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There are a few hidden bosses in the game that can greatly boost your funds if you are running low. They are pretty powerful ( the Wyrms especially ) so do take care!

King Sullaghan

When: After you recruit Patrick
Where: Talk to Edgard in the Waterworks Office in Landen.
The boss can be found in the Landen Waterway.

Reward: 1000 koruna, Gauntlet, Golden Doubloon

Storm Wyrm

When: After you visit Agara
Where: The Wyrm can be found in the northernmost part of the Maut Valley.

Reward: Ilian Spear, Wyrm Fang, Wyrm Scale, 2500 koruna


NOTE: These hunts are only avaliable if you sign up for the Ulster Creature Campaign.

Helian Luagar ( Fire Wolf )

When: After a certain party member leaves the party once you have visited
Relyt's Abode.

Where: Read the petitioner's board at the Leitrin Coast ( south of Camhaill )
Talk to Selwyn. His house is located at the western end of Lidgetton.
The Wolf can be found prowling the outer reaches of the Kulean Valley,
but ONLY at night.

Reward: 5000 koruna


When: Same as above, but you needed to have slain the Storm Wyrm as well.
The Ilian Spear should not be equipped on Cillian for this hunt. It
needs to be in your inventory.

Where: Fomarian Ruins - Wyrm's Nest
You need to take on a mini-sidequest to get to this area though.

You need to head back to Relyt's Abode and investigate the pool of
water with the sparkles. The Fiannan that was blocking the way will
be gone. The Dull Medallion will become the Sealed Medallion.

Reward: 7500 koruna ( 4500 from slaying the beast and another 3500 from Anton
the petitioner ) 2 Elixirs

Hidden Weapons:

There are several powerful weapons hidden throughout the game. Here is a comprehensive list of all of them:


How to get:

Talk to Phillip in Landen after you have recruited Cillian and Siglud.

Stats: 12 ATK, 3 Def, 2 Skl. Boosts MaxHP and MaxMP by 3. Gives +35 to Laine's base critical rate.

Golden Staff

How to get:

Patrick can now open the chest in Landen's Church after you recruit Cillian and Siglud.

Stats: 5 ATK, 5 Mag. Boosts MaxHP by 3 and MaxMP by 5. Applies Stun on contact.

Ilian Spear

How to get:

Defeat the Storm Wyrm.

Stats: 17 ATK, Boosts MaxHP and MaxMP by 10. Chance of inflicting Expose on target
( lowers the maxDEF stat by 25% ).
Ice Weapon


How to get:

Talk to Lugh after obtaining Durandal.

Stats: 18 ATK, 2 Def and 3 Mag. Boosts MaxHP by 15 and gives the Tellan I skill when equipped.
Earth Weapon


Explore the cave near the Eos Temple. You will emerge in Relyt's Abode. To the right there is a chest containing the Terrablade.

Stats: 16 ATK, 3 Def and 2 Spd and Mag. Boosts MaxMP by 10 and MaxHP by 5. Gives the Tellan I skill when equipped.
Earth Weapon

Leto's Darkblade

How to get:

Defeat the Tyrannos

Stats: 19 ATK, 5 Mag, Boosts maxHP by 25 and MaxMP by 15. Gives the skill Umbra ( lowers MaxMP and ignores DEF )
Dark Weapon

After (spoiler) leaves the party, you can buy powerful new equipment from Landen
as well.