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Warning: This game does contain dark and disturbing themes including rape and torture. Be warned that it is quite dark and blatant in the depictions of such.

Torturing. Causing pain and suffering. Taking screams and tears from a completely subdued human being.
That's the hobby of people from a community called The Dungeoneers. Dungeoneers have their own private dungeons in their homes (hence the name), to which they take strangers - those naive enough to fall for the dungeoneer's charms.
Members from this community won't settle for just executing their sadistic game. They must show it to other people. For that, they videotape their torture sessions and post it to online forums, to get other member's appreciation and reviews.

BE:D tells the story of Verge, a dungeoneer depressed because he's lost his touch with doing decent videos, and because the love of his life, Daily, couldn't care less about his existence.

BE:D has two distinct gameplay aspects:
--The first one is similar to a Dating Sim, in which you have to approach strangers on the street and seduce them to go home with you, mainly using dialog choices.
--The second one is more like a puzzle, and it consists of setting up your dungeon to torture your victims. Your goal at this stage is making your victim leave the dungeon completely shattered psychologically and physically, but still alive. That's what the Dungeoneers call a Beautiful Escape, and it's the ultimate goal of the torture sessions. You can also get them killed, get them too depressed to leave the dungeon, or even have them leave healthy enough, but your viewers won't appreciate your videos as much. It's all about the delicate balance between too much and not enough.

Gameplay elements are tempered with lots of dialogs and the resolution of Verge's love story.

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After Suzy and freedom, Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer was also translated to korean.

It's worth mentioning that after these translations I started learning korean myself. 한국어가 정말 아름다운 언어입니다!

Recently, a russian translation was also made, which is pretty cool. For some (cultural?) reason, BE:D seems to be very popular in Russian. They even made a russian Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer Wikipedia page!

Coincidentally, this week a fellow Brazilian asked permission to make a Portuguese translation for the game. For some strange reason it bothers me a little (maybe because I should me making this translation myself?), but it's amazing that the game is reaching people from all over the world like that.

Random fun thing: the guy who made the Russian translation mentioned that Verge looks a lot like Eridan Ampora from Homestuck. I didn't even know what Homestuck is but the resemblace is disturbing!

  • Completed
  • calunio
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 05/04/2010 04:19 AM
  • 10/09/2019 09:14 AM
  • 05/17/2010
  • 787681
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I like how MITGAMESLTD despises this game but his own game (THE COP) has the option of blowing a guy's cock off or hanging him until his head comes off and blood gushes all over the place.

"What comes out of someone is what is IN someone." lol
Jeez. 6630 downloads.
Controversy is good :)
I have yet to play the updated version because I got turned off by immediate game overs at the first victim. As this is fixed I'll give it another go :P
There's no "unwinnable" state now, but the first torture is still harder.
...I like this game, I like this game a lot.
...But I suck at it, and my first victim always escapes and so I meet gameover.
This is in no way a criticism of the game, just a criticism of me, I'm a lame gamer.
But I really liked the characters, and the music, and the atmosphere of this game. ^^
Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Tip on never failing at the first victim: when picking your initial set, tell Lorry "something slow and insane", and he will give you a Water Tank. A Water Tank alone could easily kill a victim. Just remember to use it correctly: press 12121212121212 as fast as you can when the timer appears.

If you already got your set and don't want to go back, you could do the same with a drill and razors. Do some damage with the razor, and then kill with the drill (1212121212).

Don't worry, the first victim is the hardest. :D Hope you don't give up.
I played this game for a bit today. To be honest, a game where your goal is to physically and psychologically break your vicitm isn't really my cup of tea. That, didn't stop my appreciation for what you've done here. The maps are beautiully made. My two favourites are the world map and the city street. Dark, unsaturated scenery mixed with some creepy ambiance really creates a fitting atmosphere for this game. Great work!
I saw movie - "TORTURED" today. This movie left me bad taste cause ending is a motivator to be torture man. So many crazy productions games/movies. Eh. What wrong with those pepoles. Should i finish this game or not ?
I really like this game, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the last two people to leave Grifter Street with me. It's the teacher and the burn out musician. No matter what sequence of answers I give they always leave after the second one (answer). :[
The teacher is indeed impossible to take on the first attempt. But the musician guy shouldn't be that hard. :(

If I remember correctly, for the first or second question there is no option that increases the "like meter", but there's on that doesn't change it. You have to try twice.
The teacher is indeed impossible to take on the first attempt. But the musician guy shouldn't be that hard. :(

If I remember correctly, for the first or second question there is no option that increases the "like meter", but there's on that doesn't change it. You have to try twice.

Actually, I found out that the meter that determines how much someone trusts you stays the same, even if that person leaves, so I found one question that worked and spammed that over and over again for the last three people.
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
You are one sick puppy... For the longest time I thought that this was some sort of dungeon crawler (no joke), mostly because I didn't read the description when I downloaded it. But, so far, as sick as it is, I like the dark elements of this game. The gameplay mechanics are a bit simple, but the story (or at least the atmosphere) are what really make these games... enjoyable? I'm trying my best not to sound like a sick fuck, but it's difficult. Either way, this is one of those games that I can only take in small doses. Even though it isn't really that graphic, the moral depravity eventually starts eating at me... that and it's dark outside right now, and I'm fairly jumpy.

This is a damn good game, and I am anxious to see it through to the conclusion!
To this day, I don't understand how you went from making a pseudo-hentai game like marvel brothel... to THIS.

Really brilliant game.

Also, as opposed to some people here. I did enjoy the gameplay. I have always liked tower games. The only thing I didn't like is that you couldn't hire the rapist more than once, and make him do other things besides... you know, raping.

Here's hoping there's a sequel. Even if it is just a spiritual sequel.
There is gathering evidence that Mother Theresa was really not the great person that she is thought to be. Significant amounts of money donated to her and her clinic never reached the patients in any way, and many were not even treated in any fashion. It seems Mother Theresa only wanted to treat them spirituality and help them to die. It may even be that painkillers and sedatives and what not were denied the patients as well. Just wanted to throw that out there. I don't think anything bad can really be said about Gandhi... though I suppose I could be wrong...

Also... I have one message in my inbox in this game on the dungeoneers website. How do I read that?
EDIT: Nevermind. I figure it out.
Calunio... I have mixed feelings now. Part of me questions both my and your state of mind. Another part is bothered by what I have felt. And the last part, says you are a genius. Addmitedly I couldn't get through the game without shutting down most of my brain to the point where I condoned everything. But i digress, It's a very good game and you are an artist for comming up with it. I'm also interested in what you would do with a sequel...

Also, i played through it a second time to see if I could do better, but i couldn't help but play some NIN. It got my in the state of mind for it.
I don't like sequels D:. They're just prolongations normally. Although there's an "If", if "BE2" gets to another point or another perspective or something that would not be like "extra content from the latter one!".

Anyway, Calunio is The Man, great job again,
Orochii Zouveleki
I agree that this is a game that could be ruined by a sequel, but one day I woke up and out of nowhere I was having tons of ideas for a sequel. I think I could make a BE:D2 that wouldn't be just an extension of the first one. Most of my ideas I described in my April Fool's Beautiful Escape: Torment, which can be found on the blogs of the game.

But, like everybody else, I have just too many ideas to keep making versions of the same game. I want to try different things. There won't ever be another Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer, or any game like it from me.

And... thanks for the nice comments! ^-^
ooooooooooo I'm really enjoying this game Calunio!!!!
This is a really great game, way to go :) And I saw your latest blog and video! That's amazing! Good job :D
(Oh, and now I love the song Mad World because of your awesome game lol, I ended up searching for the lyrics and singing it and my sister said she could hear me singing LOL)
I played it and, besides being f* up, my only criticism is that it's too short. It could be much, much deeper, and much, much longer. You could have explored more other Dungeoneers, the whole history of their organization, the twisted love relationship and stuff. That's why I think this game deserves a sequel, although I understand your wish to not do it.

That said, what a game. It's wrong for all the reasons in the world, but it calls you in. You play it because you want to see how far it goes and then you feel bad that you went that far, though respecting the game ever more. I'm happy to see a fellow countryman can make such a creative game. Parabéns!
Something I just realized:

This game is about running little people through a maze until they break, as a creative outlet to compensate for being unloved.

Is this, by any chance at all, supposed to be a really dark metaphor for building games with rpgmaker? Or is it just human condition stuff?