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Zephyr Skies: The Winter Sage is a fantasy epic made for the RMN Summer Games 2011. We have delivered a highly polished project within a short time budget by augmenting existing WombatRPGs talent with a variety of contributions from creative sources from around the site.

Zephyr Skies follows the path of Nathaniel Everard, a mercenary of the nation of Calcedonia. Most of his work is for the Calcedonian High Throne, situated in the capital city of Labrynne. In the winter of the year 1305, the crown prince Reginald Scott Piedmont tasks Nathaniel with the kidnapping of a certain peasant girl deep in the heart of Malcairn territory. The prince is vague about his reasons, saying she is important to the future of Calcedonia. The mission promises to be dangerous; the empire of Malcaira viciously defends itself from foreigners, but the pay is good and Nathaniel accepts. With only minor run-ins with Malcairn soldiers, he captures the girl Violet and heads back for Labrynne.

However, when Nathaniel returns to Labrynne with the captive Violet in tow, he learns that prince Reginald Scott Piedmont, the king, and over half of the royal family have been assassinated in a single night. Calcedonia is in an uproar. The next in line for the throne is the young Luke Lloyd Piedmont, an untested prince of only 8 years old. As Nathaniel tries to sort out his situation, he becomes caught up with a secret guild of mages, scholars, and con men that seem to be chasing after Violet. With the prince dead, Nathaniel is at a loss to explain the purpose of Violet. As he falls into negotiations with the guild, the high throne, and the diplomats of Malcaira, a conspiracy slowly comes to light that will rattle all of Calcedonia.

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First of all, we've gotten a lot of feedback in the two years since this game was completed. Most of it was positive, but there were also a lot of concerns about the balance of the Four Horsemen boss in the Millennium Planes so we've decided to update etc etc tetris etc

Anyway, we've started work on a THRILLING SEQUEL, the next game in the Zephyr Skies saga! If you're filled with questions about what's a real game, what's not a real game, what's the purpose of Zephyr Skies, what's the best way to solve the Tektuk Hidden Cave elevator puzzle, then we also have an FAQ for you. We're looking to forward to making something similar-but-very-different and hope you'll enjoy it too.

Thanks for the support!



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My mind is full of fuck.
I never gotten past the mini game, all those screenshots are hyped up for nuthin. :p
I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
What an amusing waste of time.
Quite a confidence builder though. DOMINATING DOMINATING DOMINATING
I like the fogdog.
I think this game seriously hurt my download counts for other games ;)

Nobody wants to take the chance anymore ;)
I hate you all go die in a fire : P How's it feel to know that 2-3 years SOMEONE still fell for this joke. God I'm such an idiot >_<
My mind is full of fuck.
The irony that someone will make this game in the future, then you'll be sorry!
I'm really late for the party. But this game is wonderful.

The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Do I dare play this?
this was it

this was the magnum opus
It remains the most downloaded game on my list... including the one that was featured game :/
i tried it but it kept glitching and skipping and weird stuff u.u i don't think it is planned, so i should warn you :/
i tried it but it kept glitching and skipping and weird stuff u.u i don't think it is planned, so i should warn you :/

oh no, it's fine: there is a bug at the beginning but if you keep playing, it will correct itself.
see I knew we should've set up some kind of support ticket system
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