of content. This includes new stages, bosses, cut scenes, playable character additions, restored areas, and much more! This is a step that's greatly needed since when the game DLC is complete, I can walk away from this without any regrets. Of course if anything is ever needed again, it can be edited or fixed.

Tv Tropes Page!

Someone came out of absolute nowhere and decided to create a TV Tropes page for the game and linked me to it. I'm both very shocked and grateful that someone willingly created a page that is able to piece parts of the story together, even ones that I didn't go deep into. The link is below. Beware though, there are spoilers!!! Only view if you don't mind it.

Shantae And Asha Tv Tropes

Closing Words

There's so much more I'd like to dive into regarding this project, but I'll save a lot of it for the developer journals coming soon. There's going to be a LOT of information in those, so if you have the time, be sure to give them a read! Thank you for your time and I'll see you all in the next update!

Progress Report

Shion Reveal/DLC Info

Greetings to all! Today, I have come with an update regarding the first extra character to be added to the playable roster along with some other information regarding DLC. I'd like for this to be short and sweet, so without further ado, let's get started!

New Playable Character!

As of now, this project has a total of 26 playable characters. However, if you count Mega Man's Rush form, that technically counts as 27 in total. Today, our 28th playable character joins the roster!

Our first DLC fighter goes to no other than Shion from the 1991 Sega Genesis Classic, Wonder Boy in Monster World! It is the fifth Wonder Boy title in the series and the third Monster World game. As this project primarily celebrates side-scrolling action adventure titles with RPG and platforming elements, it would have been a "sin" to not include him along with the other color-blasted characters represented.

With a solid art style, equipment-based gameplay and a decent-sized world full of adventure, Monster World III is one of the series' finest titles and was the primary inspiration for the blueprint of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom.

How Does Shion Fight?

Before you simply pass Shion off as "another swordsman", most know that as long as you do something unique with them, they're always welcome additions. With that said, Shion's abilities are completely different from Asha and the others and he might just be the one of the most versatile and powerful characters in the entire game. I'll explain why with his unique moves.

  • Auto Block

Since Wonder Boy characters in Monster World 1, 2, 3, and Monster Boy always hold their shields up similar to Dragon Quest characters, there is no need to block manually. This means that he is able to avoid most damage from projectiles simply by standing there. This also means that physical blows aren't effective against him either as long as the attack hits the shield before it hits him.

  • Magic Switch

Shion is able to switch between five magic abilities based on the original game. These spells include Firestorm, Quake, Thunder, Power, and Shield. In other words, he has two screen nukes, a homing attack, and two moves that focus on buffs. One of the most special of them is Shield because it grants invincibility for a short time, but uses all Action Points to avoid abuse of it.

  • Active Weapon Switch

If you've played the original, you know that Shion does not only use swords, but various spears too. He attacks normally in a wide range and can poke enemies at a distance while ducking, but if you hold up while grounded, he can perform "Spear Twirl". Spear Twirl allows him to not only do damage, but it also reflects projectiles that are both in front of and above him.

  • He's A Fish

No, not literally! What this means is that because of Poseidon's trident, he can freely breathe underwater such as characters like Zero, Sasuke, and Shantae's mermaid form.

  • Wing Boots

Within the Monster World lore, there is a pair of boots called the "Wing Boots". With the Wing Boots equipped, any hero is able to slowly descend by holding the jump button while falling. While this ability is not in Monster World III, it has been pulled from the first MW game to pay tribute to that aspect of the series' equipment.

  • Dash

Similar to other characters, while grounded, Shion is able to dash in the desired direction to enable fast speed during situations. Since Shion is a legendary hero, he would need to be equipped with the best gear and abilities around to make sure he's ready to take on the task ahead.

What's Up With DLC?

If you've been following this project for a while, then you are aware that DLC is now possible for all of my projects since I no longer use the very flawed built-in save system for Game Maker. This means that new characters, levels, scenes, and much more can be added without any penalty to your save files as long as all the variables are correct. Doing so has opened massive doors to what kinds of things can be added and other games can even interact with each other's save files.

If you are playing the game now, that is a good thing because you'll need a clear save file to access some of the content that is coming in version 2.0. If you're waiting, that's completely fine however. Just remember, that when you have completed the game, be absolutely sure to keep your save files and make sure your master save is in slot number one. This is because since other games can read another games' save files and look for variables, then you'll earn some goodies in other projects as proof that your file is legit(at least I hope...).

Have You Updated?

As you all may know, the game has received updates here and there for various things and has fixed a handful of variable bugs that were my fault for not reading them closely enough. But, thanks to a certain individual who has been helping me left and right with finding things, the game has been rescued in that regard and I'm completely thankful for their assistance!

If you haven't already and your version still says version 1.0 for some reason, be absolutely sure to update your game to avoid some oddities that have already been ironed out in 1.4.

Small Shion Demonstration Possible

With our new, powerful fighter in the game, I've been thinking about doing a small demonstration with him. I am certain he'll be useful for both newcomers and experts alike.

Closing Words

That is pretty much all I have for you all today. There is still a large chunk of extra stuff in development, so I hope you all look forward to that as well as the tie-in saga of Monster World Legends. There's so much more I want to discuss, but I'll save some stuff for later. I hope you all are staying safe out there and have a wonderful day/evening. Until next time!


Version 1.4 Update

Hey, everyone! I just wanted to pop in and let you know that the base package has been updated to version 1.4. This version fixes some things that have been reported from various players regarding things like grammar and punctuation errors, but also adds a new feature.

New Feature

The new feature allows you to turn off screen shaking during active combat. It does not turn off screen shakes during specials and cut scenes. If you currently have the game already, all you'll need to do is grab the exe in the link below that is also hosted on the game's main public profile. The link for it is always the same. However, I believe it will be smart to add an exe update link here to avoid having to have an external link. Would you all like that?

1.4 Executable Update

DLC Info

Currently, there is a handful of DLC content in the works and as you've seen with the features and fixes, the game can expand and be edited as necessary to make it as smooth and enjoyable of an experience as possible.

Special Thanks

I would love to thank all of the players and testers who have not only played the game, but have given useful feedback on the project so far. Every single bit of it helps; especially if it's something that will improve where it's lacking. I'd love to give another thanks to those who have played the game far beyond the credits and have searched the game's world from top to bottom for stuff they may have missed and even giving reports on things that were discovered in post-game. It means the world to me! :D

With this new package out today, I hope that it clears some issues up and I hope those who have made it far will look forward to the DLC. This project will only happen one time and I don't think I'll be introducing any new crossovers or fan games in general after this...at least for a while.

If there's anything fan "game" wise I would make after finishing this completely as well as Monster World Legends, it would be to combine all of the coding and resources to build a Monster World Maker that could also be used to build your own side-scrolling 2D RPG games. That would be my final work for this series and fan games in general. This way, I can move on and make my own games with all original assets. But, don't get me wrong, I'd love for it to be heavily inspired by Monster World and other games I've played over the last decade.

Possible New Wonder Boy/Monster World In Development.

There's been a rumor going around in several sources that in the GDC(Game Developer's Conference)that was supposed to have been held this month, there is another Monster World game in development. One of the booths was listed as "Wonder Boy Universe: Asha in Monster World". By the sounds of it, it could be a remake, sequel, or an entirely new game starring Asha as the hero once again. Whatever it is(if it's real), I'll accept it with open arms! I can't believe how this series has made a huge comeback recently! The link is below.

Wonder Boy Universe:Asha in Monster World

Closing Words

Anyways, that is all I have for you today. It's been great being able to work with and speak to so many individuals about this and hopefully, you'll all continue to aid me in this to make it the best experience possible. I appreciate every last one of you. With that said, as you all may know, there's a lot going on right now regarding the recent virus and all. Stay safe out there! Until next time!


Quick Update/New Feature

Hi all! I just wanted to pop in to let you all know that an update was added moments ago. It includes several fixes and a couple of other features to make things a bit smoother in some areas, but rougher in others. I'll be as brief as I can. The following update includes...

  • Typo fixes in the game's move list, journal, and other directories

  • Monster HP growth depending on difficulty

  • Gem to gold conversion rate increase

Enemy Growth

Basically, what this means is that the number of HP of each enemy will increase depending on what difficulty you have selected. This was done because once you are powerful enough, a lot of the normal enemy challenge is thrown out the window because you're able to defeat them within one or two strikes. Now, no matter what your skill level is, it is possible to alter the challenge based on your liking.

Gem To Gold Conversion Update

As you may have noticed, when you have the "Conversion Plus" bond equipped, the conversion rate of gems to gold increases from 1 all the way to 1.5. Now, the conversion rate has been increased to a maximum of 2 gold per gem. This means, you're able to get a maximum of 19998 gold instead of 14998. With the right bonds equipped, you can earn an easy profit doing "something"...

Typo Fixes

Since RPGs are big games and often have a TON of text, it is somewhat normal for there to be typo, grammar, and other spelling errors that will occur. With the help of two additional testers and running things though a much better spell check, things have been going rather smoothly with fixing the game up to be free of such errors.


I recently checked and it seems the project itself has been downloaded over 100 times! Thank you all who have downloaded so far! I know the initial launch wasn't exactly graceful thanks to the numerous errors found and patches that had to be made to get things working as they should, but I thank you for being patient with me and I hope that things will run MUCH smoother when version 2.0 is released.

The 2.0 package is currently in development and will release sometime soon depending on how fast things go and what kind of content is jammed into it. That's pretty much all I have to say for now. Until next time!


Base Package/Exe Update

Hello everyone! I am back with another update on the project as well as some info regarding DLC. I'll try to be as brief as I can so without further ado, let's get started!

Base Package And Executable Updated

Recently, there have been a few minor things that slipped under the radar from the testers and I, so with today's update, it fixes numerous things such as typos, coordinate errors in a particular event and other things. I'd like to give out a huge thank you to them because several pairs of eyes is much greater than one or two. The cleaner the game can be, the better!

Transition Sound Feature

A new feature has been added! The particular one is a sound effect toggle when you move to a new room. In the original Monster World 4, every time you transitioned to a new room, a sound would play. However, a majority of other games in the series and of its kind silently transition. I believe it was a good thing to give players the option to turn this off at will so they won't be annoyed by it.

Final Boss Update

For those who have made it to the final boss, when she gets angry, she starts to cast two spells at once. However, if you turn the game difficulty up to hard mode or above, she'll triple cast at a chance if her HP is below 500K.

Popful Mail Move Set Update

While this feature was originally going to be in the big update, players will get two of Mail's new abilities early. When she equips the fire or electric element, her blade will not only absorb the attribute and change form, but it will gain a new ability that is very useful for both melee and long-ranged combat. This alone makes her a much more versatile fighter than before. Keep in mind, these abilities use up her "Arms" meter with every strike!

Enemy Growth In Development

Along with the updates above, there are numerous other features in development. One of the features that has been on my mind is adding something that will modify enemy HP based on the difficulty. Not only that, it's something that's currently in demand because once you get too powerful, most enemies can be defeated in a single strike which pretty much negates challenge altogether when one wants to revisit some stages.

In order to keep the challenge, not only are there difficulty options, but there are also certain challenges one could take to make the game harder. However, adding one more effect that allows for more combo outputs is something I believe would be welcome. Some challenges I recommend trying out once you know the game well are...

  • No Synth Grid challenge

  • Talisman only challenge

  • Bond only challenge

  • Savior difficulty challenge

The last one is by far the most difficult because one damage from anything defeats everyone at once. It is something specifically designed for those who want to practice no damage runs as well as those who want to perfect the game.

That's all I have for this update I believe. If you are new and have not downloaded the game yet, be sure to get a fresh copy. However, if you already have the base package, you will only need to download the exe file and replace the one you currently have. Until next time!


DLC Phase Has Started!

Greetings once again! Today, I have come to let you know the downloadable content phase has officially begun! While it did take a bit to eliminate errors, bugs, typos, and other issues, I believe it is safe to say that the base game is now cleaned up. If you manage to find anything else, be absolutely sure to report it. A screenshot of anything you find would be much appreciated as well.

The lesson to be learned from all of this is to be sure to have more than one tester. There are so many player types and since they play differently, they are bound to find things that others and even the developers themselves did not come across. For those who have reported anything(you know who you are) thank you so much! The cleaner the game is, the better. Now, let's get on to the DLC.

2.0 Expansion

If you have been following this, then you may remember that I've been saying that the DLC package is a "1.1" update. But, it turns out that number is completely wrong. That is for patches and other issues. Major updates go up by one number, so the DLC expansion is version 2.0, not 1.1. You learn something new every day, huh?

For those who have completed the game, I'm certain you've noticed the Otherworldly Staircase that is on the far, right side of the Grand Cathedral. You can indeed enter it, but all of the area spaces are blank. That is because that in itself is the area currently in development. While you are awaiting the package, there are a handful of things you could be doing to prepare for it including...

  • Fighting in the Colosseum

  • Maxing out your Synth Grid

  • Getting the ultimate bonds

  • Exploring the world for content or items you missed

As for what will be in the package itself, we have discussed to an extent before, but for a refresher, I'll list things that are set to be available.

  • Extra Stages

  • Extra Boss Battles

  • An external costume edit system

  • Bonus cut scenes scattered throughout the world

  • Possibly a new playable character or two

  • Extra or expanded dialogue

  • 10 Master Dream Gates

  • New moves added to certain playable characters

  • New fixes and face sets

The Journey Continues

The very purpose of this process is to explore content that I could not in the base game and now that I look at it, it was a good thing. Not only did the site cap help me realize a thing or two, but it also gave me a good reason to tie some things up and split other things off with DLC. If it were any bigger, it would be impossible to have properly hosted it here.

Play Time Reports

So far, players have reported that the game is 20+hours long on their first run! Some have even reached the 30+hour mark which is exciting! One of the dreams I had was to see if it is possible to create a 2D action RPG that could last 20+hours and while we were initially aiming for a short, 4-6 hour game, it seems it ended up being a lot longer than expected. I can knock that dream off of my list now!

The Epilogue Link

For those who have beaten the game and seen the epilogue, it does link into another project that has recently gone back into development known as Monster World Legends. If you desire to have the complete story, it is recommended you follow both projects as there will be a time in which you will need both games to unlock certain content.

The current version of it is very old and does not reflect my current vision on gameplay and story. It will be left up for historic purposes only.

Closing Words

Thank you to all who have helped so far in making this come true. I cannot and will not take full credit for any of this because without the friends, family, mentors, musicians, artists, testers, players, and many more of you, it wouldn't even be this far. Each one of you are a piece of this puzzle and you all came through even if at one time, I doubted it. I appreciate every last one of you!

Anyways, It's time to begin working on this, so I'll keep you updated as certain things develop. Until next time!


Update And Thank You!

Hello, everyone! I have come today to let you all know that the game's 1.0 package has been updated as of today as well as another exe release that just got added. If you downloaded the game originally on day 1, that package is no longer valid because I had to remove and replace many resources to fit the game here.

The correct package is the one added recently. The one updated today includes all of the current fixes listed on the front page. The following fixes are...

  • A face set for Luna

  • Fixed punctuation and grammar errors

  • Reduced final boss difficulty

  • Removed the dual character error at Moonflower Temple

  • Extended Popful Mail shield hitbox

  • Reduced speed of archers' arrow shots

  • Reduced the magic amount in the "Wind Whirl" spell

  • Removed the floating caterpillar at Terran Pass

  • Changed the effect of the paralysis status effect

  • Reduced flashing in Amy's special attack

  • Updated boss battle challenge: The Gals

  • Fixed some save building defaults

  • Added solids in the corner of a room in Crumble Crypt

  • Added Solo Savior boss challenge

  • Fixed the scrolling background in Fire And Water boss challenge

  • Sheila collection hitbox added while climbing

  • Reduced particle effects to decrease memory usage

  • Asha's Alpha Beam can no longer home enemies

  • Fixed Yae's protect ability creation

  • Nerfed Yae's blocking ability time

  • Fixed platform sensor in some areas

  • Fixed item descriptions

  • Increased bypass action threshold

  • Nerfed Sparkster's jet pack regeneration a bit

  • Fixed the infinite Casino Heart Holder appearance

The Game Patch

If you downloaded the game earlier, it is wise that you check up on the game's main page once in a while to check for what's been fixed. The date and time will be recorded each time the game executable file has been updated. The link is always the same and all you have to do is replace the current exe with the new one and your game will be updated instantly.

Thank You!

I must say, I have to give a HUGE thank you to all who have downloaded and have been reporting things to me that you've encountered. There are indeed things that even I don't see, so thank you for having my back and lending some advice on what to fix, improve, or change. All is taken into consideration! You rock! :D.

That's pretty much all I have for now. Be sure to pick up the exe update if you haven't already and have fun! Until next time!
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