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1.Cizzla(Exiled) 2.Irena 3.Anastasia 4.Clyde 5.Lucia 6.Hector 7.Morax 8.Elfe 9.Drusilla(Exiled)
Each of one of them representing a level of sin in the demon domain.
Brought into the human realm to bring down Armageddon on humanity there is no clear sight
of victory against them. Only thing stopping them from spreading their evil across the world is
the isolated nature of Britain and a few band of surivors seeking a way to save the world.
They do seem capable of human emotion with two of their member's banished from their
group for falling in love with humans. The only agenda is to bring back their creator....

The Morning star. Luifer is a fallen angel who created the Circle and all demons
to undermine humanity's free will, after rebelling against heaven he was subsquently
struck down into hell. Where he plotted to retake heaven and destroy humanity for his
own pride.. it is only a matter of time before he is released from his confinement....

However there is one person that they'll all learn to fear the most...
She has no side in this battle but non the less she in involed with a hidden agenda..
Her name is not yet known but only a codename is attached to her...

The Poster Child of the New Soviet Union in 2020, with tales spreading of her victories against the demon horde
it is said the devil himself is scared of her. With a strong possiblity of the demon empire being defeated,
Sparrow looks to the future fullknowing that if they did win, the world would still be destroyed.
Thristing to change the past, needing to save all those people. Sparrow will do anything it takes to change her destiny.


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must be all that rtp in your diet
You should move Drusilla over here instead of listing her on the Characters page. I really love Sparrow :O Is she wielding some kind of techno-cyber-fan weapon?
Suppose to be a hologram that pops up from your high tech MS* to communicate with your superiors. In gameplay it'll enable you to teleport to inaccessible areas on the map.

*Molecule shifter = Basically acts like a pipboy from fallout.
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