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Current playable characters:

"Late King's only Son"
After the demise of the king, he vowed to win it all to continue his family's legacy. He is the favored representative to win it all.
He is a people-person and is always concerned about his peers and relatives.
Guild: Slategale
Weapon: Sword

"Fight... for Money?"
Selena was the first woman sent by the Maizenoon guild. She joins the battle for money and fame.
Selena actually was the first prize winner of Maizenoon's weekly lottery. The prize was to be a representative for the tribe.
Guild: Maizenoon
Weapon: Guns

"Journey to the Throne"
He travels around the cosmos with his mystical axe weapon, named Inglanz, in search for quests to improve his abilities.
He indulges in quests ultimately for gems which can are slotted into Inglanz. Yuno joined the Grand Battle to prove that he is worthy
enough to wield a weapon 'from the gods', Inglanz.
Guild: Perzechrome
Weapon: Axe

"Serving with Devotion"
Served as the kingdom's head palace maid, After the king\'s contract is nulled, Rimna joins the contest not hoping to be 'king',
but hoping for the equality of all guilds. Rinma has a huge fan base throughout the kingdom because of her truthful service and sincerity.
Guild: Fallowithe
Weapon: Staff

"A Knight's Chivalry"
He is the strongest knight from the kingdom of Miazhur. Strives to win for gaining territory and power. Winfer has a habit of giving himself
names like 'win', 'winner', or even 'whiner'. He is well-respected in the Crimsondusk country. He easily gets surprised or shocked.
Guild: Crimsondusk
Weapon: Spear-sword



Other characters:
A human-camcorder who hosts the Grand Battle. He has his own website.
Inspired by Kaptain-J and security heads.

Erielophim III
Eliezer's deceased father. Served as the king of the cosmos for over 40 years.
His timely death was caused by a wound he suffered back when he competed in his era's Grand Battle.

His son was bit by a wolf.

Stage 1 BOSS. It likes finger-licking good Chooks-To-Go.