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General Hints and Tips:

Explore every barrel, pot or crate you come across ( even cracks in some walls ). You can find many items ranging from ordinary herbs to rare Elixirs.

There is only one Bomb Fragment in the entire game. If you would like to buy some powerful potions ( including ones that temporarily boosts your maxHP or maxMP ) from the Alchemist Clannad, do NOT sell it.

Guard/Recover in battle if you find yourself in a tight spot. Your characters will recover 10% of their Max HP and 5% of their MaxMP.

Exploit those enemies weaknesses after using the Shift key to bring up their weaknesses and strengths. A red orb means weak, a blue one immune, yellow means normal damage and green means the enemy will absorb that element.

Spend your AP ( Ability points ) wisely. You won't be able to redistribute them again. When you get Cillian and Siglud, try to spend most of your points on their AGI and MP stats because the bosses are become quite fast towards the end of the game ( 40+ SPD ) and having fast characters helps ALOT.

Don't forget to equip your new skills after purchasing them. Some pieces of equipment will also grant you new skills.

Get the Vanguard Shield as soon as you can. This awesome piece of equipment will double the EXP gained and add a +10 ATK and DEF boost. It can either be bought for 10,000 koruna, traded in for 8 Golden Doubloons ( in the town of Varva. You can get there by heading west through the Ulster Caves after blowing up the blocked entrance. That is, provided you helped Clannad ) or obtained from a side-quest. In total, 3 Shields can be obtained.

Just a little guide for those of you who got stuck inside one of the shrines. =)

Abandoned Shrine

Central Cloister:

Investigate the pots until you find a Mallet. Investigate the middle panel and a cutscene will play where Siglud smashes down the said panel.

Abandoned Shrine ( 1st area ):

Jump on the floating blocks and reach the far right side. Move the statue with the blue gem in the middle using Shift+Z. It will reveal a switch. Activate it and the door on the far left will open.

Abandoned Shrine ( 2nd area ):

Things can be a bit tricky here. First, move the statue onto the lone grey panel ( it has a greenish glow ) and you will be able to cross the bridge.

Next, move the statue on the far right of the room to the grey panel located south of it. A wooden panel on the far left of the room will activate and you will be able to jump to the area with the two gold treasure chests. One of them will have a Lever inside them ( you can also investigate the pots for some nice items; one of them contains a Full Elixir, my way of rewarding the player who investigates everything XD ).

Use the lever and you will see another wooden bridge activate. Use it to jump to the next area and activate the last switch that will open the panel that will take you to the next area.

Abandoned Shrine ( 3rd Area ):

Pretty straightforward. Move/push the boulders out of the way then move the statue on the top left to reveal another switch ( you can also move the other
statues out of the way to obtain some more items from the pots
). The panel will open and it will take you to the Raider's Cave.

Eos Shrine

1) The first room as you enter is pretty straightforward. Just push the statue over to the grey tile and use the Lever you got out of the steel chest on the right.

2) The second room is much larger. Ignore everything in this room and head down south.

3) There are two statues in this tiny chamber. The statue on the left needs to go over to the grey tile on the right hand side of the room and vice versa. Exit the room.

4) As you head further up into the East Passage, you will find some little wooden boards that were triggered when you activated those pressure switches in the tiny chamber.

5) Jump all the way to the north-western side of the room and pick up the lever in the chest. Take note. One of the doors here will lead you into the West Passage later on.

6) Jump back down and use the lever and activate it.

7) Head back to the jumping blocks and head east now. You can pick up a Mercury Vest for Laine here. It helps a lot if she is faster than the boss in this Shrine ( Avinchi has 40 base speed! ). The vest will give her 16 Def, 3 Atk and 5 extra Spd as well as granting her the Swift skill ( ups an ally's SPD stat in battle ).

Hint: It helps even more if you've been to the town of Lidgetton. You can head there by blowing open the blocked entrance in the Ulster Caves with the Fire Bomb you got from Clannad. Once you're in Lidgetton, make a stop by the bar and choose the 'Florean Cordail' as an option. It will permanently increase the party's SPD stat by 5.

8) You will find yourself in the Eastern Shrine. Save at the crystal and prepare for a boss fight. Aviiiiinchiiiii!

9) After you've kicked his feathery arse, head into the Central Shrine. Pick up the lever, activate the switch then head back out. Take note of the door in front of the switch. This actually takes you to your eventual destination, the Northern Shrine, but you can't get there just yet. Head out to the area where you fought Avinchii.

10) You can save again here. Head back into the East Passage and jump all the way to the western side of the shrine. The door will now be open.

11) Head through the largish-room and through the doors in the middle. Loot the chests and head back to the Central Shrine. Prepare yourself for another boss fight. Anook comes!!!

12) After you emerge victorious, head through the door and enjoy the cutscene for all your hard work. And getting Durandal, obviously.XD

Will add images later.