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This is the first game in the Everguard Saga


In the ancient deserts of Egypt, chaos arose, taking the form of the being known as Set. His followers were brutal, all that opposed him cowered in fear. His goal: To take charge and gain command over the throne of the gods. After Set killed his brother, Osiris, Set's nephew Horus caught him and sealed Set in his own chamber in the underworld. For centuries Set sat there brooding and plotting his revenge.

Finally, after so much waiting, Set gathered five elementals and entrusted them with the key to his immortality. He expelled himself and the elementals from the underworld, trapping the other Gods the way Horus had trapped him. With no one to stop him, Set could finally destroy the world.

Billis Kanederth, raised as a humble farm boy, lived a simple life. He didn't have much adventure. He never could have expected to enroll himself as a paladin in one of the best schools in the world. He certainly didn't expect that doing so would pull him into a world of magic, adventure, and mystery as he tracks down the evil God of Chaos: Set.


Follow Billis and his friends as they journey across five continents in search of the five elementals that hold the key to Set's destruction. There is, on average, 7-10 hours of game play involved. Enjoy the anime face graphics and great thematic music. During game play, experience a unique customizable party system that lets you swap characters in and out of your party. Learn the different character classes -ranging from "in your face" hunters, to shy sorcerers, to snotty bards, and everything in between! There are many "mini quests" throughout the course of the game, giving each island in the world it's own unique feel. A detailed storyline and a dramatic finish complete this game.


Billis(Paladin)- Billis is the son of a great paladin who died when he was young. After growing up on a farm with his mother, he is given the oppertunity to enroll in one of the world's greatest academies of talent. He eagerly jumps at this and learns all the in's and out's of being a paladin. After graduating ahead of his class, he is sent to a tournament and kidnapped. This begins his adventure into the world. He is later saved by Emma, and the two of them learn about Billis's prophecy to defeat Set. Not bad for a farmer!

Emma(Huntress)- Emma was raised in the wild without any parents. She taught herself everything she needed to know to survive, most importantly, how to use a bow. She is bossy and independent, often getting on the nerves of her friends and enemies. However, she can be very sweet and kind at times, as proven by her enormous crush on Aidan. She would do anything to protect anyone in need: the feminine Robin Hood.

Artys(Minstrel)-Artys is from the upper class, or she thinks she is. Ironically, she is a citizen of perhaps the poorest town in this entire world, Inadiath. Nevertheless, she believes her healing magical skills are pristine, divine, and above all commoners. She becomes a true ally to Billis and the others. A natural healer, Artys is also the most mature member of the party.

Aidan(Runic Sorcerer)- Aidan has little memory of anything before he was kidnapped by pirates. It is thought that his home is the frozen wasteland of Ineldal, but no one is quite sure. As his class suggests, he taught himself magic very early in his life. Aidan specializes in calling elements out of tablets, to use them in powerful ways. He is very modest and shy. He thought that Sarah was his friend, but... well play the game and you will find out!

There are many other characters (some of who join the party) whom Billis and his friends meet along the way.

Credits(Short Version):

Music-Aaron Walz http://www.walzmusic.com/
Face Graphics-http://fayforest.sakura.ne.jp/sozai/english.html
I received permission to use both of these resources in this freeware game.

This game is the first game in the Everguard Saga, I hope you enjoy it
IMPORTANT: RPG maker XP no longer has a full screen option, but if you want to have the game be in full screen(which I personally reccomend) then hold down the alt key and press enter, and do the same thing to exit fullscreen.

Latest Blog

Version 2.0 Release In Sight!

After an extremely long haul, version 2.0 is finally ready to be submitted to the site! Here is a quick overview of the changes you will find, and the changes you won't find that some of you asked for. Note that while I tried to change as much as possible, there were some things that just weren't practical. In addition, I ran out of time/patience for the largest and most expected change.
What you will not see changed:
Unfortunately, for the various reasons I listed above, most of the maps in the game are still in their horrible, blocky, open state that makes it easy to wander aimlessly for a good 5 minutes at a time. It would have taken an extremely long time to fix all of the maps. However, I did pick out the worst maps, specifically the town maps, and try to fix them up a bit. Some towns, like Pendonia, got a complete makeover and are much easier to navigate. Others, like Edelrock, got a few trees added here and there to make the landscape more bearable. Either way, hopefully the lack of huge change won't affect gameplay too much.
The only other request I never got around to was adding more cheats to the game, and this one I feel less bad about. I feel like there were enough cheats to help people through the tricky parts of the game, and I felt like in general you guys agreed.

What you will see changed:
The battle system: I have adopted the side battle system that I used in other games, and the main idea here is that it won't lag. I got a few complaints about the lagging in the old battle system, and from my playthrough/test this has been entirely eliminated.
The party system: Instead of those horrible items to switch out party members, I have adopted a script to do it for you! All you do is select 'Party' in the menu, and edit your party however you'd like. (The active party now also trails behind you).
The battles themselves: What I'm personally most excited about, the battles are now balanced! The enemies have more health, but less defence. Now, instead of dealing 400 damage in the final battle and having it go painfully slow, you and the enemies will deal more damage faster. This keeps the battles exciting, and keeps you on your toes. In addition, with Artys' new skillset (outlined in another blog, and below) you have another aspect of battles to keep track of: Majors and Minors on the staff.
Artys' Skills: See the other blog made specifically for this purpose (There was just too much to explain in a small setting).
Aidan's Skills: Before, Aidan's skills followed a simple, predictable, stereotypical elemental path. Now, his writings fall into two catagories with 6 subcatagories. The Elemental path, similar to before, focuses on dealing damage to enemies. The subcatagories for spells are (and the bonus spell from the tablet): Tales of Fire and Ice (Blistering Prologue), Stormy Forshadowing (Storming Harbinger), and Words of Catastrophe (Catastrophic Connotation). The second path, the Spiritual Path, focuses on damage, as well as a variety of status conditions (Yes, not only the enemies, but now you have status spells too!). The subcatagories are: Mythic Fables (Legendary Allusion), Nature's Record (Natural Rhythm), and Haunting Stories (Shadowy Conclusion).In addition, remember those Loremaster and Druid classes that you could choose to adopt? And remember how they sucked? While they still are not as diverse as the Rune Sorcerer, these classes have remade skillsets as well to give players a greater say in how Aidan fights.
Scatto's Skills: While not a big change, Scatto has a few skills that affect enemy status conditions.
New Armor and Weapons: The damage on weapons was reworked to make physical characters on par with the revamped magical characters. In addition, each character was given several new pieces of armor and weapons hidden in the world, and Artys was given and entire set of accessories that affect her gameplay and spells.
Artys' Instruments: See the page on Artys changes for the complete details, but I will say that the instruments play a large role in deciding whether or not Artys is a healer or a fighter or something in between, and they are crucial for many boss fights.
New Music: Not a big deal, but nice to mention that lots of new original music from Newgrounds.com was added to the game.

Alright, that's it for the changes. The download will hopefully be up soon. If there are any bugs/mistakes that you find feel free to post them here. In addition, if there was anything I missed that you feel strongly about me including in the download, post it here! I'd love to here your opinions, and they might make it into the next version along with the bug fixes.
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You the practice of self-promotion
When are you planning to submit a download?
I just submitted one, its still pending though. It's hosted on another file sharing website because I couldn't get the compressed file to upload :)
You the practice of self-promotion
Thanks. I'll keep an eye for it.
So THIS is the famous (well not so, really) Fallen Wings, eh?
Looks great! Awesome job, and subscribed.
Thanks! I knoow its not famous, but that doesn't stop me from hoping! :)
Well not all games are famous, ya know...:P
Oh, downloading, by the way.
Thanks, and I know all games aren't famous. I don't expect it to get that far at all. i'm really happy at where it is now! Thanks for subscribing and downloading! :)
Do I need to have RPG MAKER XP installed to play this, or is it stand a-lone?

I am getting RPGSS102e.dll not found.

Looks good though, can't wait to play it.
You do need to have RPG maker XP installed, and I'm not sure why you're getting the message. Did it fix itself or not?
All was fixed after I installed XP.
It's okay, lol. Played it today. Thought it was good, but the interior maps could do with some improvements, as in less space, more objects around the rooms, etc.
But it's good. Don't worry, they're not essential. It will just improve the game that bit.
Thanks! My mapping skills were pretty horrible at the beginning of making this (This is my first game EVER)
Don't worry though, they improve as the game goes on. :)
Great! Also, if you need help with this, you CAN ask people for help or tips, ya know. :P
Anyways, I wish you look for the next game, etc. :)
Ok, 54 of you have downloaded this (might be larger by the time any of you see this) So..... come on people! Give some feedback, on anything: what you like, what you don't like, how bad my early maps are etc. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded this so far, or even thought about it. :)
Wrong! 57 lol.
I'm gonna give this another play through and expect a review when I can be bothered to make one.
lol thank you! Why do ya need to play it again, something go horribly wrong? (that happened a lot when i tested)
Nope, just this time I will concentrate more on everything, plus I liked it so... Yeah.
Thanks! lol can't wait... first game on the internet! Yeah!
Lol that's exactly what I was like when I released my game... :-)
And you're welcome. ;-)
And my gameplay was 10hours... YEAH!!! Lol.
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