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Progress Report

Dozens of Updates for you~

Sprites Sprites Sprites!!!

Naia says mushrooms and the rest following her!!

And if you remember the Snow Tower...

There's more but ehh :D

Progress Report

The Pains of Making Visuals <_<

Visuals first, of course.

So far all the graphical work I did for Princess Princess has reached over 218 and still ongoing. It's hilarious how everyone has different amounts of bust shot counts. For example Celia has over 13 while Remius has a whooping 39 portraits.

Because of this however, one of the biggest thing I complain to rhyme the entire day would be making them show up in the game. And almost in a mantra, "conditional branches", "variables", "show picture"
Conditional Branch, Variables, SHOW PICTURE, Conditional Branch, Variables, SHOW PICTURE. ARGSDFSfASFASFSDAFAS

Therefore, the common events look like these:

And when I call them via events:

Rhyme however decided to be a sweetheart and made a code that instead of me trying to remember what variable shows what. I can just type in...gasp...words! We call it Emotion Manipulation Magic! Rhyme thank you for saving me from more hell ;-;

Which the ending result really is the same!

I'm glad that made my eventing life easier...sort of. Now to rearrange the code for the faces because they're not properly coded in. ;-;

Progress Report


And it warrants an update because of it!

A short meeting...

Firstly, Liberty and Indra has finished all of the maps from their side! All that's left is Plaguelands and Decky's 3(?) remaining maps and we're all set :> Here's a preview of what we have!

I have been working my ass off too. Making cutscenes and GRAPHICS. DEM GRAPHICS.
Of course, I would like to thank Penta for helping me not banging my head on the table and scream bloody murder. For she has helped me with Brenda so I would save more time to do cutscenes ;v;

One of the things that isn't seen in the preview:

A Kid joins the party!
-Sairen will have to protect said Kid.-

-Being Remius is Suffering. He has a hard time sending letters to his beloved sister.-

The Sky Castle!
-Now you can see what's above the skies that you can't access before in v5!-

The Menu is now Complete!
-At long last, you can now heal outside battles~ -

Thank you for the interest and tuning in! We're very happy :D

Progress Report

Version 6 Preview

Invalid YouTube URLhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VZOeLHOcCPc

Evil Eagles was asking me for a video so I made this short one :O

It's not finalized (Intro was removed. The dialogue is oldy, etc.) but just to show the differences between Version 5 and Version 6. One of the most obvious ones is that Sairen is now weaker than ever and doesn't die in 1 hit...or 2. 8'D

And the Lucky Fairy. I can't believe I got it as a first encounter, Wahahaha~
Animations aren't final and stuff. Kinda need more time to work on those x_x

The reason the slimes also die is because of their elemental weakness~


Progress Report

Version 6 and Changes to be made~

Hello everyone! I wanted to thank for the 822 downloads first and foremost! Unfortunately I am worried that the reason it had that every upping download count is because of the new screenshots which..isn't in V5! So I'm sorry if you're disappointed and downloaded the game thinking the new stuff are in it!

Unfortunately, because our school term is starting (if I do well I'll graduate next year!), our progress will be even slower! But that's ok, we'll make sure to finish it by January 31...ish!

Let's welcome Liberty and Deckiller that is currently helping us to make it to the deadline. Thank you guys, ILU ;v;

So like, changes!

The World Map is bigger~
- Rhyme did this first and foremost so I can make the story with it. We had some crazy plans and my not so good plans get trashed (except for my initial plan for the characters). Can't post a screenshot due to REASONS.

More Puzzles!
That will make you tear your hair off (okay, maybe not).

More Skills~!
- That is right~ There's more skills now and very character-related. But of course, who could forget Naia's Hamedo?

Better Menus and Windowskins~
Well...the images tab shows this already. They're very blue and shiny~

Bust shots
For all your RM needs. Bust shots with emotions! No more just tiny box facesets, you can now have bust shots and just convert them to faceset format :D

Battle Cut-Ins
Need I say more? Aw alright, basically we have battle cut-ins so we can pretend these guys are Tales of Characters that will do over the top animations!

More Battlers from VX
So you can have more enemy battlers than the cool VXAce ones :D
It is very low priority right now but hopefully I can finish them in time.

Custom Assets from Liberty~
Ghosts? Tiles? Liberty is kind enough to release her VXAce edits for the world to use!

I hope this is a good progress report~

Progress Report

For fellow VXAce users :D

So, we’re all complaining about how the new VXAce RTP ONLY has TWO, not eight, but TWO NEW ACTOR SETS?

Fret not my fellow VXAce users, I have discovered just now as soon as I woke up from a christmasish disaster, that I can make the VX RTP fit the VXAce RTP without even having to redraw them or recolor them whatsoever! Don’t believe me? Here you go!

and now for the battlers!

I will be uploading them soon enough~ Check out the site here for them: http://divisionheaven.wordpress.com

Progress Report

New Stuff

Necessary adjustments has been made

And here, have some progress shots from rhyme~

Progress Report

For DE

I made a video and a skill, just for you man.

Progress Report

Short Lived Freebies :C

My tablet is utterly broke because of many reasons I'm too lazy to elaborate. Let's just say, Ants, EMP, Tissues and Chewing.

I dunno if I can still draw properly with a mouse (Too hard) but eh, here's the supposed to be compilation of all my battle cutin sketches (that I ironically had to clean with the mouse since they're incomprehensible at first).

That said, I'm writing their skills/whatever and the new cast's roles. Story is almost finalized =v=)b

Progress Report

VXAce RTP Impressions

They're beautiful and some are just redistribution of what they did already.
Son, I am disappoint over the fact there's only TWO NEW ACTOR FACES when there's loads of awesummm battlers and stuff.

I have a lot of work ahead of me ;_;

Yes, it's you know who.
And for those who want that Naia pic:

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