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Road To Paradise is a game--actually two closely related games--about two very different worlds colliding and the spectacular consequences that result. As you may have noticed me being cute, the initials are indeed "RTP", and in a slightly pretentious, meta sense, this is a game about the RTP and whatever worldbuilding can be inferred from "default everything". That said, this game does not, by any means, use only RTP assets, and uses very little of the default database.

In Road To Paradise - The Staircase you are Devlyn Ryder, a former Green Beret and lifelong special forces veteran who's called in to deal with a very shady situation in the slums of Alexandra in Johannesburg South Africa. It turns out not to be terrorists, a hostage situation, or a compromised diplomat, but a portal to another dimension--one that appeared out of nowhere in the basement of a dive bar. Early attempts at recon have been unsuccessful or outright disastrous. Now it's up to you and a team of experts--the special agent in charge of the C.I.A.'s Africa desk, Director Simmons, an ace combat medic, Mary Ohara, and a Japanese scientist, Naomi Watanabe--to slip through the portal and explore the wonderers and horrors this strange new world has to offer.

Road To Paradise - The Dragon is the other side of the story.

Both games will be episodic story-focused JRPGs. This will be a commercial game after the first episodes if there is sufficient interest, but the first episodes will always be free to play. Commercially released episodes, if and when there are any, will include both sides of the story--The Dragon and The Stairway.

Credits Of Particular Note
Main Character Designs & Sprites by the incredible UPRC
Battlers by MilanoCat
Custom Graphics (Jeep) by Nirwanda

Latest Blog

It's out! The Staircase is finally out you guys!

I sincerely and dearly hope this launch will go more smoothly than that of The Staircase's sister game (which is a pretty damn low bar).

Road to Paradise: The Staircase - Episode I: Downstairs done officially got released. As of now. Please play it when you get a chance. Everyone, like every single person. I made this thing. It was hard. No one paid me. I made it for you to enjoy so enjoy it. Hopefully you will all enjoy it very much. The word of the day is enjoy.

Um, right, yeah, let me get slightly more official.


Release Notes
* Up until the last minute there was a known bug with potion identification: enemies on the fifth floor always drop un-ID'd potions. Well, I sort-of patched it. They still drop the un-ID'd potions but when you go back downstairs from the fifth floor, the potions get auto-ID'd.
* There have been some reports of file corruption so if something is borked check for that. I'd say step 1 in the face of any weirdness, try a re-download. Similarly if it throws a 'font x is missing' error, it's most likely something effed up in the download process: there is a Fonts folder included with all necessary fonts.
* That said I'm sure my game is crawling with bugs. Help me identify them!
* There are two difficulties. Hmm. Talking about difficulty in games can feel kind of like a minefield. In this case, you have the opportunity to experience the game's events as a rookie or as a more experienced veteran. Obviously, playing as a veteran is harder. It's also how the game was originally intended to be played but puh-leeze like whatever on that phrase. It's not like some invisible...let's call him a "Game Genie" is secretly watching you, judging if you're playing the game in the correct, kosher, and sacred way. Play however you want.
That said if someone literally put a gun to my head and demanded I give them a more straightforward, unalloyed explanation of the game's difficulties, well first off, I would be TERRIFIED and i would scream and scream and Oh My God how did they get into my house???? how did they get into my house??

* Oh, and finally, I'm aware that the *actual spoilers*
dragons at the end
are kind of a hodge-podge of different clashing artistic styles. Having cool, unique/different looking dragons was more important to me than being stylistically coherent here.

Le Crow
12:59 AM EST 12/12/2018
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Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
Could you remove me from the users for this game? I appreciate that you want to credit me for using my old game's psrites and I have no qualms about you doing so, but perhaps in a manner that doesn't give me tons of RMN notifications?
sure, sorry! (I WISH this project was generating tons of notifications, lol, but I'll go ahead and remove you anyway.)

Edit: oh, you probably meant part one of screenshotmageddon. Yeah, that WOULD generate a lot of notifications. Glad I removed you before screenshotmageddon part 2.
This game looks, and sounds fun. When might you have a playable demo, or full game?
Thanks! The other side of this game has its first episode released, if you haven't checked that out already.

On this side of the game, the first release of Episode I should be coming out in the next few weeks. The to-do list right now looks like this, ideally:

  • Fix all dialogue boxes and item descriptions so that the new font fits in correctly.
  • Take screenshots/videos of a couple of the features I planned on blogging about last week.
  • Cap off the new version, which will include two difficulties ('Bring It On' and 'I Just Don't Find Losing Repeatedly Very Fun, It Detracts From The Story"), and send it to my two playtesters, kumada and JustAShyDoge.
  • Hear back from testers that nothing I fixed broke anything else.
  • Final check to avoid a disastrous screw up like my release of the other half.
  • Road To Paradise: The Staircase Episode I: Downstairs v0.5 public release.
is it required to have played the other game to play this
@bicfarmer: no! Not at all. And sorry for not answering that like a month ago. :/

A little disappointed to see no one's really played or reviewed this over the holiday. I mean, I get it, Christmas and New Year and all, so if there's one fortnight I could disappear from RMN and expect my download numbers to stay pretty much static, this'd be it. And "no news" is definitely less upsetting than five one star reviews. Still, kind of a bummer.
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