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Notes before downloading:

*The project is un-encrypted! You will see my crappy eventing skills!
Please do note that if you want to edit the isometric maps, you'd need Clarabel's script which can be found in rmvx.net's Complete RGSS2 Scripts forum.

*Credit if used
If you're going to take some of the edited scripts, graphics, or music in the project, please credit the people who made them!
Most of the files are named by its maker, so please use it as a reference. Also, credit me~ (as mitchi.exe)

*Missing Files\Corruption
If you find any missing resources error or archive corruption, please do immediately contact me. I'll do my best to fix them asap.
I spent half a day uploading the project, so I do not doubt everything would be perfectly fine with the archive contents.

*RTP data not included

Temporary Download LINK: MF (30mb)