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Notice: This version is no longer supported by the developer, as a new definitive version, Chronicles: Meteorfall is currently in development. As of now the game is completely broken and unbeatable, so please wait for the definitive version to release sometime in 2022 to start or continue playing. If you so choose, you can choose to play this version which is basiclly just a 15 hour demo for the definitive version. Just keep in mind that it's beyond broken and impossible to finish Thank you for your patience.

Trigger Warning: This game contains minor swearing, heavy innuendo, LGBT themes, implied sex, (fade to black) and some optional horror elements. You have been warned.


In the world of Zutara, there was once a great city known as Arcadia, where dragons and humans lived in peace. However, this all changed when a great blood-red meteor fell from the sky, the Crimson Meteor. The meteor wiped out Arcadia along with most of life on the planet, not only leaving few survivors, but also spreading feral beasts known as terrors across the land. This cataclysmic event was known as the Crimson Calamity, and would be remembered for all of time.

Nearly 1000 years later, the world had mostly recovered from the Meteor's impact, though terrors still walk the earth, destroying anything in their path. To handle the threat of the terrors, many groups of brave adventurers have banded together to fight the growing Terror menace and protect the many towns and cities that dot the landscape. The most prestigious of these groups are the Ferngulf Holy Knights, a group that a young man named Koros is working to join.

Koros lives in Ari Village, a small town located on the outer edge of Ferngulf, and lives a peaceful life working at his father's blacksmith shop and doing missions for the Knights in order to join their group. However, during Koros' final exam before he could join the knight's order, Koros stumbles across a mysterious spirit being who calls himself "Kairos," the "seraphim of time."

Kairos forcibly fuses with Koros, causing him to become a Dragonkin, beings who were once dragons but decided to take a human-like form in order to avoid a deadly plague, but can transform into their original dragon state for a limited time. Losing control of his newfound powers, Koros accidentally kills his spiteful uncle in self-defense, and for doing so is banished from his village.

With nowhere else to go, Koros follows Kairos' advice to seek out Archsage Amadeus, leader of the Church of Nargi, in order to learn of his grand destiny. Upon meeting with the Archsage, Koros learns that a noble from east Ferngulf named Baron Ozma seeks to re-create the legendary blade Ars Solaris in order to summon the Crimson Meteor once again. For what reason, that is unknown. To do this, he sent out his 4 female warriors, his "oracles," to collect the 4 shards of the Ars Solaris. Once gathered, the four shards will combine, re-creating the Ars Solaris, the legendary blade that was sealed long ago.

On his journey, Koros meets many new allies, like Tayo the enigmatic bandit-turned-priest, Zenith, the duchess of a town of monsters, and Stacy, a ditzy summoner's apprentice who is a Wingli, a race of winged humanoids who live high above the clouds. With these 3 new allies and the various powers they find along the way, will Koros able to stop Baron Ozma's diabolical plot and save the world? Or is there another foe working in the shadows? Find out in Meteo Chronicles, the first game in the Chronicles of Chronicles series and the first game in the Meteo Trilogy!

Playable Characters

Koros Satori
Age: 19
Gender: Male (?)
Race: Human -> Dragonkin
Element: Fire
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Recommended Class: Vanguard, Thief, Wizard
Description: Koros has lived in Ari all of his life, longing to explore the world. He does odd jobs for the prestigious Ferngulf Pyro Knights in the hope of joining their ranks, such as fetching supplies or clearing out bandits. Due to his training, he is skilled in swordplay and has won many local tournaments. However, one day while on a mission to recover a bandit's stolen treasure, Koros comes across a mysterious being who calls himself "Kairos," the "One who rules over time." A god of sorts. Kairos unwillingly makes Koros his vessel in order to grant him enough power to stop a approaching calamity that could end the world. After an encounter with Koros' hateful uncle, Koros is banished from Ari and forced to wander the world. On his travels, he learns of his destiny as the "Spawn of Valfa," one of the many incarnations of the seraphim Valfa and the one destined to save the world from darkness. So, Koros sets out with an unlikely team of heroes to find a way to stop this "crimson calamity" and save the world.
Secretly loves to crossdress and is a bit insecure about his identity, but mostly
keeps in hidden.

Tayo Mooncrusher
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Light / Earth
Alignment: Lawful Good
Recommended Class: Wizard, Priest, Brawler, Sorceror
Description: An enigmatic member of the Eternian Monks who meets Koros while on an expedition to purify Banna Woods from the terrors infesting it. After seeing a vision of the world's end, he sets out to find the spawn of valfa so he can help him save the world. Is very wise beyond his years, but he is often very mysterious and seems to be carrying many dark secrets within him...

Zenith Von Zerithia
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Alfr (Cait Tribe)
Element: Water / Ice
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Recommended Class: Warrior, Brawler, Wizard
Description: A young alfr woman of the cait tribe and the Duchess of Zerithia, a city of reformed monsters, also called terrors. Zenith's mother was abandoned by her parents, but grew a close bond with a group of monsters and helped them reform using her purification powers to cure them of their madness. With these new friends she formed Zerithia, a city of monsters. Just like her late mother, Zenith wishes for a world where monsters and humans can live in peace. Is kind but a bit rowdy and ill-tempered for a ruler. Hates being called a princess.

Stacy Ninato
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Wingli
Element: Wind
Alignment: Neutral Good
Recommended Class: Basara, Ranger, Wizard, Priest
Description: A wingli girl who lives in a city high in the sky. Long ago, a group of humans discovered "The Angel's Tear," a mystic object which mutated them into winged humanoids with strong magickal powers. Discriminated against, they used their magick to lift landmasses into the sky to live on, never to be seen again. Stacy always wanted to explore the surface, and is shocked when the first surface dwellers to visit her home of Aetheria in 1000 years come to rescue her from some terrors. After the heroes stop a conspiracy threatening to destroy order in Aetheria, city of the wingly, the King of Aetheria Azul allows Stacy to travel with the surface dwellers on their quest to stop the crimson calamity. She was once the apprentice of the legendary summoner Sensayu, but she accidentally lost all of Sensayu's summons while he was on a trip. After searching a bit for them and then returning, Stacy found Sensayu dead, but after motivation from Koros, she now seeks to re-gather the 12 summons she lost in honor of her late master.

Jeht Von Gunglaive
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Thunder / Dark
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Recommended Classes: Mercenary, Thief, Ranger, Sorcerer
Description: A mechanic and former noble of Morda Vael who's father along with himself were put on house arrest for discovering the truth about Morda Vael's mysterious prophet Trello. After our heroes help Jeht escape with his father staying behind to avoid suspicion, he joins our heroes on their quest to stop the crimson calamity. Has a massive crush on Tayo and is gay.

Important People

Baron Ozma II
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Race: Human
Element: Dark / Earth
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Description: A power-hungry warlord from the border states of Ferngulf who in the last decade begun plans to conquer both Ferngulf and Morda Vael using an ancient weapon known as the Ars Solaris. To do this, he awakens the 4 elemental oracles, powerful female mages that are tasked with gathering the 4 shards of the Ars Solaris by Baron Ozma, sealed awa
y long ago through mysterious means, though some say it was the witch queen Chili who was responsible. Ozma seeks to bring order to a world he deems as "weak," as he believes that only a world where only the strong survive can last forever. Thus it is believed he seeks to use the Meteor's power to purge the weak so only the strong could survive.

The Oracles of Goroto
(from left to right, Garnet Leafshade, Nadia Riverheart, Aria Whisperwind, and Azari Firedancer)
Gender: All Female
Age: All unknown
Race: All Alfr (Garnet: Earth Tribe, Nadia: Water Tribe, Aria: Wind Tribe, Azari: Fire Tribe)
Element: Earth, (Garnet) Water, (Nadia) Wind, (Aria) Fire. (Azari)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Description: Four great alfr sorceresses who played a large role in the calamity 1000 years ago, but no one knows for sure what took place exactly as most records of their existence were scrubbed from history. Something happened during the calamity that caused them to become scions, summoned creatures that must obey whoever summoned them without objection. Ozma discovered their Animus (condensed magickal energy that gifts specific spells to it's user) during his teenage years, and the oracles have served him faithfully throughout the years as his personal servants, advisers, and even girlfriends. Garnet is the brash, energetic one. Nadia is the vain, pouty one. Aria is the calm, smart one. and Azari is the angry, tsudere-like one. Though it is said in the lost texts that their personalities were different 1000 years ago. I wonder what changed?

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Human? Celestial?
Element: Dark
Alignment: "Chaotic Neutral" (really chaotic evil, but let him have his fun)
Description: An annoying thief who keeps coming back to life and annoying our heroes with his edgy one-liners. He claims that he is a "higher being" and speaks of strange things such as "Stats," "Saving," "EXP," and many other strange, otherworldly terms. Is he actually a divine celestial who has blessed us lower beings with his presence, or is he just simply insane? Who knows!

Lord Trello, Prophet of Morda Vael
Gender: Unknown, probably male based on voice.
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Element: Dark
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Description: A mysterious person who is known as the "prophet" of Morda Vael, praised for their ability to seemingly be able to know the future. No one knows where this prophet came from, and adding to their mystique they always hide both their body and face inside their massive suit of armor, leaving it unclear of their age, race, or even gender. They were the one who started the Babel Project, and was the person both Tayo and Sage Amadeus saw in their vision of the end of the world, who summoned forth a great blood-red meteor, the crimson calamity.

Lady Battlewinner
Gender: Female (?)
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Element: Dark
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Description: A mysterious warrior who appeared seemingly out of thin air around the time the prophet Trello also appeared. She quickly rose through the ranks of the Morda Vael military with her immense strength, and in only 5 years was a high ranking general who had her own elite squadron of warriors known as the Ebony Order, who also served as Trello's secret police who quietly silenced anyone who was vocal about opposing Trello. Lacks the ability to have empathy or any emotion beyond mild amusement or anger. Some speculate she is an android due to how inhumanly strong she is, but tests show that she is of flesh and blood so no one knows for sure...

Gender: Male
Age: Over 1000 years old
Race: Seraphim
Element: Light / Dark
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Description: A mysterious being who calls himself the "god of time." He is one of the 12 seraphim, ancient god-like dragons that are said to have created the world many eons ago. He serves as the seraphim of time, but for some reason he has willingly taken on a symbiotic existence where he must bond with a humanoid to grant them his power. He did this seemingly to prevent the end of the world via the Crimson Calamity, but he seems to have other motives involving something he calls "the true history"...

Archbishop Amadeus
Gender: Male
Age: At least 1700
Race: Human
Element: Thunder/Light
Alignment: Lawful Good
Description: A wise sage and current archbishop of the Church of Nargi, the prominent religion of Ferngulf that worships the Seraphim. Is decently youthful in spite of being over 1700 years old due to rare anti-aging magick. Had a son named Aaron who was temped with the power of demons and turned to darkness, which Amadeus greatly regrets doing little to nothing about before his son's obsession could spiral out of control. Helps Koros and his allies quite a bit through his wisdom and guidence.

King Azul Von Aetheria
Gender: Male
Age: Ageless
Race: Wingly
Element: Wind
Alignment: Neutral Good
Description: The king of Aetheria and the first to come into contact with the angel's tear, grating an ageless body, though it would do little use as he was already an old man. Has ruled over Aetheria for almost 1000 years as it's benevolent king, and possess many magitek devices of incredible power and usefulness. However, upon arriving at Aetheria the group finds the king to be acting quite strangely. I wonder what's up?

Koros's family (from left to right, Mom, Dad, and Krom)
Ages: 42, (Mom) 44, (Dad) 41. (Krom)
Genders: Male, (Dad, Krom) Female (Mom)
Race: All human
Element: All Non-Elemental
Alignments: True Neutral, (Mom, Dad) Chaotic Neutral. (Krom)
Description: Koros' family, who are very supportive of Koros' dream to become a knight. Koros' mom stays at home while Koros' dad works at the blacksmith shop with his brother Krom, who he has a close bond with. Krom heavily dislikes Koros and believes him to be possessed by a demon due to an incident 6 months ago. After the events in Ari Caverns, Koros accidentally mortally wounds his uncle Krom, leaving the people of Ari to believe he really is possessed by a demon, banishing him. After Koros proves his worth by saving the town when a giant monster attacks, they realize their mistakes and welcome Koros and his new allies with open arms.

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Race: Human?
Element: Fire
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: A mysterious saleswomen who loves money and seems to be everywhere at once, having many identical clones running shops all around Zutara and even in other worlds! Some believe the existence of Anna and her "cousins" is one big conspiracy, or that there is some sort of higher being dictating all of this, but whatever the cause, an Anna is always a welcome sight when you need to stock up on items before a tough battle.

-Explore a vast world with some non-linear elements!
-A class change system that allows any character to fit any role!
-Nearly 15 main story quests!
-Over 35 side quests, including over 10 EX quests that expand upon the world and it's characters!
-Special skills unique to each character!
-Two bonus dungeons to explore, each including multiple optional superbosses!
-A gripping story full of twists and turns!
-10 different towns to journey to, each with their own story to tell!
-Over 10 dungeons to explore, not including the 2 massive bonus dungeons!
-55 epic songs to listen to, including both MV/VX Ace DLC songs, RTP, and high-quality rips!
-Featuring high quality community-made content from Yanfly, HimeWorks, Galv, FallenAngelOlivia, and AKsprites!
-5 party members!
-10 different classes to mix, match, and switch between on the fly!
-Subclasses and Summons!
-Over 360 unique skills to learn and master!
-Over 70 items to find and collect!
-Over 190 weapons to use to battle all sorts of enemies!
-Over 180 armors to use to defend against enemy attacks and various statuses!
-Over 130 unique enemies to fight!
-Nearly 60 bosses to do battle with, each with their own strategies!
-Over 70 status effects, both positive and negative, to keep you on your toes!
-And more!

Extra Notes
The complete game was released on March 10th, 2021. A updated re-release called "Meteo Chronicles R" is currently in development and is planned to contain all content that was cut from the original release, including 2 alternate story routes, 20 additional bosses, 3 new dungeons, 6 new areas, an updated class system, interconnected areas instead of a world map, better teleportation, EX Phantom boss refights, secret randomized events, a day/night cycle, NG+ bonuses, limit breaks, secret archfiend bosses, and more! Meteo Chronicles R is expected to release sometime in 2022. Two sequels are also in the works. The sequel to Meteo Chronicles, Zero Gear Chronicles, is expected to release in 2023. The third and final game in the meteo trilogy, Ebony Chronicles, is expected to release in 2024. I hope you enjoy playing Meteo Chronicles!

Latest Blog

New Update!

Hello everyone. A new update has been added for Meteo Chronicles, hopefully fixing the last few game-breaking bugs this game possesses in order to make it fully playable from start to finish. Here are all the new features, changes, and bugfixes added in the new version.

New Features
-Added in an optional dream world where you can refight all bosses including missable ones to grind for rare drops and complete the bestiary if you missed anything. (like the encounters in Zerithia pre-Zenith and the hidden fight with Arte.)
-Added an updated soundtrack so all songs are now all HD quality. (previously the game used some 16-bit/32-bit songs, which have been replaced with high quality remixes for the most part in order to create auditory consistency with the RTP songs.)

-Removed internal quest initiations for faster loading.
-Added in notifications whenever something changes in the world or a new quest opens up.

-Fixed spelling and grammar errors.
-Fixed bug where the screen would fade to black after the ending cutscene of Chapter 6 and would not ever fade back in.
-Fixed a game-bug involving self switches that cause you to become unable to interact with the blacksmith so you could activate the Ars Solaris cutscene.
-Fixed a bug in the final scion fight so that the countdown to their ultimate attack would actually appear.
-All songs now loop properly in engine, not just the RTP ones.
-Fixed bug where the battle music would not go back to normal after the fight with (spoilers) in Stacy's dream sequence.
-Fixed bug where the battle music would not go back to normal after fighting ThiefMaster27 in the final dungeon.
-Fixed bug where the NPC near Ari could still be interacted with after he disappears.
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Just a random catgirl on the internet.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll update the game accordingly. Finding glitches within my game is super time-consuming and takes forever, and I've already played though the beginning of my game 30+ times and I don't want to keep doing it. So I'm basically having the the community bug test for me lol.

@BlackAssassin7 I think that's the reason why the glitches aren't fixed. Because you keep transferring your save file to later versions and since some things are already pre-loaded, including glitches, they will not be fixed even if you updated the game. Also, about your questions. If you collect the secret evidence in the Magitek Gardens, you will not have to collect the other three pieces of evidence as they will no longer be of any use.

However, they are required for a 100% item log, so keep that in mind. To pass the barriers in Magitek Gardens, you must defeat a certain number of Slaughternaughts or Murder Golems to progress past the barriers. I don't think you ever mentioned the slab in Ari Caverns before, but I'll go and fix that right away. The golden chest in Aetheria Castle holds an ultimate weapon for Stacy, which can only be opened once you reach Lv.80 with her. Therefore, you are able to interact with the chest as many times as you like until you are the appropriate level. I'll check out that chest again anyways. Thanks.

Also, sorry about audio files and other things missing. That's mainly due to me using "remove all unused files" when exporting. Since some of those files are used in plugins and not the database, it does not carry over those files for some reason.

Finally, the rocks in the cave to the north of East Graape will not disappear until you have completed Chapter 8 and entered the endgame. This is to prevent players from going into the bonus dungeon Frozen Crypt before they're supposed to.

@Marrend No, it is not possible to skip chapter 1 and 2 by leaving Ari Caverns after obtaining the raft. The guards in Banna will not let you pass unless you have reached all the story flags required, even after you've obtained the raft.

@Quackadoos I'm glad you enjoyed my game as much as you did. It's strange that subclasses don't work as of now. I'll try looking into it. And yes, I'm using these current versions to have people playtest the game for me as I despise playtesting myself with a passion and I can't exactly get my friends and family to help because 1: I have no friends 2: My brother is the only one that even plays videogames or RPGs for that matter 3: Covid, in general, and 4: my family won't exactly approve of my game content. (IE, the implied sex scene, Jeht, the East Graape sidequest, Koros' arc, ect)

I marked the game as complete because the game is complete from a development standpoint, but not from a bug-testing standpoint. I also wanted to finally get the game out and meet my release date since I've already delayed the game like 7 times. The game was originally supposed to release September 2020. It instead released Febuary 2021. The game was already finished and fully playable as shown with your comment, so why should I delay it again because it's glitchy as all heck? I was also getting tired of working on the game project endlessly and wanted to begin something new, so I released it as is and plan to have other people's feedback help me in bugtesting as I'm too lazy to do it myself and it just isn't fun at all. Sorry about that.

Thanks for all of your comments and support. I'll be sure to put your feedback to use and fix the remaining glitches that still plague this game. Sorry I was a day late in responding to all this traffic. The site was ultra-glitched due to April Fools with some dumb prank where RMN was apparently "merging with MySpace" and all the links didn't work. Stay safe everyone!
The golden chest in Aetheria Castle holds an ultimate weapon for Stacy, which can only be opened once you reach Lv.80 with her.

Sorry, I forgot to specify. I meant the golden chest where you receive the secret evidence, not the one reserved for Stacy once she reaches level 80.

Finally, the rocks in the cave to the north of East Graape will not disappear until you have completed Chapter 8 and entered the endgame. This is to prevent players from going into the bonus dungeon Frozen Crypt before they're supposed to.

Shouldn't East Graape be inaccessible as well then since that quest is received from there? Also, when speaking to the guy at the entrance, the event played like as if I had Stacy in my party even though I hadn't even met her yet and that was on my first playthrough so I had not imported any savefiles back then. (Sorry I forgot to mention it earlier.)

Btw, I understand your dislike towards play-testing since it gets way too tedious and nerve-straining at one point. I don't like reviewing my own product way too many times either.
There are too many bugs in this game. The 3 animus you buy I still cannot learn, the boulders in the cave re East Grappe quest do not move and a scene after the sword is taken gets locked. I have yet to find Jeht. Plus images are not being included in folders when new fixes are uploaded.
I will try this game again when it more stable.
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
I am working on it. I've already fixed the three animus glitch in 1.0.6. You still aren't able to learn the skills even after updating because an event played in the background every time you exited the shop to see if you bought the animus. If you did, it would mark that animus as obtained, play a short cutscene, and then activate a switch that would allow you to learn the new skills. There was a glitch in the eventing where the event would play for random items other than the animus you just obtained, causing problems. Since you cann no longer access the shop after buying all three, the activation event cannot play even after updating your save and you are locked out of some major game content later on that requires all 12 scions.

For the other glitches, I'm in the process of fixing the sword stolen scene, and once again, the boulders in East Graape will not open up until the end of chapter 8. It is not a glitch for the boulders to be there, and the quest is available to start early on order to remind you to head back there later once the game says that new areas have opened up. Finally, I'll look at the dialogue again at the beginning of the East Graape quest again to change it if Stacy and/or Zenith are not in the party yet. I am also working on adding collision to certain tiles late-game in Ozma Keep and Castle Naughtmare. Thanks for informing me of these glitches. I will go and fix them right away.

@Mimella You get Jeht in Chapter 7 after defeating Baron Ozma right after someone important leaves the party. Chapter 5 is the longest chapter in the game with it basically being 4 chapters in 1. (Chapter 5, 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3) Chapter 6 is where you defeat Baron Ozma, Chapter 7 is the chapter where Jeht is introduced, Chapter 8 is where you try to rescue someone important, and after that is the endgame where you gain access to the bonus dungeons such as the cave north of East Graape (Frozen Crypt) and can take on the final dungeon and bosses. Just to let you know.
Looks like I'll have to start a new game to avoid the bugs then since I have appearently missed my chance to learn the skills from those animus things.

Edit: Okay, I started a new game and made it to the point where Ars Solaris gets stolen. The problem is, the game still gets frozen after the thief character steals the said weapon and enters Ozma's castle due to his path being blocked by something. All other parts about the Animus stuff work fine on the other hand. Also, some more bugs I want to report:

1) I still cannot select a sub-class despite acquiring the Second Seal at the fire dungeon because it's grayed out.
2) The Warp skill for priest is also grayed out in the skills menu after learning it. It is supposed to be used out of combat to teleport the party out of the dungeon they are in.
3) Not necessarily a bug but the Imp Greeter at Zerithia tells the party not to shop from the stores even after Zenith joins the party. Shopping however is possible without having to fight the shopkeepers like before rescuing Zenith.
4) The Dust Devil does not disappear after beating him in Ari Caverns, making it possible to fight him over and over again and obtain infinite amount of Ignite Powders, which becomes useless once used.
5) During the Ars Solaris repaired cutscene in West Graape, the characters are way off the screen (they are to the far right). Wouldn't it be possible to pan the screen to the right a bit?
6) The shady merchant appears at West Graape after repairing the Ars Solaris, even if I have not purchased all three Animi from him in Aetheria.

One more thing I've been wondering. The Archsage in Banna says that I need to find dragongems which are supposedly dropped by elemental drakes but so far, none of the drakes I have encountered dropped any. Is it a very rare drop or is it also a bug?
I think I have a fix for the subclass issue. I think the characters probably don't have any subclasses set in their notetags, which is why it appears greyed out. This actually might be why there's two sets of each class in the class menus (one of which you can't interact with), because that threw me for a loop when I saw it. I'm guessing one is supposed to be the subclass but it's not quite set up right.

For the Thief cutscene in the castle, it might be best to set the Thief event to 'Through' just in case he's getting stuck on something. Or, a tip I picked up recently, whenever you go into a cutscene set the player to 'Through'. That way if they're invisible on the map they won't interfere with other events. Just remember to turn 'Through' off at the end else we'll be whizzing through walls.
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
I've already fixed the thief glitch thing. It was a move routes issue, and It's fixed now in the latest update. About the other glitch with the subclasses, I'm pretty sure it was caused because when you obtain the second seal you unlock all those other classes which before you didn't there. It's weird how the game doesn't separate the classes from main and sub, and I have no idea how to fix that as I'm pretty sure messing with Yanfly's code or even making an add-on would be against his TOS.
I've already fixed the thief glitch thing. It was a move routes issue, and It's fixed now in the latest update. About the other glitch with the subclasses, I'm pretty sure it was caused because when you obtain the second seal you unlock all those other classes which before you didn't there. It's weird how the game doesn't separate the classes from main and sub, and I have no idea how to fix that as I'm pretty sure messing with Yanfly's code or even making an add-on would be against his TOS.

The reason why the scene freezes is because the thief's path is blocked by the player character's sprite, which is there but invisible. Since the two scenes (one in the forest where Ars Solaris gets stolen) and the other one in Ozma's castle) are connected, the player character is standing on the exact same coordinates and prevents the thief character from passing through. As mentioned above, set the player character's sprite to "through" during the event so the thief can pass through him and the event will play out normally. I presume you fixed the move routes issue but forgot to remove the player character's sprite from the thief's path.
OK, I've got it. I put the plugins in a blank project and set it up with the job asterisks and second seal items. I didn't edit the plugin parameters at all except to set subclass show to false.
If you set the default unlocked classes in Class Change Core to whichever your initial classes are and remove the notetags in the actor database it will work just fine. Once the subclass option is then shown (by getting the second seal) all classes are available as subclasses. You actually don't need a second set of classes to act as subclasses.
When it comes to the asterisk part, you can use the plugin command 'UnlockClassAll ID' to unlock the class for all party members. This includes the subclass option as well.
I hope that was helpful and followable.
Frankly I'm looking forward to using the subclasses in future updates for more powar!
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
Thanks for the tips! I'll definitely credit both of you in the credits now for all your help in bugfixing. I'll be working on the fixes right away. Thank you so much!
Uhmm... There's something wrong with the resolution. The screen looks way too zoomed in that I can't even see the new game/load etc. options on the start menu and the attack/skills/defend options during a battle. And additionally, this popped up during the cutscene right before Amadeus engages Ozma.
Just a random catgirl on the internet.
I'm in the process of fixing that right now. Apparently I accidentally deleted Yanfly Core Engine from the plugin list which caused the entire game to become unplayable. Oops! Exporting the files right now. The fix should be out in 15 minutes or so.'

Edit: Fixed!
Two tiny issues.
1. The resolution is a bit higher than it was originally and unfortunately everything's a bit small on the screen.
2. Koros knows all the most powerful spells in the game and has the classes Archsage to Magitek Hero learned. Ah, I see the problem, you've not removed the actor notetags after removing the spare classes so it's adding the npc classes to Koros and possibly everyone else.
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@blackassassin7 I don't know what the problem is. I've gone through that cutscene countless times and can't find anything wrong with it, especially anything having to do with equipment slots. Maybe it has to do with the skill slots for Astos? I'm not sure how to fix this issue...
@blackassassin7 I don't know what the problem is. I've gone through that cutscene countless times and can't find anything wrong with it, especially anything having to do with equipment slots. Maybe it has to do with the skill slots for Astos? I'm not sure how to fix this issue...

I think you accidentally deleting the Yanfly Core Engine plug-in messed things up. There has to be an issue with Amadeus' skill set.
Check what his class is set to. I have a feeling he may be set to a Class ID that no longer exists since you removed those extra classes. That would be why the game can't work out his equip slots.
When i try to play it it says: failed to load img/system/MadeWithMV.png
When i try to play it it says: failed to load img/system/MadeWithMV.png

Download one of the betas and copy-paste the img files to the one in the latest version.
Well, the battle does start but crashes again after Amadeus starts to use a certain skill. The error is the same as the one above. Also, Amadeus uses Koros' sprite and battle image and the resolution is still high, making everything look too small.