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In Zephyr Skies: The Winter Sage there are approximately 8 dungeons that the player must complete to beat the game ('Approximately' because of the deadline for the game. This number might increase.) These dungeons are spread out across the continent, but are nevertheless quite easy to find.

Level 1: The Haunted Gardens
Location: Outside of Labrynne, just off of the Via Millenia. You will need a Tourist Pass to enter during normal conditions and a King Pass to enter during a rainstorm.
Atmosphere: You walk down a well-trodden, but deserted path. The exotic plants around you droop under the weight of rain water and the heavy precipitation limits your vision even more than a thick fog bank.
Suddenly you see something move out of the corner of your eye. You tense, but hear nothing aside from the pounding of the rain. It must be nothing. Renigald wouldn't have taken your sword if there was anything dangerous in here.
Overall Theme: Plant and ghost-based monsters. Although your water attacks will be stronger due to the weather, some plant enemies heal themselves when attacked with water (so be careful)! Torches will serve you well here.
Background Information: The Haunted Gardens are a tourist trap. Bored noblemen come from around Calcedonia in the hopes of seeing a ghost. When they invariabely fail, they stop in Labrynne to restock before heading back home.
The Gardens hide a dark secret, though. Tourists are rushed out at the first sign of rain and the wrought-iron gates are slammed shut until the weather clears. Some have reported hearing moaning sounds emanating inside the vaulted walls during these storms.
It is rumored that the prince will send his men into the garden during the rain as a way to test their courage.

Level 2: Cobalt Cave
Location: Located somewhere directly to the north of the Cape of Rage. Local legends are not exactly clear on where the Cobalt Cave can be found, only that few men ever find it and that those who do either return wealthy... or dead.
Atmosphere: You sit with you back against a wall of cold, smooth stone as the winds howl outside. You were lucky to find find this cave when you did, monsoons are very dangerous.
You glance down the gullet of the gave and notice a slight metallic light glowing from its furthest reaches. That's odd. If you're stuck in this cave anyway, you might as well do some exploring. Maybe you'll find some other people down there!
As you begin your trek deeper into the cave, the words of the one-eyed man come back to you "Beware of the light that comes from the heart of the earth. It is the light that binds. It is the light that curses." You shiver slightly and your hand involuntarily twitches towards your sword's pommel.
You do your best to ignore your rising uneasiness and keep walking forward.
Overall Theme: The Cobalt Cave is overrun with rocky and earthy monsters. If you didn't buy a pickaxe before coming here, you're in for a world of hurt. The dark environment makes glowstones a must.
The cave is filled with fallen rubble, so be prepared to move boulders around if you want to move forward!
Background Information: The cobalt cave is mentioned in numerous ancient Calcedonian legends. Its earliest appearance is in the Dellian Chronicles:
"As if waking from a dream, Aulonza raised her golden-crowned brow and beheld before her a vast cave of cobalt. Light poured forth from its bowels just as the rain waters pour forth from Aeolus's cloudy domain."
Except for a strange crystal known as Labrynne Midnight, legends are not exactly clear on what lies inside of the cave. Ask a hundred different storytellers and you'll get a hundred different answers.

Level 3: Tektuk Forest Temple
Location: Tektuk Forest Temple lies just between the city of Silvius and expanse of the Tektuk Forest. Be careful when stocking up on supplies before entering. The shop keepers might warn the soldiers if they see a foreigner buying a lot of weapons and supplies.
Atmosphere: Your feet slam against the soft surface of the forest floor as you chase Violet's fleeting form through the forest. She gave you a good chase until now, but you're finally starting to gain on her.
An unfortunate member of the Malcairian XIIth Scout Division stumbles out in front of you. He looks more surprised than you and dies with the same wide-eyed look on his face. They really don't know when to give up, do they?
You look ahead, but Violet is nowhere to be found. Instead you see a massive stepped pyramid stabbing upwards into the sky. Moss pours over its sides like putrid green waterfalls. Tektuk Forest Temple. The old home of the Malcarian emperor.
You see a flash of white as something runs across one of the temples upper levels. Was that Violet's dress? No time to think. You run towards the temple.
Overall Theme: The Tektuk Forest Temple has been claimed by natives over the years and they are not pleased by your intrusion. To top things off, the XIIth is still chasing you! Maybe if you're lucky you can get the two to fight one another. Save your healing salves. You'll need them.
Also, if you are lucky enough (or unlucky enough), you might run into a Native King. If you can survive his onslaught, he will sometimes drop a royal emerald. Hold on to this! You can trade it for part of the ultima trio later on.
Background Information:The Tektuk Forest Temple was the old abode of the Malcairian Emperor before he Ascended. It has since fallen into disrepair and has been claimed by natives. They normally cannot be found this close to the city, but some have made an exception for this particular holy ground. They do not take kindly to trespassers.

Level 4: The Emerald Queen
Location: The Emerald Queen normally spends most of her time sitting pristine and and untouched in Silvius's harbor. If you tried to access her before, a guard would ask you for an Emerald Card That guard is now dead.
Atmosphere: You heave yourself one one side of the wheel and throw all your weight against the fury of the storm. The wheel seems as if it has been nailed in place, but slowly, ever so slowly, it starts to sink to the side. The pulley creak even louder and the Emerald Queen's sail turns.
You revel in your small victory for a second before glancing behind you. The massive black form is still there. And why wouldn't it be? The thing chased you through the middle of Virium, why wouldn't it chase you here? You feel a chill as you remember the sight of the giant bear-cobra-...thing cutting a bloody swath through a legion of Malcairian soldiers. A few of the survivors are helping you man the Emerald Queen. You hope they don't remember your face from all those wanted posters.
At least you have what you came for that girl was- ...actually, where is Violet? You scan the boat's deck and catch no sight of her. Then... there! In the water! You see a white cloth bobbing in the river. She's trying to escape again.
With a sigh you hand the wheel off to one of the soldiers and stand on the boat's edge. Before diving into the frigid water a thought crosses your mind: if it were easy Renigald wouldn't have asked you to do it.
Overall Theme: This level is a departure from the normal battle system. You must escape up the Correlus River with the angry demi-god Taluxtextus in hot pursuit. You need to manage your time between heaping ranged damage onto Taluxtectus, steering the ship, and keeping Violet from escaping.
Background Information: The Emerald Queen was originally a privateering vessel that trolled around the waters near the Cape of Rage. One of their victims, a rich Malcairian merchant, was so enthralled by the beauty of the ship that after escaping home he bought the ship and put it in his private harbor. It just happened to be in the right place at the right time to help you escape Taluxtectus' wrath.

Level 5: Eternium Mine
Location: The Eternium Mines are located smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. The middle of the Sand Ocean to be specific. It's easy to find because it's surrounded by the only permanent structures for miles in all directions. Be sure to stock up on eternium weapons before going further. Unlike metals made out of lesser metals there are no monster attacks which can damage them.
Atmosphere: You take another careful step forward. Fires roar on all sides, feeding off of the wooden supports and the coal veins that can be found next to the eternium ones. You take another step forward and the fire crackles evil.
When you woke up earlier today you thought that Violet had tried to escape again. Then you heard her screaming from inside the depths of the mine. When the mine caught fire, your rescue attempt turned disastrous.
You wipe the sweat from your eyes and catch a glance of something inside of the fire. It looked like a dog, but no dog could ever be that large... or that feral.
It was just a trick of the eye. Like seeing animals in the clouds. You take another step.
Overall Theme: Ever since vandals set it on fire, the Eternium mine is filled with fire demons. You should place any valuable items that you have in a fireproof backpack if you don't want them to get incinerated.
The fire hasn't reached all parts of the mines. You may even find a working mine cart system in some rooms!
Background Information: Eternium is the most durable metal in Calcedonia and consequently is one of the most valuable. Unfortunately there is only a single vein of it anywhere in the world: underneath the Sand Ocean.
The Eternium Mine is the only reason anyone comes to the Sand Ocean. It is a major source of income for the local landowners and a primary target for local gangs. All life here revolves around it.

Level 6: Twilight Lagoon
Location: Outside the headquarters of the Calcedonian Mage's Guild. You aren't exactly sure where the Mage's Guild is, but once you're there it's hard to miss the lagoon.
Atmosphere: A strange echoing cry rings out across the murky landscape. You think it comes from some sort of exotic bird, but with all the strange things running around these part you can never be sure.
You hear squishing sounds underfoot as you move forward. This is not because of terrain, but because your boots are so waterlogged that your every step makes you feel like you're swimming. At least Violet has the sense to stay close to you. The last thing you need right now is for her to run away.
You see a silhouette fluttering and dancing around in the distance. Is that the one-eyed man again? What is his deal anyway? You saw him sitting near the head of the Guild's table, but he hasn't tried to stop your escape. In fact, has he been... helping you?
You are jolted from your thoughts by the sound of that bird screaming again. You shiver. You don't want to meet any bird large enough to make that loud a sound.
Overall Theme: Enemies inside of the lagoon rely on stealth and poison to get the job done. Make sure to stock up on cure-alls before you talk to the innkeeper in Labrynne. It will be your last chance to do so for a long, long time.
Background Information: The Twilight Lagoon is mentioned in several old Calcedonian legends as the resting place of one piece of the ultima trio. It is thought of as a place of crippling madness and absolute despair. Common people avoid it and only the most insane or the most eccentric brave its mist-shrouded depths. Consequently it is the natural place to hide the Mage's Guild.

Level 7: Dragons' Catacombs
Location: In the center of Aurora city there is a drab-looking temple devoted to the Order of the Dragon. If you can convince the priests that you are a devout worshiper of the Dragon, they might reveal the space beneath the temple and along with it Aurora city's deepest and darkest secret.
Atmosphere: The walls of this room are made out of corpses. Skulls are stacked on top of one another and the spaces between them are filled with miscellaneous bones and vertebrae. The faces leer down at you and even though their eye sockets are empty, you swear that they are following your every move.
The catacombs themselves are very lively... although "lively" might not be the correct word. Massive skeletons stalk the corridors, their bones held together with rusted wire and hateful magic. Some of the skeletons do not even begin to resemble creatures that you recognize. You can't help but wonder how long they have been confined down here.
Even more disturbing is the laughter. The skeletons have no lungs, no tongue, no voice boxes, but they are certainly capable of laughing. Some have deep booming laughs that shake the foundations of the catacombs, while others laugh in high cackles that piece into your mind and make you question your own sanity.
Violet nudges you. You've been standing here too long. You draw you sword and let out your own laugh as you charge towards the monsters. It is loud. And confident.
Overall Theme: The catacombs are filled with element-less skeletons and corpses. The catacombs are not some much a test of cunning and mastery of the elements as they are a test of power and brute strength.
You might recognize the bodies of some of your old enemies amongst the dead, but then again, maybe you won't.
Background Information: The catacombs are a completely unknown element in the world. Only the very powerful have so much as a rumor of their existence. Why were they built? How long have they been there? Who was fearsome enough to create them?
Only time will tell.

Level 8: Escharlot Manor Dungeons
Location: Escharlot Manor can be found in the dead center of Labrynne. If you spent a little bit of time exploring Labrynne at the beginning of the game, you will be able to find it with no trouble. The dungeons themselves can be entered from inside the manor, but their exact entrance remains a jealously guarded secret.
Atmosphere: You half-sit against the muddy wall, your wrists raw from your repeated attempts to break out of your shackles and you throat raw from your screams.
It is all to no avail. They took away your weapons. They took away your magic. They took away your will to fight. You allies, your so-called friends, abandoned you to this place. It is over. Everything is over.
You hear footsteps outside but can't muster up the energy to care. They can torture you as much as they want. It won't matter. A sharp crack echoes through the cell as your shackles burst into a thousand tiny shards.
You look up in shock. Violet is standing outside, grinning like a madman and carrying your sword at her side. A smile spreads across your parched lips. It's payback time.
Overall Theme: This is it, the final battle. You get no hints. This level will require every ounce of skill and luck that you have to pass. Good luck!
Background Information: The Escharlot family has always been wealthy and powerful. Their manor overshadows Labrynne's keep both in size and in decadence. It is whispered by some that they have more power than even the king himself.
Be careful.


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