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Everlong is a FREE amateur fantasy game designed to capture the charm and cliche of the classic SNES JRPG. You are a Blackguard, a knight sworn to serve the Cirigoth Empire and trained in the dark arts, yet hunted by your imperial masters after turning renegade. Only through enlisting the aid of friends and allies can you escape pursuit and defeat the oppressive Cirigoth regime. Journey across the world's continents to forge a confederacy and fight for freedom in global war. Yet a more insidious plot looms in the shadows. A fallen god seeks to exploit civilization's folly and reclaim the dreams and nightmares of humanity.

The linear story of Everlong is accompanied by numerous side-quests. It also focuses heavily on puzzles, dialog, and battle strategy.

Feature List:
  • 80+ hours of gameplay
  • Nearly 1500 maps to explore; each full of puzzles, monsters, and treasures
  • Story Mode option allows players to experience the game without spending time fighting random monster encounters; also includes ability to skip mandatory boss fights and automatically adjust hero levels so that the player can toggle Story Mode at any time
  • Skill Shard system allows player to unlock and choose hero skills with unlimited reconfiguration
  • Over 150 skills to learn with custom animations, including secret skill scrolls to obtain; skills increase in power and gain new effects with custom magic and strength dependent algorithms
  • Choose between three difficulty levels, customize monster attributes, or allow the game to automatically balance enemies
  • Hero rebirth mechanism allows gaining additional levels beyond maximum; once reborn, switch heroes between single and dual weapon wield, which also alters available equipment
  • DynRPG plugins: vastly improved battle speed; enemy HP, AP, and turn bars; game clock; AP and statistics changes visible in battle; switch between window and gauge battle layout; extended damage cap limit
  • Quick hero info: single button press displays portraits, name, HP/MaxHP, AP/MaxAP in regular mode; expanded mode includes level/true level, skill shards/total shards, EXP to next level, STR, DEF, MAG, SPD, weapons, equipment, and accessory; portraits and text altered when hero afflicted with condition, low HP, or zero AP
  • Journal logs primary quest progress and discovered side quests
  • Puzzle Bonus system where players can choose to skip difficult puzzles
    or instead earn a reward for completion
  • Help Totems that aid the player in solving puzzles with hints or instructions
  • Realm of Purgatory where fallen heroes are resurrected after perishing in battle; allows the player to restart exactly where they left off with all experience, money, and items earned instead of having to reload their last save
  • Worldmap mini-map with trackers for hero and vehicle positions
  • Detailed navigation map with three modes: continent listing, waypoint
    listing, and continent zoom; shows next area to visit to forward the plot as well as location names; locations uncovered as you progress through the game
  • Finder Display pop-up reveals type and availability of secrets in player's current location
  • Forge System with 49 powerful and rare weapons, equipment, and items to create
  • Collector System where monster drops and boss tokens can be traded for various types and quantities of items at special merchants
  • Battle Arena with 38 challenges consisting of four consecutive battles each, 22 handicaps inflicted between battles to survive, and many rare prizes to earn
  • Boss Rush tests your endurance in consecutive battles against the game's boss monsters for treasure
  • Hunting mini-game with dynamic spawns, action based use of projectile and melee weapons for each hero, 10 hunting grounds, multiple random weather types, and 64 different prey and predators that both flee and attack; mini-map displays targets and items; item spawns adjust to player need
  • 6 optional bonus dungeons (one utilizing a double party system)
  • 14 recruitable NPCs that will offer useful services
  • NewGame+ and Continue+ option upon completing the game
  • Custom menu system for quick and easy access to both default commands and special game systems
  • Party Members chosen and player determined romance influence game dialogue, events, and ending scenes
  • Custom character battle sprites, animations, and weapon graphics for all 12 heroes and 187 weapons
  • Over 500 monsters to fight arranged in over 1400 battle formations
  • Over 800 items, medicine, weapons, armor, and accessories to acquire
  • Vehicle mini-Games that can be completed for special treasures and then replayed at the Battle Arena for prizes
  • Book mini-quest to reveal game secrets; 48 books in all to find and read
  • 7 Dragon Trials with puzzles and battles
  • 13 magical stones and summons to acquire
  • Blackjack and Single Draw card mini-games
  • Banking System to store your money and convert currency; earn interest on stored funds
  • Clue based Pirate Treasure Hunting mini-game
  • Jukebox with all music tracks for listening pleasure
  • 62 menu graphics to unlock and choose from
  • Statistics tracking and viewing system
  • GUI based party formation system
  • Memory Beacon Hunting that allows access to rare shops
  • 4 vehicles; two act as moving bases; one with upgradeable shops
  • Ship and Airship docking at port towns and to access remote locations
  • Custom glyphs detail weapon, equipment, item, and skill types
  • Battle encounter rates and experience rewards adjust to your team's average level; menu toggle to disable
  • Encounter rate indicator; colors communicate frequency of monster battles in current area
  • Hint arrows and dungeon maps as guides in certain confusing areas
  • GUI-based Options menu to set game preferences
  • Erect statues of your heroes and key story characters throughout the world
  • Utilization of the David/Goliath Patch allows for super enemies that break the normal engine limits
  • Scripted boss attacks that push the RM2k3 engine to new limits
  • Counter attack script where monsters retaliate against specific actions, amounts of damage received, or elemental type; rate manually adjustable and scales with difficulty level
  • Automatic experience adjustment keeps all characters at a similar level of combat ability
  • Autosave function preserves progress and protects against rare crash bugs
  • Detailed victory report including level up stat changes
  • Scan skill and Bestiary that reveals data for encountered monsters
  • Pop-up battle messages that telegraph enemy attacks, allowing players to anticipate and prepare
  • Overkill mechanic awarding extra experience when defeating an enemy with a powerful blow
  • OpenGL renderer for compatibility with modern systems, allowing higher resolutions and video filters
  • Siren item calls specific enemy battles based on location
  • Rare drops from certain monsters when encountered solo

Latest Blog

New Version 3.35

The downloads section has been updated with a new full version and patch. Mostly bug fixes, but the controller support is sweet for those of us using Xbox controllers with Windows (thanks to PepsiOtaku for that plugin). Here's the update notes:

Everlong v3.35 (2022.01.16):

Added controller / gamepad support with a DynRPG plugin
Shinryu skill Atomic Breath no longer scales with physical attack power; resulted in extreme damage when auto balance mode toggled ON
Restored conditions removal effect for certain healing skills on their final tier: Succor, Celerity, Chakra
Added message when recruiting Miyagi to explain EXP and Encounter scaling turns off
The first Altair battle no longer results in an instant victory if monster scaling is active; an HP reference was missing for this monster in the scaling code
Attempted to address boss battles being unintentionally skipped outside Story Mode if the control switch was somehow otherwise toggled
Attempted to restore possibly corrupted database value for Virtuoso items that prevented the player from equipping them
Corrected MAG+ value for Mystic Pendant accessory
Siren activated battle in Cerulean Silex and Ignis Castrum against Naga Archer no longer crashes due to null event page references
Keen Skill Scroll Blink now shows correct skill reference when queried with SHIFT
  • Completed
  • DJC
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Action Puzzle RPG
  • 11/10/2011 07:48 PM
  • 01/16/2022 09:41 PM
  • 11/12/2004
  • 465497
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  • 6255


Thanks! I'm on normal difficulty, rebirthed and about lvl 40. I managed every boss prior to this one in a few tries, so it's not a question of power, but more tactic. Didn't think of putting him to custom stats and usual 100% difficulty, lol. I'll try that.

It worked! :) Tricky, but doable. Had to use both healers. Protect buff doesn't seem to do any harm as far as punishments go.
No problem man! oh and umm...

sidequest spoilers:
you can start a quest to get back cirus ,a 3rd healer, if you talk to diayn in the isla del sol battle arena.

the chronoprism is in the triangle island dungeon.he's a sturdier alternative to the default healers, but his drawback is that he can't cast the elemental resist spells.

EDIT:Has anybody found the broken inceptum for the royal technology quest? my guess is that it's at seculum profundus, but I haven't gone there yet.

EDIT2: good grief, the hunting...

It's fun to hunt prey and the weaker predators, but the later predators are just a chore to kill being able to tank 7+ hits without dying and whatnot. Add on to that the fact that kills only count by killing them via hunting attacks; post mid-game hunting is a improbable slog, especially with flying predators zipping around at what appears to be twice/thrice my speed into areas my melee and ranged attacks won't reach. I should also mention that keen and willis can't shoot past any tile edges or tiles with tree foliage covering it. Lastly, muldoon's forest hunting area has a huge tree you can't see past unless you attack, and the projectiles don't work behind. Most of problems with predator hunting would be assuaged by at least slowing them down a touch, and maybe even lowering their hunting health by a few hits.
Well, you guessed right about Inceptum. :) But it's right at the end.
Found a glitch: when you try to enter the phoenix cave for the first time (not sure if revisits result in the same thing) in impatient mode, you get a black screen. Fortunately though, there seems to be a fail-safe in place that kicks you back to the aetherius by entering and exiting the menu, so it isn't game-breaking. Entering the cave with impatient mode off works fine.
I'll put the Phoenix Cave Impatient Mode glitch on the list. I rarely play with that mode enabled, so I likely missed many such bugs.

I debated whether to even include hunting predators as part of the game completion percentage since I knew it would be rather tedious. I'm leaning towards significantly reducing the number of hits to defeat predators. Players could acquire some rare drops easily that way, but the predator that spawns is random chance and later in the game there are better ways to acquire most of those rewards.

The speed issues with predators and prey are actually the result of buggy code that just doesn't execute consistently. I gave up trying to perfect that, and preventing predators from getting stuck in phasing mode, where they can pass through any tiles, even if they're not supposed to.

As for Beomaust, that's probably the third most difficult battle in the game now. You need extremely high defense, fortified with Protect if possible, to survive Overpower. Breath resistance equipment, high defense, Protect, and using the Defend command will help heroes reduce damage from Ultima Breath, which can also be reflected if only a single hero has the Reflect Condition. It's tempting to use Regen for healing, but this will get you into trouble when Beomaust casts Reversal just before Ultima Breath unless you remove it with Cleanse first. You want low HP or fallen heroes just before Reversal, but don't gamble too much since Beomaust can deal heavy damage every turn. Items are the best way to heal or grant boons. Casting life magic will get you Demolished. Casting healing magic will either get you Demolished or maybe Gravija. Demolish will either kill all but one party member, or the last remaining hero if you're down to one.
Full installation package updated with all current bug fixes, including:

*Entering and exiting the Phoenix Cave with Impatient Mode ON works correctly
*Hunting Grounds Predator HP significantly reduced; some prey HP reduced
*Muldoon Forest Hunting Ground giant tree permanently transparent
*Corrected Shankha library book location

As always, my thanks to the players for reporting these errors.
Hi there, thanks for the great game. I'm nearing the end and I have a few questions :

How does the royal technology quest work ? I got the king his magazine and he told me I would get some reward. I found some guys telling me they can let me open the chests if I ask the king, but I can't ask the king. Also I read something about a drill, but it seems I never managed to get that part working either.

Then I just got access to the rebirth mechanism. Any reason not to do it, like something only accessible if you have a high level ? Also is it broken if I use it with story mode (and the level auto-adjust) ?

Oh and I nearly forgot, I did that quest with the chronoprism and now I have an extra member in my team, but there's a big "?" in my menus now. Is it only there because I have an uneven number of people in my team and needed for the menu to appear properly, or is there because there's also another "secret" character I can recruit ?

Thanks again!
The royal technology quest can only be completed after the player visits the ship graveyard (Sepulcrum Profundus). Just before the boss is a short scene with a surprise, and your journal entry will update. There is no more drill quest, that was in the old version.

There's no drawback to rebirthing heroes. It is absolutely meant to be used in conjunction with difficulty auto adjust if you want to maintain a challenge. Story Mode should no longer prompt to adjust levels after rebirthing a hero.

There is another character that question mark will be replaced with, but it's part of the plot, not a side quest like recruiting Cirus. You can't miss this hero.

Glad you're enjoying the game! Hopefully the end content will be equally entertaining.
Hoy, progressed a bit in the story, got the full team now !

However I think I found at least one bug. Golden apples (+200 HP permanent) and silver apples (+50 AP) don't seem to work. Maybe it only happens after rebirth, I didn't use them before. The other stat boosting items seem to work fine.
Edit : My bad, it works but it just doesn't heal instantly so you can't see the effects right away.

Also, you mentioned in the blog post about rebirth that limiting the max dmg at 9999 is useful because this way you know the max dmg of a hero/turn is 20 000 and you can get custom event that happens when a boss dies (by doing a custom event when it reaches < 20k hp I presume).
However some bosses use Psi/Power battle and sometimes hurt themselves. I had one resulting in 14k damage on the boss. Couldn't you instantly kill the boss if one were to do more than 20k damage ? Also why not put the damage limit at 99k then have the custom deaths happen when their hp goes under 200k ? I'm not sure how much work would be required, but I'm asking because I keep doing 9999 damage without that many offensive stats (especially with Vetu) and I feel like it makes some battles longer than they should be (especially against common monsters) and building offensive stats not as attractive as it could be (i prefer short battles so I usually go aggressive).

Oh and while I'm getting my ass kicked by Thanatos, what makes the difference between instantly dying and being nearly dead after being hit by Suffering (equivavlent of Crush on older bosses) ? Is it luck based ?

Sorry for the many questions ^^
Correct about the Golden and Silver Apples. The lack of updated maximum HP or AP is annoying, but an engine limitation.

I wanted to increase the damage limit, but didn't have time to address the game balance issues, as well as the algorithms that rely on the current damage limit. Without extensive testing, the necessary hack may also have had serious bugs in it. Monster HP gauges would be rendered useless with the extra 200K padding. There's definitely a sense of disappointment when you keep increasing in power, but cannot deal more damage. If you turn on auto balance, this often won't be the case.

Or you can enable the break damage limit. Go into your Everlong folder, edit the Dynrpg.ini file in Notepad, near the bottom delete the semi colon preceding the four DmgCapper lines so they look like this:


In previous versions there was the potential to reflect damage to enemies in excess of the limit, but I finally caught that in this latest version. Any damage over 20K will be reduced by the damage algorithms. This only applies to monsters. Heroes can receive damage without limit.

If you go into your Menu, choose Options, and then Tactics you can view a list of all the custom monster attacks in the game you've observed in battle. This includes the damage algorithms. Some attacks have random calculations.

Suffering specifically kills a target if HP is below a fixed threshold. If that is survived, there's a random chance of no damage, otherwise instant death or near fatal based on different HP thresholds.

I'm happy to answer all your questions!
All right, thanks !

As a reward, here are some actual bugs I found :

- Rewatching the skill shard system tutorial seems to give fusion to whoever is last in the list. Happened with Glen the first time (when it was Azreal + Glen), but I reproduced the bug with other heroes. However I had not download the "Current version fixes" yet so maybe it has been fixed but it's not listed.

- When I came back to General Dianyn after recruiting Cirus, she talked with him (he was in my party) and she was happy. However after coming back a bit later (I wanted to see if I could recruit her on my ship) she gave me the quest again as if I hadn't saved Cirus, and even Cirus can't bring her back :(. I had rebirthed Cirus in the meantime, but I doubt that's what caused the bug.

Edit : I progressed a bit and I am currently doing all the areas in the battle arena. However I am missing the last area on the first page. Did I miss it or is it unlocked later in the story ?
Thanks for the bug reports. Those are some curious issues I'll have to investigate to understand.

The last entry on the first page of the Battle Arena is a bonus dungeon only available after you clear the game and choose either a Continue+ or New Game+. There will be a journal entry that becomes available at that time.
In the tomb of khael magnus, in the bridge puzzle, there's a block I can't seem to be able to move (circled in red) :

In the tomb of khael magnus, in the bridge puzzle, there's a block I can't seem to be able to move (circled in red)

I completed this puzzle in my playthrough, so to my knowledge it's functional. You can use the switches on both the left and right side of the pit to move the block horizontally, and the the bottom row to move it vertically. The confirm and cancel buttons move the blocks in opposite directions. You can try leaving the room and returning, or resetting the puzzle (shift). Otherwise email me your save file, or post it, and I can take a closer look.
Wow, this is crasy.

I had noticed before that the locations of the crystals blocking the blocks weren't the same in my screenshot and another video of the puzzle I saw.
Well it appears the map must have been corrupted upon loading somehow, because after leaving and coming back, everything was back to their correct position. Resetting the puzzle didn't work however.

No idea how to reproduce the bug for now. I tried saving inside and reloading for reproducing the bug, but it didn't work.
The crystals are static objects, not events, so they should never be able to move into different positions. Only the blocks and spike tiles are events that can be moved. I lack an explanation for how the crystals could appear in different positions.

Were you able to complete the puzzle once reset?

If not, post your save file and I will take a closer look. You can find the save01.lsd and save01.dyn files in your main Everlong folder, or replace the numbers with whatever slot you've been saving in.
DJC I want to ask about the four heroes of legend: what ever happened to them? and why is Welana the only one of them without a last name? Also are they still part of the story?
DJC I want to ask about the four heroes of legend: what ever happened to them? and why is Welana the only one of them without a last name? Also are they still part of the story?

The heroes of legend get a little more background and lore in the new version. I don't want to reveal any spoilers, but when you first reach Atlantis there is a new boss battle, and at the conclusion you will learn what happened to them.

Welana does have a last name, "Eridwell" which the forest and kingdom are named for. I thought all their full names are mentioned at some point during the game, but I don't recall exactly when.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Looks amazing, I need to play this soon

I agree that this deserves some spotlight or featured :)
While fighting the Kraken, I was freaked out how little damage I did to its HP bar, only to win when the bar got to 75%, which means the HP bar display might be glitched. Also, how does hard mode compare to the difficulty of v3.27? So far, the Kraken seems to have more HP than before.

Also, there's this glitch in story mode where your level will be raised even if you always say no at the prompts. This happened once at the very start of the Kraken fight.