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Warning: This game does contain dark and disturbing themes including rape and torture. Be warned that it is quite dark and blatant in the depictions of such.

Torturing. Causing pain and suffering. Taking screams and tears from a completely subdued human being.
That's the hobby of people from a community called The Dungeoneers. Dungeoneers have their own private dungeons in their homes (hence the name), to which they take strangers - those naive enough to fall for the dungeoneer's charms.
Members from this community won't settle for just executing their sadistic game. They must show it to other people. For that, they videotape their torture sessions and post it to online forums, to get other member's appreciation and reviews.

BE:D tells the story of Verge, a dungeoneer depressed because he's lost his touch with doing decent videos, and because the love of his life, Daily, couldn't care less about his existence.

BE:D has two distinct gameplay aspects:
--The first one is similar to a Dating Sim, in which you have to approach strangers on the street and seduce them to go home with you, mainly using dialog choices.
--The second one is more like a puzzle, and it consists of setting up your dungeon to torture your victims. Your goal at this stage is making your victim leave the dungeon completely shattered psychologically and physically, but still alive. That's what the Dungeoneers call a Beautiful Escape, and it's the ultimate goal of the torture sessions. You can also get them killed, get them too depressed to leave the dungeon, or even have them leave healthy enough, but your viewers won't appreciate your videos as much. It's all about the delicate balance between too much and not enough.

Gameplay elements are tempered with lots of dialogs and the resolution of Verge's love story.

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After Suzy and freedom, Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer was also translated to korean.

It's worth mentioning that after these translations I started learning korean myself. 한국어가 정말 아름다운 언어입니다!

Recently, a russian translation was also made, which is pretty cool. For some (cultural?) reason, BE:D seems to be very popular in Russian. They even made a russian Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer Wikipedia page!

Coincidentally, this week a fellow Brazilian asked permission to make a Portuguese translation for the game. For some strange reason it bothers me a little (maybe because I should me making this translation myself?), but it's amazing that the game is reaching people from all over the world like that.

Random fun thing: the guy who made the Russian translation mentioned that Verge looks a lot like Eridan Ampora from Homestuck. I didn't even know what Homestuck is but the resemblace is disturbing!

  • Completed
  • calunio
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • 05/04/2010 04:19 AM
  • 10/09/2019 09:14 AM
  • 05/17/2010
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Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Man, I almost did some of the writing for this. That would have been cool. Not how things worked out, though.
This game is definitley one of the most disturbing yet incredibly fascinating games I've ever played. The atmosphere was perfect, the song choices still ring in my head (I can't hear Mad World without thinking of the busy street, or the weapon shop with the terrifying hum of "Woman Reminiscing" by Shankar) ... this is a must-play for horror fans of all-kinds.
Featured Game usually tends to be current games that are already popular. Why? Because they have to be already-high-rated games of good quality. One fits the other. We don't look at the popularity of a game when picking it, though, but the quality.

Sometimes, though, it's nice to look back at older games and remind people of the classics, especially when they haven't received a feature before. This was one such game, and it also fits the Halloween month vibe (we always try to feature spoopy games around Halloween).

Ultimately, a few games were considered for the spot but it was sacrilege that this one had yet to receive it's due day in the sun and so here it is, finally on the front page where it should have been quite a while back.

And no, StormCrow, we never re-feature games. This had not been featured before. I believe you read Kylaila's post incorrectly.
I'm a dog pirate
Nice to see this game featured!
I don't really know what made this game be featured now, but I am extremely happy and proud that it was. :)

The "this is too popular to be featured reaction" both flatters me and amuses me.

But I can explain why it doesn't feel redundant to me at all.

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer was my entry for RMN's own Game Gale 2010. The event's theme was "Escape", and we had two weeks to come up with something. I basically dropped all my non-mandatory activities for 2 weeks and worked an average of 12h/day on this game to finish it in time. I made a few games before and a bunch after this one, but I can honestly say BE:D is my favorite and the best one.

Yet, it didn't even get third place at the event, and it got a whole bunch of negative feedback, including a 1.5 star review at the time. I got extensive praise from outside sources, but internal comments gravitated to "this game shouldn't even have been made".

I don't know that PP is the most well known RPG of all time, but I do know that my games have earned some popularity over my almost 20 years of game making. Yet, I've been on this site for almost 10 years, this is the place where I effectively launched myself as a gamedesigner, and it's the first time that one of my games is featured.

If I could, RMN would be my HQ for everything game-related. Sadly, among my most popular games, one is too sexy to be in this site, and the other was taken down for legal reasons, so I hosted them somewhere else. But still this is the only gamemaking site I go to, and the only when where people feel like community to me.

So, this featuring might not have a huge impact on the game's popularity per se, but it's very meaningful to me. <3
It's a fair point, and while games do take a certain popularity to garner attention, I believe a lot of the featured games did not require it.
Basically, if featured games are games you should check out and are worth playing, why deny a game simply BECAUSE it's well-known? That's the thing. It is one of the most recommended around random sites though, so, I agree it didn't require it by any stretch of the definition. I do believe it deserves it though.

Also having lots of downloads is not usually what is the main thing (see Pom Gets Wifi hah). If you know good niche games, recommend 'em on the boards tho.
Did this *REALLY* need the exposure of being featured game?

This is, for good or for ill, like Super Columbine Massacre RPG and the same dev's Polymorphous Perversity, one of the most well known RPG Maker games OF ALL TIME.

Not dissing D:BE or Calunio, by the way, so no one take it that way. If this game's download count was 1/100th of what it is and it had 9 subscribers and not 90 I'd probably be championing it loudly as we speak. Anyone who has played Chapelwaite knows I can certainly appreciate fucked up shit.

I just seem to be having some trouble understanding the purpose of the Featured Game...feature...and the decisions that are made in relation to it. When you get your game featured there's a pretty huge boost in download count so if number of downloads is either not considered in choosing the featured game or if having lots of downloads already actually makes your game more likely to be featured...that seems to me like kind of a closed loop/feedback loop/catch-22/vicious cycle/pick your favorite expression for the idea you know I'm trying to put into words.

(I'm not obsessed with downloads. Really, I'm not.)

EDITE: And um, if this was actually featured before then yeah that's...that should DEFINITELY not be happening. Definitely. I don't remember one way or another, I think I was on an "off of RPGmaker" period of my life when this game was new and when I got back to the scene it was hugely well known.
Wait, this wasn't featured before?! Congrats and good choice : D You deserve it.
Jack Daniel's Evangelist
Beautiful game, congrats!
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I liked the concept, a torture simulator, but I don't know, it's like is missing something, like it could have been better...
I never thought that the gameplay was the most important part of the game; I found it interesting because there are so many ways to de-construct the storyline and characters.

Yeah, the gameplay is frustrating. But the opening cutscenes and the general atmosphere are harrowing :)
I liked the concept, a torture simulator, but I don't know, it's like is missing something, like it could have been better...

I never thought that the gameplay was the most important part of the game; I found it interesting because there are so many ways to de-construct the storyline and characters.
I liked the concept, a torture simulator, but I don't know, it's like is missing something, like it could have been better...
the original sinn
some weird shit here.
Since playing this game (when it was first released here) I can no longer listen to Mad World without being reminded of it. Damn you, Calunio! :<

(It's not a bad thing...)

It's not that bad...
I can't cross people on the street and not be reminded of...
Kidding. ^_^
Since playing this game (when it was first released here) I can no longer listen to Mad World without being reminded of it. Damn you, Calunio! :<

(It's not a bad thing...)
Noise around this game is so big. This noise is good.I like noise music too.
So interesting.
I'm not sure how I feel after playing this. Course I did play it all the way to end so... Although I will say I did try to go easy on the people I had to torture before the story events. But I went all out when it came to Daily. Giving (her?)him a taste of his own medicine. I guess it was kind of fun to play the villain for once But like this...Er... it's amazing the things I stumble on from the front page. Originally came here from Suzy and Freedom and decided to check out everything else you had. You got a talent for stories I wanna say good sir :P

Edit: Omg I just realized Verge puts tortured people to the point where they are on the Verge of death. Heh.
That's odd... are you using the 1 and 2 buttons on the right of the keyboard, or on the left? I've never heard of those buttons switching tabs. You just have to press 121212121212.
Excuse me!! I've had somme difficulty in playing this game! In the dungeon some tiles tell me to press buttons one and two. however, doing so causes my computer to switch tabs! Any suggestions? Please? I'm assuming it means to press the number buttons 1 and 2 right?
Dear Calunio,

I am sorry for bothering all the time on this forum :)
But I am a big fan of all yours games.

Can you write what exacly was inspiration for SadForSobbers.com, please? :)

Bother me all you want!
The inspiration for sadforsobbers.com was mostly RMN, but countless other forums I've been part of, most of them RPG Maker ones, but not exclusively.

Unlike some people said, though, I never meant to compare making and playing games to torture. Having an online forum was just a way to make players relate more to Verge.