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Version 2.0 Release In Sight!

After an extremely long haul, version 2.0 is finally ready to be submitted to the site! Here is a quick overview of the changes you will find, and the changes you won't find that some of you asked for. Note that while I tried to change as much as possible, there were some things that just weren't practical. In addition, I ran out of time/patience for the largest and most expected change.
What you will not see changed:
Unfortunately, for the various reasons I listed above, most of the maps in the game are still in their horrible, blocky, open state that makes it easy to wander aimlessly for a good 5 minutes at a time. It would have taken an extremely long time to fix all of the maps. However, I did pick out the worst maps, specifically the town maps, and try to fix them up a bit. Some towns, like Pendonia, got a complete makeover and are much easier to navigate. Others, like Edelrock, got a few trees added here and there to make the landscape more bearable. Either way, hopefully the lack of huge change won't affect gameplay too much.
The only other request I never got around to was adding more cheats to the game, and this one I feel less bad about. I feel like there were enough cheats to help people through the tricky parts of the game, and I felt like in general you guys agreed.

What you will see changed:
The battle system: I have adopted the side battle system that I used in other games, and the main idea here is that it won't lag. I got a few complaints about the lagging in the old battle system, and from my playthrough/test this has been entirely eliminated.
The party system: Instead of those horrible items to switch out party members, I have adopted a script to do it for you! All you do is select 'Party' in the menu, and edit your party however you'd like. (The active party now also trails behind you).
The battles themselves: What I'm personally most excited about, the battles are now balanced! The enemies have more health, but less defence. Now, instead of dealing 400 damage in the final battle and having it go painfully slow, you and the enemies will deal more damage faster. This keeps the battles exciting, and keeps you on your toes. In addition, with Artys' new skillset (outlined in another blog, and below) you have another aspect of battles to keep track of: Majors and Minors on the staff.
Artys' Skills: See the other blog made specifically for this purpose (There was just too much to explain in a small setting).
Aidan's Skills: Before, Aidan's skills followed a simple, predictable, stereotypical elemental path. Now, his writings fall into two catagories with 6 subcatagories. The Elemental path, similar to before, focuses on dealing damage to enemies. The subcatagories for spells are (and the bonus spell from the tablet): Tales of Fire and Ice (Blistering Prologue), Stormy Forshadowing (Storming Harbinger), and Words of Catastrophe (Catastrophic Connotation). The second path, the Spiritual Path, focuses on damage, as well as a variety of status conditions (Yes, not only the enemies, but now you have status spells too!). The subcatagories are: Mythic Fables (Legendary Allusion), Nature's Record (Natural Rhythm), and Haunting Stories (Shadowy Conclusion).In addition, remember those Loremaster and Druid classes that you could choose to adopt? And remember how they sucked? While they still are not as diverse as the Rune Sorcerer, these classes have remade skillsets as well to give players a greater say in how Aidan fights.
Scatto's Skills: While not a big change, Scatto has a few skills that affect enemy status conditions.
New Armor and Weapons: The damage on weapons was reworked to make physical characters on par with the revamped magical characters. In addition, each character was given several new pieces of armor and weapons hidden in the world, and Artys was given and entire set of accessories that affect her gameplay and spells.
Artys' Instruments: See the page on Artys changes for the complete details, but I will say that the instruments play a large role in deciding whether or not Artys is a healer or a fighter or something in between, and they are crucial for many boss fights.
New Music: Not a big deal, but nice to mention that lots of new original music from Newgrounds.com was added to the game.

Alright, that's it for the changes. The download will hopefully be up soon. If there are any bugs/mistakes that you find feel free to post them here. In addition, if there was anything I missed that you feel strongly about me including in the download, post it here! I'd love to here your opinions, and they might make it into the next version along with the bug fixes.

Progress Report

Version 2.0 - The Minstrel's Dilemma

To better explain some of the changes going on in Version 2.0, I've decided to create individual blogs for groups of changes, as I approach them in the game. This is the first change that I'll be attempting to make, so its the first that I'll tell you about. This will be updated when the change has been fully made.

I received a lot of comments, some good, some bad, about how unbalanced some of these characters were, specifically Artys. I thought about it for a while, and decided to recreate her character altogether, to add another dynamic layer to the battle system.
Artys' skills now consist of several groups, the most basic are these four: Minors, Majors, Dynamics, and Tales. The Minor skills deal damage to enemies, and apply debuffs, the Major skills heal the party, and apply some HoTs. Tales are buffs to the party, or debuffs to the enemies. Dynamics are the biggest change. These skills actually affect the strength of Artys' skills. Using the Chrono Cross Color Field script, found here on RMN http://rpgmaker.net/scripts/29/, there is a small bar of icons in the top right corner of the battle field. Minors skills will add one minor symbol, increasing Artys' damage, and Major skills will add one major symbol, increasing healing. Tales don't add much, but the Dynamics use this feature to change gameplay entirely. Dynamic skills follow real dynamic markings in music (Crescendo, Forte, Decrescendo, etc.). They then increase the power of certain types of Artys' skills, while decreasing the power of others. For example, Forte would create a large bonus to the Minor skills, causing Artys to deal more damage, however it would become more difficult to heal as a result. You have to play your dynamic markings carefully in order to efficiently win a battle.

Another large change in Artys is her instruments. There are several instruments, of various levels, that you can choose to have Artys use, and each one provides certain bonuses:
Harps: Lull and Lust - All Minor skills have a chance to inflict Sleep, all Major skills remove mind oriented status effects. The sleep infliction is nice, but its not what harps are all about. The beauty of these instruments is that as they get better, they remove more and more status effects. This is great, because Artys doesn't get many chances on her own to remove statuses.
Lutes: The Bard's Ally - Major skills heal for more health. This is the simplest instrument for people who want Artys to heal. Every tier that the Lute goes up in (For example Bronze to Steel) Their is an additional 2.5% healing boost. That may not seem like a lot at first, but by the final instrument, it is quite useful.
Ocarina: Nature's Scale - Some Minor skills are nonexistant, some Dynamic skills are nonexistant, all major skills add a Mana Over Time and you get a new Major skill: Cadence Major: Heals the party and clears makes the entire Staff (Field of symbols) Major symbols. The Ocarina is only for the hardcore healers, no one else should use it. Its great that you get Mana over time from everything, and that you can make the entire staff be Major, giving your heals a bonus, but is it really worth giving up many Minors and Dynamics? Always ask yourself that before buying an Ocarina.
Flute: Beautiful Medley - All Minor and Major skills add Dynamic bonuses to the Staff. This bonus is huge! It means that you no longer have to use Legato to increase the power of your heals, using a Major skill can do it for you! This makes it much easier to balance the use of strategy and healing/damage.
Horn: War Cry - All Minor skills have increased damage and decreased Mana cost. There you have it, the best instrument for people who want to defeat enemies using Artys. All Minor skills now deal more damage, and are easier to use! What more could you ask for!
Timpani: Atonal Beat - Every Minor skill that you use provides you with an additional Minor symbol in the staff, increasing Minor damage by more, but decreasing Major healing. In addition, at higher levels Artys gains the skill War March: Boosting all allies attack power by 50% for 3 turns. This is also useful for people who want Artys to Nuke everything in sight, however you need to ask yourself if you really want to risk the decrease in power to your Major skills.

Of course, just like all characters, Artys is getting a remade weapon and armor set. However, she is also getting a completely redone skillset (Only three characters in the game are getting that, and they'll be the first things I take care of). Under the Minors and Majors, there are several levels of skills:
Chords: The first skill in both sets, hits one target.
Phrases: More powerful, but still only hits one target.
Refrains: Inflicts a two turn HoT or DoT on the target.
Ode: Inflicts all targets for small Damage/Heatlh.
Rhapsody: Inflicts all targets, Medium Damage/Health and applies a Dot/Hot.
Coda: The ending piece of a movement, heals one ally massively, or damages one enemy massively. Requires the progression of three Rhapsodies, Odes, Refrains, Phrases, or Chords to use (Of that type, Major or Minor), and resets the counter.
Finale: The ending piece, heals the party massively, or damages all enemies massively. Requires two Codas to use, or Six Rhapsodies, Odes, Refrains, Phrases, or Chords (Of that type, Major or Minor)and resets all counters.

As I said earlier, Dynamic markings create bonuses for Minor or Major skills, and some even allow you to reach Codas faster. The final dynamic marking is D.S al Coda, allows you to instantly use your Coda in the next turn. However, this skill has a one time use per Finale set. Each Finale will reset the use of D.S al Coda, but you can only unlock one Coda that way before each Finale.

Tales are really only huge buffs and debuffs. Some of them are Tonal though, meaning they affect your song skills. For example, Minor Tone Tales will add a Minor symbol to the staff, and vice versa with the Major ones.

I understand that the new Minstrel policies are a lot to wrap your head around, they are for me too. But don't worry, I'll get started on them as soon as possible and I'm sure they will become easier with time :) After I finish completely updating Artys, I'll move onto the next character.


Version 2.0

Well, it has been a long time since I revisited this project. However, a fan of the game requested that I make a few changes. I thought back to how I was going to submit a version 2.0 one day, and then totally forgot. So, I ask now, is there any changes that you would like to see made? I'm already editing a few of the cheats to make them more applicable, and harder to find. I'm also creating tons of new weapons and armor, giving Artys an entirely new and balanced skillset, making enemies more balanced, and of course, finally getting around to remapping the game. If there are any other changes that any one wants made to the game, feel free to let me know! It will be a while before I finish applying all of these, but hopefully the game will be much improved.

Fixes and changes in 2.0:

Reworking the Cheats
Remapping most of the game
Tons of new armor and weapons
A new skillset for Artys and Aidan
Instruments for Artys to change gameplay
New music
A new battle system that adds a tactical aspect to gameplay


Master Of Souls Act II

Yes! Act II is finally upon us! Enjoy the trailer for now folks, and the game when it comes!


MOS Trailer

Hey people :)
I've been on and off this game for a LONG time now, but this here has nothing to do with this game (I put it here because there is no other place for me to put it, the MOS game page won't be up until later in December)
For those of you who don't understand ANYTHING I'm saying, let me sum it up for you.
This game was the prelude for the Everguard Saga, it set the stage for the rest of these games.
MOS stands for Master of Souls which is the first official game in this series. It has been broken down into three acts: Act I: The Gathering, Act II: The Struggling, and Act III: The Ending...
This is the trailer for Act I only, this act is going to be released December 23.
So... enjoy!
REMEMBER: THIS IS NOT THE FULL GAME, ONLY THE FIRST ACT (If I didn't make myself clear enough)


Yet another script problem!

OK, all of my scripts for the upcoming download version are working fine except one, again. This one gives an option for character biographies. Every time I open the game it says: Syntax error, line 367.
Line 367 saysEverything leading up to line 367 says:
if Input.trigger?(Input::L)
@actor_index += $game_party.actors.size - 1
@actor_index %= $game_party.actors.size
$scene = Scene_Biography.new(@actor_index)
end- line 367

Can anyone help me and tell me what the problem is, as you may have guessed I stink at scripting!


More Problems...

Ok, I finally got a side view battle script to work! (Yay!) But, if I try to use it in other projects it tells me that there is an argument error "bad value for range" in line 30 of the script. Line 30 says:
for i in x...x + width
If anyone out there is a scripter who wants to help me with this, I have no clue what line 30 means, I would greatly appreciate it!


RTP Problems

I have heard from a ton of people, none in the comments, about how I need to include the RTP in the game. I know that this is possible, and easy, on RPG Maker XP, I have no idea how to do this though. I am very busy with the maps, and the next game in the Everguard Saga. So, if anyone could tell me how to do this, I would GREATLY appreciate it!


Download has been fixed!

I'm putting this up for everyone to see, the new download is up. I have not put the new download as my main download because not as many people have downloaded it yet. So, for any of you who want to download this game, my strongest advice is to check the downloads tab, not go for the buggy, not fixed download button. :)
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