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Author's Rants

Konpeki! Cosmic Drama! is just a game I recently made, and it took me about 2 weeks to finish the system with a stage, plus graphics that are not pre-made. This includes the tiles, sprites, faces, and portraits. No kidding.

I started this game first by thinking of a concept that is never seen before in VX. I first thought that graphics could make things original, so I looked at Clarabel's Isometric tileset edited and gave it a shot, even though it lacks support.

Then, I started to find a animated battle system is which is simple to edit. I thought Melody is too complex and is too tedious to work with, So I decided to use Behemoth's CBS, which features animated battlers with wait gauge.

Now with those scripts as basis are intact, I carried out my idea. I made the board game via events and event scripting, and I had lots of problem dealing with the AI!

After finishing the demo, I found out a faster way to work with platforms, so hopefully I can finish more stages.

As we speak, I'm doing a new tileset for the isometric tileset editor, so I would not be able to work on other stuffs like balancing or like fixing some errors, until I finish it. I'm also doing a tutorial for GIMP users~

I also recently made my first completed script! (Just yesterday)
With the experience I had working on Konpeki, I'm glad I could pull some scripts from my sleeves at last.

The script is called: Auto Battle when Idle, where the party attacks automatically in battle when the player is not moving or selecting.
Please try it out: http://pastebin.com/mJ8r2N9j

I would like to hear from you! I'm just one person and for a party game like Konpeki, I would also need a party for developing the game.

I would like to thank all those who have played the game in advance!
Just clicking that download and reply button makes me really proud. ;3