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Demo version 1.2.3!

Thank you to everyone that's played our game so far! With the feedback we've gotten, me and the rest of the team have been able to tighten up the experience, and have fixed quite a few bugs and inconsistencies.
NOTE: This new version uses a different, more legible font! Please install it from the fonts folder before playing!

Please let us know if there are any issues with the current demo. Thank you!

(As a note, the Perfect Meal Challenge is still active! Read the appropriate post for details)


*Gauntlet throwing noises*

Hey everyone, lavendersiren here! I'm glad to see that so many have enjoyed playing our game! Now, you might be asking me "lavvy, why the heck are you awake at 1am?"
Well, it's because I've lost control of my life I'd like to issue you all a challenge!

As some players may be able to tell, cooking in this game is quite in depth despite there only being sixteen recipes, due to the fact that everyone likes different food. Topaz in particular may be one of the most difficult to please in the entire party. However, if you do manage to make them the Perfect Meal and then talk to them, something special will happen.

Challenge: Personally obtain a screenshot (shift is the screenshot button) of this special occurrence and post it either here or wherever else you can publicly get my attention.
I'll be waiting for your return, while tirelessly working on level two with the rest of the team.

Good luck!


First demo release!

Happy new year!
We've got a fresh and tasty demo for everyone to enjoy! The team over here at Fallingstar has been working hard to get this demo together. We hope you enjoy what you find here!

As with Fiora, you will need to install the plopdump font if you haven't already.
Let's hope this year is a good one!
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