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If you are aiming for 100% game completion, the percentage at the beginning of each chapter should be as follows:
Chapter 1 (1st Save Point): 3%
Chapter 2: 12%
Chapter 3: 31%
Chapter 4: 35%
Chapter 5 (Point of No Return): 93%
Before last ever save: 100%

Below are the details on how to get each specific percentage point(s):

- Main Story (Unmissable) (51%)
Walkthrough guide for the main story CLICK HERE...

- Side Quests (Missable) (24%)

1 Attack on Chicken.
Quest Start: Fedir (Morbinka)
After speaking to the man in the stable, go outside and kill all the enemies.

2 Stranded Wagon.
Quest Start: Erwan (Sona Bridge)
Go to the tree house in Merrin Forest. Speak to Andrei the carpenter to get his special axe. Then go back out of the tree house, down the steps on the right. Take the path to the right where it splits. Keep going right, then right again off the screen to find a hidden area. Get the hardwood from the tree with the red trunk in the middle of the clearing. Speak to Andrei, then give the wheels to Erwan.

You will fail the above if not completed by the start of Karela Fort.

1 Champion Saver.
Quest Start: Aleks (Item shop, Kazahlin)
Save 1 million gold then speak to Aleks in Dama.

2 Children of the Stars.
Quest Start: Galina (Chancellery library)
Ankhanessa, lighthouse, top floor, fire.
Ramas, factory, fround floor, conveyor belt machine.
Eiya, Pern, tree trunk with shoots.
Horas, watchtower rock face, crack.
Kastet, Dama, river.

1 Running Man.
Quest Start: Egor (Koshi Forest)
Tip: To get 1st Prize, don’t waste time wandering around on the world map.

2 Curse of the Ruby Skulls.
Quest Start: Girl (Kazahlin)
1. Gorge’s Peak Cave after the first stairs down.
2. Monastery near the stairs on the right.
3. Bridge across the big waterfall when going down.
4. Inside the factory on the ground floor.
Go to the Bank of Artisala and speak to the woman at the desk to cash in.

2 Ring Bearer.
Quest Start: Aina (Merrin Forest cave in the far east)
In the Flying Dog Inn, 1st floor during the day, speak to Jen.
On the day of Ankha, go to the library in the Military District and speak to Biscuit.
Wait until the early hours, go to the kitchen of the Chancellery and speak to Maki.
Go to the lighthouse during sunset (3pm-6pm) and speak to Konstantin.

2 Flowers for the Dead.
Quest Start: Julia (Lucky Pharmacy)
Poppy: Market stall near the Flying dog.
Dahlia: Girls selling flowers at Dama.
Yoko Ono Pom: Gorge’s Peak, all the way to the west of the area near the dead grass.
Zaza: Statue in front of the Ametarashi Embassy in the park.
Blue Hydrogea: Dama, near the top next to the water.
Chaos Petunia: Gorge’s Peak cave near the entrance to the Chamber of Darkness.

2 7 Troop Challenge.
Quest Start: Lt. Dmitri (Amaryllis Knights HQ)
Battle 1: Ruined Church, church.
Battle 2: Gorge's Peak, west side.
Battle 3: Lighthouse, steps.
Battle 4: Sobesk Park, Government District.
Battle 5: Watchtower, behind the tree.
Battle 6: Dama, outside inn.
Battle 7: Gorge's Peak cave, lowest floor near lake.

1 Find My Kitty.
Quest Start: Edy (Hungry Boar Merchants)
Anya's hideout in the Chancellery in the bottom left of the area.
Shout out Suzu for the cat to appear.

3 Anya's Secret.
Quest Start: Anya (Gorge's Peak cave)
Speak to Stepan at the Flying Dog Inn. He will appear after defeating Zorg.
Speak to his wife who appears on the bridge in the government district during the day. Then speak to Katia who only appears just before sunrise (3am-6am).
She will tell you to go to Fedoro Manor on the day of Kast.
Go there on Kast and the door will open.
Speak to all the children, then go to the dining room. You will have dinner.
Find Olga in the library, then go to the lock room upstairs.
Read the book in the middle of the room then go to the bookshelf and enter 353.
You will get a key to open the safehouse in the Market District.
Go to the safehouse and defeat all the enemies including the professor.

2 Orc Slayer.
Quest Start: Orc Slayer (Medic tent, Military District)
The orc cave is on the western side of Gorge's Peak.
In the cave, you will make your way through a maze until you get to Mila.
She will tell you to defeat the Hob-Ogre to get the key to her cell.
Once Mila is saved, unlock the stairs on the top right and exit area.
Go back to the Orc Slayer.

1 Tardy Employee.
Quest Start: Library Manager (Military District)
Donna is in the Orc Cave. You won't recognise her unless you have this quest active.

2 Karys in Wonderland.
Quest Start: Divinatory (2nd floor, Lucky Pharmacy)
You won't have access to the 2nd floor of the shop until later in the game.
Speak to the Divinatory then go to the Ekaterina Tower.
Stage 1-2: Collect the eggs to open the portal.
Stage 3: Lure the demon to one side before climbing up. Get the 2 keys at the top to unlock the eggs in the middle.
Stage 4-5: Collect all the eggs and avoid the monsters.

You will fail all of the above if not completed after the point of no return.

- Unlock all 16 pictures in the gallery (Missable) (16%)
Approx. location of all pictures from the gallery:
1. Risa's house.
2. Watchtower.
3. News board, capital.
4. Maria's house, Kazahlin.
5. Boy near west gate.
6. Girl, Kazahlin.
7. Overworld, mountains.
8. Waterfall cave, letter.
9. Lighthouse, top.
10. Camp with Karys.
11. Just before chamber of spirits, book.
12. Console, factory boss.
13. Siege of Artisala.
14. Monastery, prayer room.
15. Catacombs entrance.
16. Open sea.

- Performance related (Easily Missable) (9%)
1 Hidden chest in Merrin swamp.
The chest on the right of the bridge leading to the ogre.

1 Find location of 1st tomb.
Tomb in the cave, east of Merrin Forest. Prime numbers 2,3,5,7,11,13.

1 Unlock Armoury room.
Karela Fort: Get the key in the toilet, then open the armoury.

1 Find location of 2nd tomb.
Crack in the wall where you save Victoria. Composite numbers 4,6,8,9,10,12.

1 Power upgrade from statue.
Artisala Museum: Talk to the Professor, interact with the incinerator, go back to the statue.

1 Find Silvia's head.
Examine the headless Silvia Statue in Gorge's Peak first. The missing head is in the left hand side of the distortion after escaping the Chamber of Riddles.
You only have one chance to get it.

1 Find all 4 ruby skulls.
Get all of them to get the extra %. See hints in sidequests for locations.

1 Interact with exotic vendor.
You need 500000 Gold for her to appear in the Port District warehouses. You will only be able to buy items off her once and then she leaves.

1 Unlock extra psychic battle.
Scarlett will approach you at the Flying Dog after you completed the mission at the lighthouse. Go up to the top floor of the inn and speak to Matrix in his room.
You don't need to defeat him to get the % point.