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In the futuristic metropolis of New Haven, a former corporate computer engineer finds herself stranded in the vast slum underbelly of the city, soon to discover alot more about her former employers than she might have wanted to.

Arbiter: Perdition city takes place in very blade runner-esque metropolis, with complete corporate control, locking down cybernetic-boosted violence in the gang-infested slums.

This project has been worked on extremely passively over a couple of years, but now that rm2k3 is legal, it would seem like an opportune moment to produce a final prototype.

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belated bi-annual update first blood part 2


I've been (and is still) super busy. But I've been working on this game sporadically and was meaning to update this last year with what I had back then. Instead work and school got in the way. But I kept working sporadically.

I am currently working on stringing together a very rough intro + dungeon with the first hub and 2-3 dungeons of the game. Since writing isn't my strong suit, I'm keeping most dialogues short and to the point, and if I manage to be clever in the process, then yay!

I've been making alot of maps (which is good I guess, considering my ridiculous scope) So I might as well show off a few progress screens:
I hid them cause they turned out crazy big! :C

Anyhow. A few things that I haven't planned for but might need: a minimap.

This is an old version the first big hub of the game that I think I posted way back. Some of the areas in the game are kind of big and finding the stores in each area could get kind of tedious (especially since a lot of the sectors tend to look similar), unless I make the NPCs super good at giving directions.

Which, by the way is another issue. How many NPCs are enough? I mean, from the perspective of the setting, these slums don't neccesarily have to be super-crowded, but at the same time most of them tend to feel really empty. This area for instance, has three shops, about 15 NPCS (7 of those are connected to the plot, shop owners or potential sidequests).

Feel free to ask any questions about the game. Or even better, feedback!
That's it for now, I guess.

EDIT: The namechange. Yes. Uh, I "borrowed" perdition city from an album by the same name. Also, this game is kind of prototype.
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  • 10/05/2007 12:24 PM
  • 11/03/2021 06:15 AM
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This looks very interesting, I'll look forward to learning more :)
This sounds like an interesting game. Looking forward to it.
Hmmm, I've never played an rpg based on technology like this, I don't know, never really liked the idea, but the game itself looks good, excellent use of chipsets from the screenshots
I remember this. Great to see it's back.
Everything looks very, very nice. I'm keeping an eye on this one, please finish it.
I'm watching this game bud! We're lacking modern & futuristic RPGs, let's make them overflow in the RM Scene!

I've let this one slip under my nose. I'll have to try this post haste.
Nice to see you're still working on this.
RMN sex symbol
Hey wheres the download gone?
I took it down to fix some bugs. It'll be up the 20th again!
Looks really interesting. But the status says cancelled yet was updated fairly recently what's up with that?
Because the old demoversion was really broken and even though I won't work on this game anymore, I felt it deserved some kind of dignity.
Nemo, I tried to play Solar Tear again and ran into more problems; only this time they weren't bugs...

I seriously cannot navigate through the opening areas without either getting killed or getting badly damaged. The enemies are far too powerful, have more HP than they should have, dodge more than they should, have insanely biased status effects (poison for the slimes and bleeding/attack up for the dogs) and are slightly faster than the hero (which is bad in RM2K3 thanks to how it works out the ATB speed).

The problem with all this is that some of them can do ~1/5 of the hero's HP in one hit if they use the right move (attack to high). So when facing down a few of them it is pretty near impossible to win as two turns will kill you, which is bad considering the enemies sometimes get two attacks for your one (enemies too fast). I know the possibility to run away from a battle is there, but that isn't foolproof when the enemies are faster than you and - even if I do get away - the enemies are still on the map (although this was expected...)

I really did try to get through the first area because I liked the opening and I liked the setting but I just couldn't do it.
Same thing. Stil lI had patience to my first recruit. Lack of money is serious pain just like in sore losers but there was bed around at least
Well... it's hard, vicious and cruel. And unbalanced. There are ways of getting past the "first" areas of the game by simply choosing a different path (there's about 5 options to this, most which do not include you fighting. If they do, they don't require you winning either; that is, apart from the canals to the left from the beginnning).

This is hardly a comfort as the next area is just as blatantly cruel (apart from the fact that you may stock up on items n' gunz), and with the slow walking speed, going back to heal at the apt just isn't worth the effort. Somehow, I did think that it was merely "challenging" and not just damn mean.

I would try and fix all these things if I weren't dead set on never touching it again.
It's too bad you won't be updating this game. It could easily be a 5 star game if you only balanced the gameplay as was pointed out in most comments. . .*hint hint*.

Well, I guess I'm saying that I won't touch it again either, until you do.

A way to not be so sick of looking at it: replace all of the graphics in the main chipset you use with newer, different, yet similar graphics. It's an easy way to make the game at least appear different, mebba you wouldn't be so hesitant to fix some stuff without trashing the entire project if it looks different?
Well, the problem really isn't dreary graphics or lack of enthusiasm; it's because the plot and concept has gone completely stale and forced. I can't even vaugely remember the important plot points of this game - and I have written around 100 pages for it!

I'd rather work on something completely new with alot of other ideas that have stocked up and become fully developed while waiting for this doomed project to finish. If I could, I would make yet another game with similar graphics although in another maker with a completely different plot and concept.
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