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Every decision, big or small, has an impact on your life. Theoretically, every person is one of billions of versions of themselves based on the decisions they've made. Think of all the different paths your life could have taken- you could be a millionaire off of a lucky lottery ticket, or maybe you could have been a scientist that found the cure to cancer. You're not, obviously, but if you made different decisions, maybe you could have been the true best version of yourself possible.

...But what about the most boring, unexciting version of you, that made all the choices that led to the most dull life possible?

That is Dan. Dan lives in a boring world and made boring decisions that led to a boring life. Despite this, he's about to go on the most exciting adventure of his life. (Not that the standards are very high)

Discover the importance of your individuality, lessons about being yourself, and more cookie-cutter inspiration-based ideas in the dramatic (compared to a normal day) adventure through various dimensions, each containing a reality with different zany elements and versions of Dan.

Will Dan find the meaning of love? Will he learn where his values truly lie? Will he learn to truly accept himself?


This game was made for the Theme Roulette 2 event, with the theme given being "Dimension". I felt pretty satisfied with the game, and then just... never made a game page. So here it is, like, a year later. To justify the year it sat in my projects folder, I added 2 bonus areas at a part of the game where there's a split path.

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  • 08/17/2019 09:22 PM
  • 09/18/2019 11:51 PM
  • 08/17/2019
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Pages: 1
saw libby play this. its pretty funny
Played this one.
Nice, short, and funny.
A nice five-minute diversion. Fitting graphics, charming puzzles, funny writing.
Pages: 1