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Warning: This game does contain dark and disturbing themes including rape and torture. Be warned that it is quite dark and blatant in the depictions of such.

Torturing. Causing pain and suffering. Taking screams and tears from a completely subdued human being.
That's the hobby of people from a community called The Dungeoneers. Dungeoneers have their own private dungeons in their homes (hence the name), to which they take strangers - those naive enough to fall for the dungeoneer's charms.
Members from this community won't settle for just executing their sadistic game. They must show it to other people. For that, they videotape their torture sessions and post it to online forums, to get other member's appreciation and reviews.

BE:D tells the story of Verge, a dungeoneer depressed because he's lost his touch with doing decent videos, and because the love of his life, Daily, couldn't care less about his existence.

BE:D has two distinct gameplay aspects:
--The first one is similar to a Dating Sim, in which you have to approach strangers on the street and seduce them to go home with you, mainly using dialog choices.
--The second one is more like a puzzle, and it consists of setting up your dungeon to torture your victims. Your goal at this stage is making your victim leave the dungeon completely shattered psychologically and physically, but still alive. That's what the Dungeoneers call a Beautiful Escape, and it's the ultimate goal of the torture sessions. You can also get them killed, get them too depressed to leave the dungeon, or even have them leave healthy enough, but your viewers won't appreciate your videos as much. It's all about the delicate balance between too much and not enough.

Gameplay elements are tempered with lots of dialogs and the resolution of Verge's love story.

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After Suzy and freedom, Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer was also translated to korean.

It's worth mentioning that after these translations I started learning korean myself. 한국어가 정말 아름다운 언어입니다!

Recently, a russian translation was also made, which is pretty cool. For some (cultural?) reason, BE:D seems to be very popular in Russian. They even made a russian Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer Wikipedia page!

Coincidentally, this week a fellow Brazilian asked permission to make a Portuguese translation for the game. For some strange reason it bothers me a little (maybe because I should me making this translation myself?), but it's amazing that the game is reaching people from all over the world like that.

Random fun thing: the guy who made the Russian translation mentioned that Verge looks a lot like Eridan Ampora from Homestuck. I didn't even know what Homestuck is but the resemblace is disturbing!

  • Completed
  • calunio
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 05/04/2010 04:19 AM
  • 10/09/2019 09:14 AM
  • 05/17/2010
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I'm not in a fantasy world, I just want to make games.
Great game, Calunio. Would you considder making a sequel? I think that would rock.
Amazing piece of work here, Calunio. Very impressive, I liked it.
About a sequel...

My initial thoughts on it were the same as F-G's. No, it would ruin the whole thing. This is a one-game concept.

But some day, I woke up with a lot of ideas that would make for a good sequel, and greatly improve on the gameplay and atmosphere stuff.

It could work, but... I'm full of ideas, I'd rather spend my time working on a new one than on a sequel of an old one.

Glad you guys liked it!
Thanks for posting that link!

That was kind of a strange article. I really don't know what to make of it. It contradicts itself a bit. But it's cool that the game got this kind of attention at that kind of website. :D
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
I'm still waiting on Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer Special Justin Timberlake edition
I waiting on Beautifull Escape Dungeoner
with second way to finish this game by give a life pepoles and change mind so i finally hope to can play this one cause this game is set for broke the pepole sensitivity at human pain and killing i don't know what is more sick author of this game or his game. That one thing can really make something positive in this game and change my mind about both.
Lol how fkd up in the head would someone have to be to spend their free time to make such a perverse game?
When the maker of this game could have been out actually really dating a girl, he decided to make a game about chatting them up. Then later, he kills people for kicks, (no doubt playing with himself with the other hand as he does to get his sick thrills ;)
That is, after all what this game is all about. I know. I've met sick people, i've worked with sick people.

A bit of comedy violence here and there in a game is cool, sure, but making a game about actual 'torture' just reveals to me the perverted state of mind of the game's creator, especially when it's done in such a sick way and put on a website full of youngsters, (many under 18). Sick sick.

The game creator claims to be a psychologist on his profile, but he needs professional help himself. - Good luck him sorting out your depression and anxiety.
What comes out of someone is what is IN someone.

Only sick people would enjoy this game. - Yet sick people don't know they are sick, just as the mentally retarded/insane don't know they are mentailly impaired. So no doubt there will be a bunch of sick perverts whining about my 'overly moral' comments. (Well this is my review and my opinion, so respect it because I have to listen to your drivell).

I've always been of the belief that if you can't contribute something positive either in actions or deeds to the world then don't bother. - This game is just a big dour fousty dark looming pit of negativity....Theres nothing 'good' or 'positive' or 'desireable' about it. It's just a sick game for sick people.

Decent people wouldn't like this game.
Try it...Ask a nice person you know who loves animals etc to play this game and watch they're reaction.
Would Mother Teresa, Jesus or Ghandi play this and enjoy it?
Would Hitler, Damner, and other freaks that weren't worth knowing play it? Yeah! They would love it!

My point has been made. Noone decent or worthwhile would play this. Only the scum of the earth would even remotely enjoy this.

...So in my opinion this game can make its beautiful escape up the game designers bum. (Although judging from this game he might enjoy that).
"The game creator claims to be a psychologist on his profile, but he needs professional help himself. - Good luck him sorting out your depression and anxiety."

Would Mother Teresa, Jesus or Ghandi play this and enjoy it?

When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
good question, let's ask them.
Lol how fkd up in the head would someone have to be to spend their free time to make such a perverse game?

I'll be honest with you. Exaggerations aside, you're not entirely wrong. I think one would have to be fkd up in the head on some degree to enjoy this game. You're right. Except at the part you compare yourself with Jesus and Ghandi.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
i'll fk your head
an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
*applauds blockbuster review*
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I wish I could make a game that someone can despise so much.

Kudos Calunio for really pissing that person off.
Your game is awesome, so well done and twisted.

If someone is that offended by a GAME, that that is their own problem.
Besides, can you imagine a game that is the exact opposite of yours?
It would be bunnies and puppies collecting flowers in a field of butterflies.
Which would be totally gay and not worth playing.
Hey Jigsaw, from What A movie you got avatar ? XD