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  • sbester
  • Added: 07/04/2011 08:27 PM
  • Last updated: 06/25/2018 12:31 AM


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did someone say angels
Holy crap. Did you have to take up the entire front page?
Sorry about that, I've been meaning to post these for a while. I figured it's best to put them all out at once so that I'm not constantly clogging the front page with new FH screens. This way it will only be for half a day or so, maybe less.
Returning from RMVX Death
I must admit, this is an awesome looking game. I'm assuming you made these graphics yourself, correct?

I only have one problem with some of them... The wall tile there where you exit comes to a sudden and abrupt end; any way to make them appear like their curving around the corner instead?
Also, with the next image over, where you have pillars int he water? The pillars look really odd - as if their sitting on top of the water instead of in it. Maybe try to make the bottom portion either an event for water or maybe have the bottom portion of the pillar appear some-what transparent. Just a thought...
Thx, kitten! Those are great suggestions! Unfortunately though, the graphics weren't made by me. I did a few pic edits and I know a graphical designer that helped with a few things, most of the stuff is just ripped from Sword of Mana (charsets are Mac and Blue, available in a bundle on oniromancie French website).

One of the things I plan to do for the next version is fix up some graphical problems, and those corner edges have been on my list for quite some time.
Wow the art style reminds me of magination and I loved that game's art. Good Work!
What's wrong with taking up the front page? It only lasts until someone else takes up the front page.

On topic, I really like the style of this game :j
Holy crap. Did you have to take up the entire front page?

Hey, bud, absolutely rude. No need to comment like that. He's posting his pictures.
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