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Name: Klein Cryoz
Age: 20
Race: Erran
Zodiac: Scorpio
- The Main Protagonist of the story. Klein is a Cipher, 20 years of age. He has left behind his dark past when the High King of Xerxes took him in as part of the Cipher’s Kinetic Association (CKA) of House Rave and assigned him as the Princess’ personal body-guard. He is calm, deep and stoic.

Name: Ellemine Rave
Age: 21
Race: Erran
Zodiac: Virgo
– Princess of House Rave and daughter of the High King. Ellemine is an empath who has suffered greatly because of her powers. She is able to absorb the feelings of everyone around her, be it, joy, pain, sorrow and anger. All of these have made her life difficult and have left her feeling overwhelmed for so many times already. Ellemine, Instead of her non-cipher elder brother, Prince Eryn Rave, was chosen as heir to House Rave, for, In Erran tradition, the Royal child who possesses psychic powers must always be the chosen heir, despite of their age and gender. She is very close to her mother, Queen Lumina Rave. Ellemine is humble and meek, but wise and strong.

Name: Chad Zephyr
Age: 19
Race: Human
Zodiac: Pisces
- Prince of House Zephyr and son of the well renowned couple of Sector 1, Lord Falric and Lady Marselva Zephyr. As a college freshman and a popular athlete, life has been going well for him, until he was taken off guard by his parents’ decision to get him engaged with an Erran Princess. Chad wasn’t really into any kinds of relationship during the time, however, when he met Princess Ellemine for the first time, his heart strings were plucked as an invisible cord of emotional and spiritual connection has formed between the two of them. Chad has been professionally trained in sword-fighting since childhood; this makes him an excellent fighter. He's charismatic, athletic and laid-back.

Name: Sola Brightling
Age: 20
Race: Kunian
Zodiac: Sagittarius
- A teen who is currently on her “Calline”. Calline is a practice among the Kuni where an individual reaching the age of 20 is sent out on a journey around the Galaxy to find him/herself, creating his/her destiny and bringing honor to their people. This journey usually awakens fear and anxiety on a Kunian, but Sola was very excited for this journey. As the adoptive child of Lady Tajuma Hulei, governor of Sector 3, she was always expected to be as reserved and well-behaved as they wanted her to be. Now, the Calline is the only thing that can free her adventurous spirit. She's childish but very cunning.

Name: Veronica Wale
Age: 27
Race: Farian
Zodiac: Capricorn
- Owner of “Wale’s Resto Bar” located in planet Kardel, Sector 3. Veronica lives up to the Farian stereotype of being heavily involved in black magic such as hexes and curses. Veronica is notorious for using spells to enhance her charms and allure on her costumers, making them come back to her resto bar again and again. Veronica’s life changed directions when the leader of the “Star Raiders” fell in love with her. The leader of this pirate group wishes to kidnap her and force her into marrying him. She's very charming, witty and humorous.

Name: Zazir S-89
Age: 8
Race: Half Draconian and Gray
Zodiac: Gemini
- Zazir is the 89th Hybrid experiment of the Niredian Scientists in Sector 1. He is a mixture of both Draconian and Gray DNA. Zazir was left to rot in the barren planet of Jargon in Sector 2, for, he was deemed a failed experiment by the Niredian scientists. Zazir, however, is not exactly a failure himself. He possesses the strong physical capabilities of a Draconian and the telepathic powers of a Gray. He was saved from this predicament when he met Klein and Ellemine. Zazir is naïve and curious, but brave and loyal.