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Below is a comprehensive guide for playing the game, for the UI, and for the platforms~

Start of the Game
Each player is given $2000 each. Each player has exactly 1000 HP and 100 MP.
If players reach the starting place again, they will gain additional $2000 and HP will be restored!

Game's Objective
Have the highest gold count in 10 phases! (20 turns)

The playing field

A: Player Actions
This window shows the actions you have if it's your turn. There are currently 4 actions to choose from:
ROLL - Roll the dice! The outcome is randomly selected from 1 to 6, similar to the dice~
ITEM - Shows the item screen
REST - Rest for the turn to gain HP and MP. If your HP is 0, and you don't have restorative items, you need to REST!
STATUS - Shows your MP and PARAMETERS.

B: Player HUD
Shows the 4 representatives with their respective HP and gold count. Always pay attention to the HUD!

Same as the Player HUD, but this time, it's the BOSS.

D: A player!

E: Cursor
You can freely move the cursor most of the time.
Please do note that the cursor will not automatically follow the player when moving.

F: Phase BAR
This shows the current number of phase of the game.
Each phase consists of 2 turn counts, so that means you have 2 turns before the phase changes.
If there is an icon that resembles an 'X' in the current phase, then after the end of the turn, there will be a BATTLE PHASE!


START - If you reach this platform, you automatically gain $2000 and 100% HP. If directly stepped, you'll gain additional 100% MP!
ATTACK - Increases the attack parameter.
DEFENSE - Increases the defense parameter.
MYSTERY - What's gonna happen? I don't know! There are at least 8 different effects that may happen~
STAR - Increases spirit and agility for a larger price.
SHOP - Calls the shop.
INN - Calls the INN. Restores all HP and MP.
SKULL - Battle the BOSS! If the boss is defeated, you'd gain $2000!

Battles are one-on-one matches. There are two events that trigger the battle scene.
One of which is the SKULL platform, and the other one is via BATTLE PHASE.
With Behemoth's CBS, you'd have to perfectly time your attacks and guards!

Attack or use a Skill when you're not anticipating an opponent guard!

In battle, there are 4 commands for players:
ATTACK - Simply attacks the opposing player.
GUARD - Increase your defense and replenishes 10 MP! Every player has super guard.
ITEM - Opens your inventory.
SKILL - There are currently 2 skills each character can use.
~5-hit combo attack: MP: 70 -- Attacks 5 times.
~3-hit combo attack: MP: 50 -- Attacks 3 times.