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A surprise announcement

Wow, I haven't done a blog for this game since November last year. ^^

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who nominated this game for the 2014 Misao Awards. Although I wasn't expecting to win anything ( given the awfully strong contenders in the race ), I was still happy with Enelysion's 8 nominations and placing 3rd for GOTY ( even if the votes did seem meagre compare to the other two; Oneshot and Dreaming Mary ). But this blog isn't just about a personal word of thanks.

After I eventually complete Tristian, would you guys like to see a sequel to this game? I know some of you will say its a no-brainer, but I would like
to still know your thoughts on the matter. =) And if possible, tell me what you'd like to see in it ( apart from Cil/Siggy shenanigans, but Siggy is now married and must be a good boy lol. But I don't do yaoi...)

I am practising my art again, so when the time comes, it will be custom stuff galore as usual. XD

I never do fanservice, but here's Laine as a Sim in TS3. Huge image, btw. Just as a small token of my thanks.

I'm no forking out 600 bucks for Sims 4, sorry. XD And I am so making Lainey's
hair like that if I do do a sequel.

So speak people. Let me know what you think!


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It’s my fault that you didn’t manage to win anything. I’m a complete jinx whenever it comes to picking games for anything award related and I have this dark cloud that’s been following me around lately that’s been giving me nothing but trouble as of late. It seems like with everything that I happen to personally like and enjoy that they often get shafted by the overwhelming majority. But, hey, at least you managed to get 3rd place overall for GOTY! That’s pretty impressive stuff. In fact, considering that Oneshot, Dreaming Mary and Enelysion were probably my three favorite games that I played from last year (well, besides Super Talking Time Bros. 2.5 – The Last Levels, but that one is an oldie), I’d say everything worked out for the best.

Also, hyper-realistic Laine in pretty green outfit is uber cute. But I’m wondering what the heck is that thing behind her shoulder - is that a hand? It must be either Siglud trying to get to first base again or he’s trying to get a lick in of that pasta-looking dish from behind her. :P

- And hells yeah I want a sequel, or even a prequel for that matter. Of course I want the “Misadventures Of Siglud And Cillian” to become a reality – but anything that you decide to do would be just fine by me.
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for various reasons i have yet to play your game. i know its good theres other things i need to get thru (and i tend to put off longer titles)
still i never heard of oneshot and considering what dreaming mary is really about its shocking people voted that over this.
(could be length?)
i swear people love dark/evil/wrong things but believe they still have good morals.humans are a scary race

as for a sequel i cant honestly say as i have not played Enelysion yet but it seems to have a god fanbase so it must have done something right.
+1 for a sequel!
That is indeed Siglud's hand behind Laine, Addit. He's about to tuck into his breakfast of leftover spaghetti. In his undies, lol. And don't feel bad about jinxing the game. 2014 was the year of the tumblr games, after all. I didn't stand a chance.
I would definitely love to see a sequel. I've suggested Enelysion to many of my friends as a game to play over a number of the commercial RPG Maker games available. Really looking forward to seeing you complete Tristian as well. You do amazing work, and it's a shame you didn't win, I definitely think you deserved Game of the Year.
Thank you. =) I need to promote this game more, but I'm terrible at marketing and I shudder at the idea of starting a tumblr for it. But I will admit it now, I was a bit bummed that my labour of love lost out to a one-hour game made in a month and a fan-game which has a rabid following on Tumblr ( I know it's a little silly, but maybe it's just that mentality of getting a Misao means you've finally made it to the top of the gam-mak mountain )... Maybe it will be different this year. I don't know what 2015 holds for gam-mak, after all.

Anyway, there's always next year. Or the year after that. Or-- I'm staking my all on Tristian. Let's hope it goes well. =)
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