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Road To Paradise is a game--actually two closely related games--about two very different worlds colliding and the spectacular consequences that result. As you may have noticed me being cute, the initials are indeed "RTP", and in a slightly pretentious, meta sense, this is a game about the RTP and whatever worldbuilding can be inferred from "default everything". That said, this game does not, by any means, use only RTP assets, and uses very little of the default database.

In Road To Paradise - The Staircase you are Devlyn Ryder, a former Green Beret and lifelong special forces veteran who's called in to deal with a very shady situation in the slums of Alexandra in Johannesburg South Africa. It turns out not to be terrorists, a hostage situation, or a compromised diplomat, but a portal to another dimension--one that appeared out of nowhere in the basement of a dive bar. Early attempts at recon have been unsuccessful or outright disastrous. Now it's up to you and a team of experts--the special agent in charge of the C.I.A.'s Africa desk, Director Simmons, an ace combat medic, Mary Ohara, and a Japanese scientist, Naomi Watanabe--to slip through the portal and explore the wonderers and horrors this strange new world has to offer.

Road To Paradise - The Dragon is the other side of the story.

Both games will be episodic story-focused JRPGs. This will be a commercial game after the first episodes if there is sufficient interest, but the first episodes will always be free to play. Commercially released episodes, if and when there are any, will include both sides of the story--The Dragon and The Stairway.

Latest Blog

Les Fonts Teribles

One or two (or six) people pointed out to me that Agency FB is not easy to read so I switched fonts/typefaces for The Staircase to 'Hack'.

Better? Worse? What do you think? If the consensus is that this is a good font, I'll go through and finish rejiggering the rest of the show text commands and item descriptions in the game to make sure the text fits, since Hack is obviously much less compact than Agency FB.
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