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Long ago, before the age of machines, there was a great calamity. A calamity that nearly destroyed the world. Humanity was at the brink of extinction, and a powerful new threat, horrific beasts known as Terrors, walked the land. However, there were some who stood and fought against the horde, the greatest of which being the often-forgotten member of the Satori bloodline, Treck Satori. A wanderer at heart, Treck travels the barren wastes of what the world has become, helping others and defeating diabolical threats. However, a new threat has emerged, one more deadly than anything ever seen before. A horrific monster made of stone has appeared, stalking in the darkness with it's shining blood-red eye. This beast has the unholy ability to turn whoever gazes into it's maw to stone, a truly horrific power with no known counter. The beast used to mind it's own in the Celice Ruins, but in recent times it has wandered out, expanding it's territory further and further and attacking the surrounding camps, turning all who witness it's horror to stone. This stone colossus became known as the desert fiend Karakal, and was feared across the land. However, a hero has arrived. Treck, the wandering hero, is now hunting down the creature, hoping to bring it's tyrannical reign to an end. However, there is more to this encounter as anyone could realize, as greater forces lurk in the shadows, all to bring forth a desired conclusion. A conclusion of destruction.

-A complex battle system inspired by Octopath Traveler!
-Multiple endings and hidden routes!
-Challenging boss fights!
-Two powerful secret bosses!
-Over 2 hours of gameplay!
-Very scary stuff!
-And more!

This game was made for the "Commonplace Book" event for RMN during October 2021 where you had to make a game based on a prompt from H.P. Lovecraft's "Commonplace Book," a book of his crazy ideas for new stories that never came to be. The original prompt that this game was based on goes as follows:

"An ancient colossus in an ancient desert. None have seen it and lived."

I hope you enjoy my game!


-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong

-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong

-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong

-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong

-Some Random Dev

-Aekashics (Battlers)
-FallenAngelOlivia (UI)
-Noel "KrimsonKatt" Armstrong (Battlers & UI)
-Dreams Circle (Animations)
-Andy Chen (Animations)
-Raffaelle Monti (GameOver)
-William Spencer Cavendish (GameOver)
-Chinatsu Kurahana (Anna)

-Tomoya Ohtani (Karakal + The Eye of the Storm)
-Mamono (Sorcery Joker)
-Zame (Hour Zero + Lost Relics)
-MisC (Twilight Embers)
-Siivagunner (Why I Never Knew + The True History)
-Linkin Park (Why I Never Knew)
-KADOKAWA (Silent Grotto, Cavern of Shadows, The Last Bastion, Silly Theme, Overclock, Prayer to the Dark God)
-Michiru Yamane (Hail from the Past)
-Eulogous (Hail from the Past)
-Shota Kageyama (Lost Relics)
-Arata Iiyoshi (The True History)
-WanWan (The True History)
-Yuki Kajiura (Prayer to the Divine)
-David Logan (Spookysong)
-Gotye (Memelol)
-MADTEX (Memelol)

Latest Blog

I Made a New Design for Karakal + Update Plans

Hello everyone! In art class today we had to draw something about the word "paradox." So I drew a new version of Karakal, the final boss of this game. Take a look:

I also have plans for a new version of Chronicles: The Lost Page, v1.4. It will release shortly after the full release of Noel and the Tower of Doom and will include these new changes and features:

-Defend will restore a bit of AP alongside HP.
-Tutorials will be minimized and simplified to appeal to people experienced with RPGs.
-Karakal will have a new design and attack pattern.
-Enemies will be rebalanced.
-Treck and Vivan's movesets will be simplified, expanded, and altered. (less elements and less identical moves)
-Paralysis changes your SPD to 1 rather than randomly stopping you from using attacks.

-The paralysis status effect no longer crashes the game when triggered.
-The light and dark runes now work properly. (ice rune is now water rune, the OG water rune has been removed, and the wind and earth runes have been changed to a force rune)
-Various misspellings have been fixed.
-Mundas' dialogue has been changed to be more readable.

Also, thank you for the review Aquatorrent! Really apricate you letting me know what all the issues are so I could fix them.
  • Completed
  • KrimsonKatt
  • RPG Maker MV
  • RPG
  • 10/12/2021 09:59 PM
  • 09/08/2023 08:47 PM
  • 10/24/2021
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Just starting the game and going into battle I receive an error when using some special attacks. Seems like you didn't put some files in the release.
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
@s4urr I saw your issue and I'm pretty sure that's fixed with the new update v1.0.1. The issue was that I used the "export without unused assets" option when exporting. In MV there's this weird issue where if you have an asset that is only triggered via plugins, exporting with that option will mark it as unused and not include it in the files, causing crashes. MZ fixed this issue, but in MV it will probably never be fixed due to MV's sloppy code of what I've heard. (apparently fixing MV's code was the main reason why MZ is a new engine and not an update + asset pack for MV)

So yeah, if you have assets that are only triggered via plugins, you'll have to transport the assets you need manually which is a pain, and if you forget something that can completely break the game. I just needed to copy paste the animations folder from the game files to the exported files and then the glitch should be fixed. Download the new update and things should be fine. I hope you enjoy the rest of my game!
Found a few bugs in v1.1.4
When you re-enter camp9 the weapon and armour dealers become item dealers, and if you enter the oasis you are in the space above not on the road so you cannot reach the NPCs.
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
Okay I'll work on fixing those glitches right away. v1.1.5 should be out before 12:00 AM EST today.
well cant even play the game tried too many time just first battle always get the error if i finish the battle i still get it any way cant find statedown file
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
I playtest these games again and again and apparently the same issues keeps popping up with missing files because of the badly coded "do not export unused assets" feature. Guess I just have to leave the unused assets in if this keeps happening...

Edit: A fix is on the way. Should be out within the hour.

Edit 2: The fix has been posted. You should be free to play now.
This shows up during loading after selecting new game for the latest version. :<
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
Crap. I don't even use vehicles in my game. Must be a engine thing in the database. Fixing it RN.

The glitch has been fixed. (hopefuly)
I think you might want to remove the download and stop releasing newer versions for the time being until you know for sure that the game works properly.

I also did merge all three previous versions together (as I knew the missing file was in 1.1.5 for sure), and I got a different bug that occurred after a battle.
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
While I hate playtesting, it seems like it's necessary this time so I'll take down the download, put back in 1.0, and work on fixing the bugs that I find via playtest to release 1.2. Sorry for the issues.
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
Another glitch, great. And this is super late in the game (second to last room) so I didn't catch it in my playtest. (which played through 60% of the game) This glitch is a common one where a certain BGM filename is called but the game crashes because the file name has been changed. Have to fix this real quick. But yeah, I sorta came up with these bosses' names last minute. I couldn't think of a good name for the dumb orange one so I called him poopybutt because it sounds dumb, just like him. Maybe I should change them to the original names since they're based off the pacman ghosts? IDK.
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
Updated the game a while back, just wanted to make it absolutely clear in the comments that those glitches previously mentioned no longer apply. 1.2 and 1.3 to my knowledge fixed pretty much everything stated before in these comments. The game should be completely bug free.

Edit: There is one bug. The paralysis state is completely bugged and if it is triggered it will crash the game. I probably won't be able to fix the game for a while, so just try to avoid thunder spells for now (not really that good in this game anyways where most enemies are earth elemental) and avoid the Shadow Wargs in the first area who's bite attack can randomly trigger the status.
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