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old 4/2011 video of first 10 mins sorry i couldnt be bothered to make a new one, new version is the same except it has the in-battle graph equip system etc

The Oathguard series primarily follows the life of Myunh Yala, an Oathguard who is accused of subversive activity in her home country of Sinolor. Knowing she is indeed partially culpable, and fearing the punishment she faces if convicted, Myunh reluctantly flees to the neighboring Thassadia at the behest of Alrion Yala, her mysterious cousin.

Four years later, the machinations of ambitious men in every nation have caused the continent’s political climate to shift drastically for the worse, and Myunh’s connection to Alrion—perhaps the most ambitious man of all—will take her back to Sinolor, the stage for the upcoming conflict. There, she will confront her past choices, reunite with old friends and foes alike, and find herself becoming more than just a witness to history in the making as she fights to repel a relentless invasion.

While she is initially more or less only along for the ride thanks to her sibling-like relationship with Alrion, various meetings, happenings, and revelations during the course of the series will lead Myunh to take a more active role as a leader.

But whether she finds herself to be a hero by the story’s end is another matter entirely.


This Prologue takes place 23 years before Myunh’s return to her homeland, during the height of what would later be called the Fortnight War.

While skirmishes rage elsewhere, a veteran Oathguard of Sinolor has embarked on a mission to apprehend several “Compremised” Oathguards who appear to be defecting to the enemy nation, Heiml, via the treacherous Banda mountain range that forms a natural border between the countries.

Sinolor’s military leadership, preoccupied with the main war effort, issues this otherwise-critical mission with indifference. However, it is of great personal importance to one they have dispatched to complete it—for the most powerful of the targets she relentlessly pursues is also her husband, and she has resolved to end his life if he really is a traitor, in order to protect their daughter. More than anything, though, she seeks the truth.

She is Ordinator Gela Yala. The fugitive is former Ordinator Bocheul Yala. Their daughter Myunh is yet an infant, but the events that follow her parents’ confrontation at Banda Pass will shape the course of her life, among many others’.

The year is 781 S.A., and the continent quietly teeters on the end of an era.


Designed in RM2k3, Oathguard's Prologue features:
* A traditional turn-based battle system that uses a unique "Demon Transformation" system similar to those in the Shadow Hearts or Persona series
* Ability to equip skills on the fly in battle in order to combat enemies of a certain type more effectively
* Various types of weapons, graphs, and coins available to equip that grant different types of basic attacks in battle, or passive abilities
* Customizaiton of Gela's stats to fit the player's gameplay stye by using "Remnants" gained from leveling up
* Several unique gameplay touches, such as the "Magis Eye", which keeps the player aware of important events or battles up ahead (as a handy reminder to save his/her game); and the "Converse" option, which updates the player on the current situation while also adding to the game's narrative


Designer and Producer

Portrait Artist

Primary QA Testers


Project Oathguard
March 2007 - Present

November 2009 - November 2012

Latest Blog

a bedraggled figure with incongruously great hair emerges

ey yooo

i was originally going to post this update as a comment, but it of course ballooned naturally into a full-length post. so here we go.

a fog-veiled cave stands before you. its depths are obscured by darkness but you hear a faint voice calling out from within, slowly growing in strength until your eyes adjust and recognize a bedraggled figure with incongruously great hair emerge from the cave, as if born from the blackness...


Yes, hello, dear reader! I'm so glad to see you! I've been wanting to tell someone:...I've decided what I will do with Oathguard!

For the foreseeable future (likely about a year or so), I will be focusing on developing my skill as an artist, while writing the novel for Oathguard on the side.

Art (in terms of the actual skill of drawing/painting; ie the mechanical skill, recognizing and using value and shapes, not drawing awful Saturday morning anime figures with horrifically incorrect anatomy, etc) in general has always been my weak point, and has always limited me in what I could do. When it came to RM2k3, the solution was always to use rips, others' works, and anything else I could frankenstein together; and when I did sprite/draw something on my own, it took forever because I had no idea what I was doing. I had no basic artistic skill, but impatiently insisted on trying to do advanced things in order to create what I had envisioned (just like many others here on RMN and in the RPG Maker community over the years who, in our vain pursuit of making the JRPG of our childhood dreams, consistently and predictably overextend ourselves).

I've finally faced the music and realized that if I want to ever develop Oathguard into something bigger (yes, probably a game in the end) that I can really be satisfied with, I have to build myself up a bit first. So I am focusing on learning how to draw and paint, from the ground up. I am sure that this is the best route to take; despite how long the process is bound to be, I know that it's the only way. In the end, even if I still can't get to where I want to be artistically, I'm sure the journey will leave me with something I can work with.

At the same time, like I said, I'm working on a novel(la?) on the side. Writing is my thing, so it's not too hard to punch out a few hundred words on most days. It's probably not going to be great, though, since a) I've probably never completed anything over 10k words in my life, and b) it's basically a novel about anime JRPG people doing anime JRPG things (hey at least that would qualify as a "light novel" in Japan). But like I said, I'm sure just trying to do this will do great things for myself and Oathguard in the future. And if the novel turns out to be pretty good in the end, that's cool, too.

On that note, I actually finished a sort of prologue chapter (which may or may not show up in the finaly product, since nobody likes prologues, after all) that covers Gela's last moments. If you want to read it, drop me a message and I'll send you the ~secret link~

Well, that's all for now. Who knows when I will emerge from my cave next...but rest assured that I will always be working on Oathguard. And always have great hair.

Thanks for reading, and don't be a stranger. See ya around!


If only you had a composer to make a unique soundtrack for your game! D:

(It's a pity that music in RM games is so often, ah, 'borrowed'. I consider music to be one of the most important aspects of a game, and it's really sad when developers have to rely on other people's work. It just isn't the same, you know?)
Everybody knows about Hannya, right??? And there's other stuff that might be worth plowing through in the links to other sites (can't link directly, c'est la vie!). It might help!
yea it's too bad, best i can do is obscure fitting music for now.

ty for the suggestion PB i'll check out the mp3s
You're using .mp3? OH. In that case, seriously recommend this dude's stuff if you haven't thumbed through it yet.

I should mention this is one of those games I have on my "draw muscle-based fanart for" list, just so you know. But I am selfish and keep all the muscles for my own game most of the time.
muscle-based fanart

all i ever wanted, all i ever needed
i said id release today but I want to sleep tonight so more like tomorrow or Wednesday Idk sometime this week, stay tuned!!
You should have uploaded the demo today and sleep off the rest of the week. xD ...Anyway, looking forward to this! =9

well actually it has turned out for the best: Ghost, who is doing the portrait art, surprised me today with an addition to the Oathguard Anime Babe Harem which i will be adding in to the game tonight (and yea hopefully some dude portraits will get added before the release but thats not as titillating now is it)

what does this sugoi anime babbe look like, you say??

heh, you'll have to wait until i upload the game to find out......: )
Resident foodmonster
Will we get ecchi wallpapers...???
Will we get ecchi wallpapers...???

yes if u donate $XXXX to my kickstarter fund
Resident Nonexistence
Will we get ecchi wallpapers...???
yes if u donate $XXXX to my kickstarter fund

Oooo.. I only have $XX on me at the moment..
oh my oh my oathguards on the front page *animeblush*

my first thought: i'd better throw up (like literally vomit) a draft of a wiki entry for a country in oathguard, so that people have something to do

yes that was my exact train of thought, i really know what the people want

PS: sorry it's taking so long to release, something came up
Will send the link to beta testers and post update tomorrow afternoon
In the meantime, observe and feel my pain:

in a great proof of moore's law my laptop battery permanently died on me last night

guess i should have heeded "CONSIDER REPLACING UOR BTTERY" warning that showed for 2 months

typing this frm my moms awful gateway pc with the stiff keys that takes 5hrs to type something because u have to slam they keys to get them to work

i will fiure someting out today after my exam

in a great proof of moore's law my laptop battery permanently died on me last night

No use power adapter for laptop?
Resident foodmonster
Laptop could not handle the greatness that is Oatguard
Laptop could not handle the greatness that is Oatguard

crisis averted thanks to ElectricalKat who troubleshooted it for me

my laptop turned off when plugged in and would not turn back on, but Kat told me just to take out the battery, hit the power to discharge the laptop, then put it back in and voila

i still need a new battery but in any case oat-guard release should still be on schedule now thanks to Kat...
For the record, I like oatmeal and approve of a name change to Oatguard.
sorry for the holdup.....again.....but an entire cutscene got messed up randomly (thanks rm2k3!!!) and even some fatal errors (thanks rmtool!!!) so i am just having some friends from #meridiandance check out the beta first to make sure it's safe for the rest of the testers. you're welcome
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
hello i am here for your viedo gameps