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Why you should play this game:
Once there was a game by the same developer....except it ended without telling you who won the president of RMN!! OH Woes how can anyone be so cruel, so heartless, to end in such abruptness! Madness!

A smol, simple, doggo with no talents, no attention, no friends, who would do anything and stop at nothing to be with his senpai...a sad, touching yet elegant story.

written by Hideo Kojima

A super, straight-forward, no choice no joke novel! Why would anyone bother to laugh or hindered by those multiple choices nor stupid mini games that does nothing but hinders with the romance and love between your senpai?!

But that's not all! With a 48hrs packed Novel, you get to see the endings of:
-Will LiBurnTea ever successfully boil a tea without burning it?!
-Will you be able to find out if Zeck is still alive in RMN?
-Will Senpai say Yes?!
-Will Doggo able to withstand Senpai saying Yes??!
-Will this Will combo ever end?!
-Will CashyCat broadcast more live streams?
-Will our headmaster Ken/lecturer Crit ever appear in the game?!
-What ever happens to our ex-president OzzyTheHandsome?!
Tune in to find out, and more!


-With the power of Unity, presenting you HD, 4K, 3D full res of your favourite characters starring Doggo-chan and Senpai! (Unreal engine is for the losers! If you prefer real*vomit*engine, play this instead
-Australian proud product! Hand coded by Christian Whitehead, approved by Gaben.
-next gen, fast paced, heartbreak, heartwarming, Music composed by Tee Lopes.
-Now with 100% more in-ads and 200% more microtransactions! Pay more to win Senpai's heart MORE!
-Fully custom handmade, drawn, tailored costume and background 100% by ShyDoge. 100%.
-A NEXT Decade 2020 Gamepage first ever, totally not copied from the game linked with real technologies!

"GOTY 2020" Awards

"A touching, heartwarming story, worth every dime" Awards
- YoungNotPat

"Way better than all any other Seasons 3 event game ever made!" Awards
- NotAShyDoge

"10/10 Enough water and enough cooking, would cook again" Awards
- NotAnotherShyDoge

"Best Indie Novel Game" Award
- LiBurnCoffee herself.

Editor please delete this after gamepage is approved

Doggo High School is a joke-visual novel game made for RMN's 2020 Seasons 3 Event.

The game is about a doggo trying to win a cooking contest in order to win a free ticket to an expensive restaurant to impress and confess its love to senpai. As such, you will need to learn to manage your time, earn gold for ingredients, buy ingredients, invent/research dishes, make friends(optional), practice cooking skills and win the cookoff every week and make it to the finals!

Oh also, this is the continuous of the first game(The End, novel ending) So you will be seeing familiar faces like LiBurnTea being the new president of the School of RMN

Latest Blog

Doggo 1.1 Fixes

Hello and who knew this game would have updates, mostly fixes.

Doggo High School 1.1:
-Fixed a skill issue for enemy that heals player mp instead of self.
-Fixed an error enemy's mp recover skill no effect due to formula error(I wrote mtk instead of mat ._. )
-Fixed certain issue where gold display was not updated in week 3.
-OpeneZ will no longer think with his face.(rip my English)
-Fixed some issues with inventing.
-Reduced enemy mana cost for "Wink" from 50 -> 30.


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Still a dumb and shy doggo
This is the best game of all time.

IKR? NotaShydoge is such a great reviewer! Also that guy with dashing cool mint was D R E A M Y
Did somebody say... COOKING?
(Will play this later tonight)
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
This is the best game of all time.
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