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No, this section is not full of bugs and problems. These are actual events that I have put in that will help people who are having trouble in any particular area. These are also not for people who want to play the game normally, as these will somehow alter the game to make it easier. Without further prolonging, please help yourselves to the cheats of Fallen Wings.

*Money Grass*
In the desert town Inadiath you will find a small section of the map where many sparse grasses grow. One of these shrubs contains a cheat that will allow you to gain 50 GP every time you select it. It is larger then most, and it is toward the north of the field.

*Health Shrub*
Smaller and less helpful then most other cheats, at the tower in Ineldal (not the town but the actual island) there is a small bush on the rightof the map. These bushes form an upside down "L", select the bush at the corner of this shape, it will fully heal the party. To find the tower, go through the fort and all the way out the back entrance.

*Sewer Health*
Similar to the health shrub, this will heal the whole active party. You can find it at the entrance to the Pendonian Caverns. Go one to the left of the door, and select the brick.

*Plant of Skills*
In the Eldenstar Swamp, directly to the north of the town Eldenstar, there is a bright orange flower in the center of the path, towards the top of the area. Selecting this flower will teach Artys the skill "Absolute Heal" which will heal one member of the party a lot of HP, and remove most status conditions.

*Meteor of Levels*
In the Passages of Mind, the cross like section inside the Goblin King's mind(It has a red chest and a crystal) has several meteors lining the path. One of these meteors is different from the rest, it will increase the levels of all active party members by 10. This can only be used once.

*Mountain of Explosions*
This is the most powerful cheat in the game. When you are riding your dragon, if you fly to the bottom left hand corner of the world map you will find a small island surrounded by mountains. The island itself is pointless, but there is a small inlet in the mountains to the right of this chain. If you go into the inlet and select the last mountain in the center (not on either side) Aidan will learn the skill Super Nova Rune. This is the most powerful skill in the game, it will practically kill any enemy and it effects all enemies. it will not do any damage vs Set.

Thank you for looking throught these, and I do hope you enjoy the game. If anyone finds any cheats that I did not include here, please let me know.